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Wales 21-24 Italy: Six Nations 2024 – as it happened
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Wales 21-24 Italy: Six Nations 2024 – as it happened

In Six Nations, they were unable to secure a victory. However, in 2024, they managed to achieve two wins, one draw, and two losses. This progress is truly remarkable and hopefully it will continue in the future.

This year’s Six Nations tournament has ended for Wales, who unfortunately did not secure any victories or ties, but instead suffered five losses.

I am amazed by what you just did.

The field goal attempt is successful.

After playing for 80 minutes, North’s sudden departure due to injury prompts a huge reaction from the Principality Stadium. His impact and achievements throughout his career are truly remarkable.

He manages to pass it, although it is only a consolation point.

After 79 minutes, Wales receives a penalty advantage while attempting to score another try. They continuously push towards the try line, but fall just short.

78 minutes: Wales scores a try from Rowland’s play, we revisit the previous penalty advantage.

After 78 minutes, the lineout is successful and they first form a maul before transitioning to passing the ball between players.

In the 77th minute, Wales gains a scrum penalty and the home team kicks to the corner. Will they be able to score another try before the match ends?

In the 76th minute, Wales launches a strong attack with successful runs and passes. However, Winnett’s attempt to find Dyer falls short as the pass is too high. The title of Player of the Match has been awarded to Juan Ignacio Brex.

75 min: In the past Italy’s wins have felt like last-minute heroics but this has been a masterclass. Really well thought out game plan, great execution and no panic after conceding. Thoroughly deserved and they have definitely silenced those calling for them to be relegated from the tournamemt.

The Italian team swaps their scrum-half in due to the long distance of the kick, and he successfully makes it.

Garbisi was awarded a penalty at the breakdown, showcasing his impressive jackaling skills against Dyer. The fly-half then confidently signaled for a kick at goal once again, demonstrating excellent game management.

Reworded: If the penalty had been scored at the end of the France game, Italy could have had three wins, making this a significant tournament for the team. Wales currently has possession and passes the ball to Dyer, who is almost intercepted by Lynagh, but the ball slips away from him, which would have resulted in a try.

He successfully scores a goal! (Apologies for the delay, my news feed suddenly stopped functioning.)

Italy kicks the ball and Wales retrieves it, but the play is called back due to a penalty against Hardy for being offside. It seems that Wales is causing their own problems. Garbisi is signaling to take a shot at goal, even though it is a far distance.

69 minutes: The Italian scrum is repositioned and successfully executed, Wales appeared to be seeking a penalty but the visiting team was able to clear it.

After 67 minutes, Wales kicks the ball upfield and will attempt to score once more. If they successfully score the next try, the outcome of the game is uncertain. The lineout is successful, but Martin fumbles the ball.

Reworded: In the 66th minute, Wales has a strong chance of winning, but if Italy loses this match, they will be extremely disappointed. Until the 63rd minute, Italy dominated the game, but now they are once again on the offensive. Wales earns a penalty for a breakdown.

It’s over.

After a thorough and lengthy evaluation, the attempt is awarded. Is there a possibility of a comeback? Their chances are now significantly improved.

64 minutes have passed: The Welsh team keeps attacking the Italian defense, appearing to have crossed the line multiple times. However, Dee’s play might not count, as they are currently reviewing it. Is it a legitimate score?

After 63 minutes, Williams is substituted for Hardy as he leaves the field with a limp from the tackle he received. However, Wales is now on the offensive.

After an impressive tackle by Vintcent instead of Brex, Italy regains possession and kicks the ball away. I am still in disbelief at how incredible that tackle was. Williams was just two meters away from the goal line but was brought down. The Italian pack also deserves recognition for their great effort in regaining possession.

In the 62nd minute, Brex made a crucial tackle on Williams to prevent a certain try.

After 62 minutes, Negri was replaced by Zuliani and the game resumed. The Welsh team put the ball into the scrum and it was executed well, allowing the home team to go on the attack.

61 minutes: Referee Rainal and TMO Joy Neville have come to a mutual understanding that they were both reaching for the ball. However, an assistant referee has suggested that it was a foul, but Rainal reviews the incident and determines it was simply a collision in the game of rugby. Strangely, neither player is undergoing a head injury assessment (HIA) at this time, although it may be conducted at a later point.

After 61 minutes, Grady and Pani accidentally hit their heads while both looking at the ball. Pani did not lose consciousness and is receiving assistance from medics. The incident is currently being reviewed on the TMO, but it seems there was no intentional harm.

61 minutes have passed: In this half, the Welsh defense has shown a significant increase in aggression, which is a great improvement from the first 40 minutes. The Italian team’s speed in forming rucks has noticeably slowed down, but this may be a strategic move to prolong the game. A terrible collision occurs in the center of the field as the Welsh team attempts to make a breakthrough. Play is paused as it seems that Pani was knocked unconscious.

After 60 minutes, Italy’s lineout is a bit disorganized, but they manage to secure possession. They proceed with a series of plays and then Page-Relo performs a box kick that is caught by Adams.

After 59 minutes of play, North is cleared to keep playing. Italy substitutes Lucchesi and Spagnolo onto the field. Wales makes a change as well, with Martin replacing Mann.

After 58 minutes, Italy maintains their dominance and secures a breakdown penalty, silencing any opposing voices. Meanwhile, North receives medical attention for an undisclosed issue.

After 58 minutes, Adams successfully breaks through and Wales advances to the 22-yard line. The fans’ enthusiastic support can be heard.

After 57 minutes, both teams have strong scrums in the Welsh game and the home team is getting ready to start. They must impress the crowd and give them something to celebrate. There seems to be a minor injury for North, but it is hoped that he can continue playing.

After 55 minutes of play, Costelow makes the strategic decision to execute a cross field kick as their offensive progress slows down. However, the ball is intercepted by Lynagh. Italy makes an attack, but ultimately resorts to a box kick, prompting Wales to do the same shortly after. Unfortunately, Garbisi fumbles the ball and results in a scrum.


After 53 minutes, the Welsh scrum is executed flawlessly and the team is now on the offensive. They appear to be playing at their best in this match. Winnett carries the ball into contact and Brex is quick to secure the turnover. The center has made a strong case for being part of the tournament’s all-star team, as he has been consistently impressive throughout the game.

After 52 minutes, Rowlands replaces Beard as more substitutes are brought in from the bench.

52 minutes have passed in the game and Page-Relo, Zulocchi, and Vintcent have been substituted in for Italy. The Italian team currently has possession, but the ball is loose. Wales now has the advantage as the hosts have knocked on, resulting in a penalty.

In just 51 minutes, the crowd at the Principality Stadium is chanting “Wales” as the team advances towards the goal line. However, Grady fumbles the ball and then commits a high tackle on Menoncello, leading to a penalty and Italy’s chance to clear the ball. It seems that Italy is gaining momentum in the game.

After 50 minutes, Wales earns a penalty and Costelow kicks the ball to the corner. He tries to maximize the opportunity, but fails to find touch. This marks the third instance of the fly-half making that mistake. Italy then clears the ball, giving possession back to Wales.

After 49 minutes, Wales substitutes Grady for Tompkins as he has not performed well in today’s game.

Source: theguardian.com