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West Indies emerged victorious over England in the first One-Day International, winning by four wickets. Here’s how it all unfolded.

Cricket eh.

In the 46th over, West Indies has a score of 285-5 with Hope at 76 and Shepherd at 42. Atkinson performs well on the other end, limiting the batsmen to only five runs in the over. He delivers a fast bouncer and skillfully executes some wide-yorkers. West Indies needs 41 runs in 24 balls. Carse is coming in for Curran, who has been struggling.

The 45th over begins with West Indies at 280-5, with Hope at 74 and Shepherd at 41. Curran is given the ball again, which may be a bit daunting for him. Hope manages to score two runs off the first ball and then takes a single to mid-on. This puts Shepherd on strike, who hits a full toss for four runs! Curran seems to be struggling. Shepherd takes another single, allowing Hope to come back on strike and hit a slower ball for a six over midwicket! The last ball results in a single, making the over worth fifteen runs. Curran has given up 79 runs in nine overs, leaving West Indies needing 46 runs in the remaining 30 balls. This seems like an achievable task. It is unlikely that Buttler will give Curran his final over.

In the 44th over of the match, West Indies has a score of 265-5 with Shai Hope scoring 64 runs and Romario Shepherd scoring 36 runs. England’s captain, Buttler, brings in Gus Atkinson to bowl in hopes of developing him into a strong death bowler. However, Atkinson’s first few balls are not successful, with one being a full toss that Shepherd easily hits for four runs. Atkinson also gives away a wide ball and grazes the tramline, showing his struggles in finding a good line against the dangerous batsman, Romario Shepherd. Despite this, West Indies continues to put pressure on England with a total of ten runs scored in the over. With only 61 runs needed off 36 balls, the match remains intense.

The 43rd over sees West Indies at 255-5 with Hope at 61 and Shepherd at 32. Shepherd’s performance is keeping the game alive as he dominates Sam Curran’s over, scoring an impressive NINETEEN runs. This brings the equation down to 71 runs needed from 42 balls. Curran’s wide delivery is skillfully carved behind point for four by Shepherd, who then follows it up with a powerful shot over the bowler’s head for a six. He does it again with another slower ball, hitting it for another six. Shepherd is using his long-handled bat with great force and determination.

West Indies' Romario Shepherd plays a shot.

In the 42nd over, the West Indies team has reached a score of 236-5 with Hope scoring 60 runs and Shepherd scoring 14 runs. Sam Curran only bowls one over before Brydon Carse takes over. It has been a disappointing day for Carse, who hasn’t had much practice with his bowling. Carse tries a short ball to Shepherd, but it is hit for a spectacular SIX behind square. Hope also benefits from a couple of overthrows, adding eleven runs to the total. This is exactly what the West Indies team needs at this point in the game.

In the 41st over, West Indies has reached a score of 225-5 with Hope at 57 runs and Shepherd at 6 runs. Rehan Ahmed has completed his bowling spell, proving to be a standout performer for England with figures of 2-40 in ten overs.

In the 40th over, West Indies has a score of 220-5 with Hope at 53 and Shepherd at 5. Sam Curran returns for his third time bowling. Despite England’s two recent wickets, Shai Hope remains at the crease for the home team. Curran delivers a cutter, dragging his fingers along the seam. In response, Shepherd takes a big swing but misses by a significant distance. Umpire Gregory Brathwaite initially believes it to be an out, but upon review, it is shown to be sliding down and Shepherd is able to continue. West Indies needs 106 runs in the remaining 60 balls while England needs five more wickets.

During an intense over, Shai Hope reaches his fifty by hitting Rehan Ahmed for a six. Rutherford takes a single and is then given out for LBW when he misses a slog-sweep. He challenges the decision and is saved as ball tracking shows the ball was bouncing over the stumps. However, his time at the crease is short-lived. On the next ball, he hits Rehan into the air and is caught by Harry Brook on the square boundary. The new batsman, Romario Shepherd, scores his first run with a leg clip. The West Indies team is now struggling.

