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A member who commended the increase in temperatures has been selected to serve on the committee addressing the climate crisis.
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A member who commended the increase in temperatures has been selected to serve on the committee addressing the climate crisis.

David Frost, a prominent member of the Conservative party, has come under fire for his assertion that the Earth’s increasing temperatures may actually have positive effects for the United Kingdom. Despite this controversy, he has been selected to join a significant parliamentary committee focused on addressing the urgent issue of climate change.

Labour stated that the appointment demonstrated that unconventional and extreme perspectives on climate change were no longer limited to the Tory party.

Frost, who was Boris Johnson’s Brexit negotiator, will be appointed at the end of the month to the House of Lords select committee on environment and climate change.

The ex-diplomat, who was granted peerage in 2020, also serves as a trustee for the Global Warming Policy Foundation, an organization that opposes several environmental policies aimed at achieving net zero emissions and is financially supported by affluent Conservative party contributors. He characterizes the foundation as an “educational charity in this field.”

During a discussion in the House of Lords last year, Frost expressed that the increasing global temperatures caused by the climate crisis could potentially have a positive impact in the UK, as it could result in fewer deaths from cold temperatures.

According to him, in Britain, the number of deaths caused by cold is currently seven times higher than those caused by heat. He also stated that as temperatures rise, there may be positive effects.

Lately, he has been subtly expressing disapproval of Rishi Sunak from the conservative wing of the party.

A recent extensive survey conducted by YouGov predicted a significant defeat for the Conservative party in the upcoming election. This survey was commissioned by Frost and supported by the Conservative Britain Alliance, a group of Conservative donors who covered the estimated expense of £70,000.

Shadow climate change and net zero secretary Ed Miliband commented that the appointment of Frost indicates Sunak’s efforts to maintain the support of those attempting to remove him from his position.

“He is so ineffectual that he permitted this crucial role to be filled by someone who believes the climate crisis is a positive occurrence,” he stated.

The fact is that unconventional and extreme beliefs regarding climate change are no longer limited to the radical faction of the Conservative party. They are now the endorsed stance of Rishi Sunak’s struggling government.

Sunak’s prioritization of appeasing members of his own party who wish to remove him is causing him to prioritize the party’s interests over the country’s. This has led to a detrimental energy strategy that will result in expensive energy costs, energy instability, and falling behind other nations.

An inquiry has been made to Downing Street for a response.

Source: theguardian.com