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Usman Khawaja supports David Warner's secondary role within the Australian team, stating that he has always prioritized others before himself.
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Usman Khawaja supports David Warner’s secondary role within the Australian team, stating that he has always prioritized others before himself.

Usman Khawaja states that David Warner willingly gave up his personal reputation for the sake of the Australian cricket team, and that he never desired to play the aggressive role he was assigned.

However, Khawaja finds solace in the fact that while Warner plays on a Test field for the last time, his dear friend from childhood is now able to play the game he adores in the manner he always dreamed of.

In Thursday’s final Test match, Warner was caught by slip for 34 runs in the first innings. This was due to a spinning ball from allrounder Agha Salman that gripped and bounced, causing Warner to edge it.

Khawaja praised his batting performance in this series, stating that he has played exceptionally well.

“He received an exceptional ball today, which one must simply accept at times.”

Warner exited the field scolding himself for not taking advantage of the favorable SCG conditions, but received a standing ovation from his home fans.

The positive reception stood in stark contrast to previous public evaluations of Warner, a divisive figure even prior to his participation in the ball-tampering scandal of 2018.

Warner was given the moniker “bull” for his persistent aggressiveness towards opposing teams, both on the field and through his words.

His style of playing exemplified the “victory-at-any-price” mindset that was revealed in the Australian cricket team during the post-sandpapergate culture evaluation.

However, Khawaja, who has been friends with Warner since they were young teenagers, stated that his teammate never desired to be portrayed as the stereotypical villain.

Khawaja recalled his friend’s career, noting that he was very active and visible for a significant amount of time.

However, Davey was not always known as such.

He received instructions from the coaching staff and others on how to play in certain situations.

He is a very cooperative person and will willingly complete tasks for the benefit of the team. It is frustrating when others criticize him for it.

“He consistently prioritizes the team over himself.”

Warner abandoned his nickname “bull” upon his comeback from the one-year suspension he received for his involvement in the ball-tampering scandal.

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Ever since then, Khawaja has been encouraged by his friend’s genuine character that has come to light.

“He’s been a completely transformed Davey Warner since his return,” he remarked.

“He has achieved runs, he has done it in his unique style, and he has exhibited excellent sportsmanship throughout the game.”

“He appears to be smiling frequently while on the field, following the style of Davey Warner. This has been a positive development in the latter part of his career.”

This is one reason why Khawaja became emotional while discussing his friend’s upcoming retirement and seeing the warm reception he received as they batted together, possibly for the last time.

“I am pleased to see that people are showing support for him because I truly believe he deserves it,” he stated.

“We won’t have the opportunity to play once this is over. It will definitely be a somber experience. Even discussing it now, I reflect on the journey we’ve taken and it brings up strong emotions.”

“It is not the conclusion of our lives, and hopefully it will not be.”

“Hopefully, we will have plenty of opportunities to spend time together in the future, whether it’s on the golf course or while commentating. I am certain that there will be many enjoyable moments ahead.”

Source: theguardian.com