In the 39th over, West Indies are at 213-5 with Hope scoring 52 and Shepherd scoring 1.

In the 38th over, the West Indies team is at 206 runs with 4 wickets down, with Shai Hope at 45 runs and Sherfane Rutherford, making his ODI debut, at 6 runs. Rutherford confidently hits Gus Atkinson’s delivery for a six over his head, showcasing his ease in international cricket.

England takes a crucial wicket! Hetmyer’s shot results in a top edge that Atkinson sends towards long leg. Brydon Carse makes an impressive catch, securing the out.

In the 37th over, West Indies have scored 194 runs for the loss of 3 wickets, with Hope at 45 and Hetmyer at 26. Rehan Ahmed has returned to bowl for England, hoping to break this partnership. There was a slight appeal when Hetmyer missed a fairly straight ball, but it was deemed to be heading past the leg stump. The over yielded four runs and the game continues.

In the 36th over, West Indies adds 10 runs to their total of 190-3 with Hope scoring 43 and Hetmyer scoring 24. Atkinson’s over is costly, but he can blame four of the runs on Curran’s mistake in the outfield, resulting in a four for Hetmyer. On commentary, Curtly Ambrose comments on England’s sloppy play. The partnership between Hope and Hetmyer continues to strengthen, and if they remain at the crease for the next five overs, England will begin to feel uneasy. With 136 runs needed from 84 balls and seven wickets remaining, West Indies still has a strong chance of winning.

In the 35th over, West Indies reaches a score of 180-3 with Hope at 40 and Hetmyer at 18. Livingstone completes his tenth consecutive over, his face showing signs of exertion. The over yields five runs, giving Livingstone a final tally of 1-50 in ten overs, which is a respectable result. Atkinson returns to the attack after being a bit uncontrolled earlier. With 146 runs needed in 90 balls, West Indies still has a chance. It has been achieved before.

In the 34th over, West Indies has a score of 175-3 with Hope at 36 and Hetmyer at 17. Carse concedes ten runs in this over, mostly from singles. However, Hetmyer takes advantage of a poor delivery and hits it for a four.

In the 33rd over, the West Indies team has a score of 165-3 with Hope scoring 33 runs and Hetmyer scoring 11 runs. The West Indies team has started to show some aggressive batting, with Hope hitting a six and Hetmyer hitting a four off Livingstone’s delivery. Hope and Hetmyer have the potential to secure a win for their team, but the required run rate is increasing to about ten runs per over. They will need to continue hitting big shots in order to keep up with the required rate.

In the 32nd over, West Indies’ score is 153-3 with Hope at 26 and Hetmyer at 6. Carse delivers a slow over, putting pressure on West Indies to increase their run rate. They only manage to score three runs from it.

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In the 31st over, West Indies’ score is at 150-3 with Hope at 25 runs and Hetmyer at 4 runs. Livingstone maintains his tight bowling, only giving away two runs in the over. He currently has 1 wicket for 33 runs in his eight overs. His bowling performance is reminiscent of a stingy Ebenezer, bah humbowling.

Keacy Carty was left feeling disappointed as the ball lost momentum on the pitch after a short ball from Carse, hitting his pads before he could react due to the surface working against him. While it wasn’t as dramatic as Nasser Hussain’s defeat by Carl Hooper, it had some similarities. Liam Livingstone also fell victim to a similar play in England’s innings.

Shimron Hetmyer is the recent batter and he almost gets out on the first ball by hitting a catch just out of Ben Duckett’s reach at short midwicket. The short midwicket position was quite close. Hope also has a close call as a short ball hits his pad, but this time it narrowly misses going over to save Hope (and possibly Carse) from embarrassment.

At the 30th over, the West Indies team has scored 148 runs with 3 wickets down. Hope has 24 runs while Hetmyer has 3 runs.

In the 29th over, the West Indies have a score of 144-2 with Carty at 16 runs and Hope at 23 runs. Livingstone is in his seventh over and continues to keep the pressure on, only allowing three runs. This is not enough for the home team.

In the 28th over, the score for West Indies is 141-2 with Carty at 13 and Hope at 23. Curran opts for back of a length deliveries and relies on his cutters, resulting in four runs for West Indies. However, their run rate has slowed down to around five an over, while the required rate is now above eight.

Things were going smoothly for them before.

In the 27th over, West Indies has a score of 137-2 with Carty at 12 and Hope at 20. Livingstone’s delivery is low and Hope hits it for a four over midwicket. Three singles are gently pushed, resulting in a total of seven runs for the over.

In the 26th over, West Indies has scored 130 runs for the loss of two wickets, with Carty at 11 and Hope at 14. Sam Curran comes back to bowl but delivers a similar performance as his first ball is short and slow, allowing Hope to easily pull it for a boundary. A single by Hope brings Carty to the strike, but he is unable to score any runs, resulting in just five runs off the over.

In the 25th over of the match, West Indies has a score of 125 for 2 wickets. Carty has scored 11 runs and Hope has scored 9 runs. Shai Hope is a skilled batsman, as demonstrated by his impressive performance at Headingley a few years ago. He is also a successful player in white ball cricket, with 15 ODI centuries and nearly 5,000 runs in his name. Livingstone pitches the ball too full and Hope hits it back down the ground for four runs, passing the bowler and umpire swiftly. The match is halfway through and West Indies needs 201 runs in the remaining 25 overs.

In the 24th over, the West Indies team has a score of 120-2 with Carty scoring 11 runs and Hope scoring 4 runs. Rehan’s delivery is off target, going too far down the leg side in search of a sharp turn. However, Carty takes advantage of this and hits a strong sweep shot, relieving some of the pressure that has been building since the fall of the previous wickets. This results in four runs being added to the team’s total.

The 23rd over sees West Indies at 114-2 with Carty scoring 6 runs and Hope scoring 3. Livingstone delivers another neat over, and England has Will Jacks ready to spin. Carty has only scored 6 runs in his 22 deliveries and seems to be struggling.

In the 22nd over, West Indies has a score of 112-2 with Carty at 3 runs and Hope at 1 run. Rehan Ahmed delivers an exceptional over, resulting in the first maiden of the game. A skilled leg spin delivery narrowly misses Hope’s outside edge and almost hits the off stump. The team has only scored nine runs in the last five overs.

In the 21st over, West Indies scored 112 runs for the loss of 2 wickets (Carty with 3 runs and Hope with 1 run). England is putting pressure by allowing only three singles. Livingstone bowls a quick over.

In the 20th over, West Indies have a score of 109-2 with Carty at 3 runs and Hope at 1 run. Shai Hope comes to the pitch with Carty, as the shadows stretch across the Sir Viv outfield. Ahmed is delivering with intensity, putting plenty of spin on the ball from his shoulder. The ball is now turning with each delivery. West Indies have been slowed down and England is using spin to control the new batters.

The first wicket was taken by Livingstone against opener Brandon King, who was trying to sweep the ball but was caught off guard by the full and straight delivery. This has caused England to now have two wickets and the spinners are proving to be a threat. Although the turn on the pitch is not very fast, it is still causing trouble for the batsmen.

In the 19th over, West Indies has a score of 106-2, with Carty at 1 and Hope at 0.

In the 18th over, West Indies’ score is at 104-1 with King at 34 runs and Carty now at the crease. Rehan Ahmed has been performing well as a bowler for England and was able to sneak one in to Athanaze’s front pad, causing him to miss his sweep shot. The appeal for an LBW (leg before wicket) seemed convincing, but the batter made a smart decision to not review it.

Source: theguardian.com