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There is a possibility that Daly will make a comeback for England during the Six Nations, but not many changes are expected.
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There is a possibility that Daly will make a comeback for England during the Six Nations, but not many changes are expected.

It is probable that Elliot Daly will step in for the injury-affected Immanuel Feyi-Waboso in England’s last Six Nations game against France this Saturday. It is anticipated that Steve Borthwick will make minimal alterations to the team.

Feyi-Waboso will not be able to participate in the upcoming game in Lyon due to reporting symptoms of a concussion. His most likely replacement is Daly, who has started in England’s three previous matches and also played as a substitute against Ireland.

The substitutes from England performed admirably against Ireland, particularly Marcus Smith who made the winning drop-goal in the final moments. While the Harlequins fly-half is vying for a starting spot, it is anticipated that Borthwick will choose to recognize George Ford and the rest of the team for securing the most noteworthy victory of his time as coach so far.

The 20-year-old substitute, Chandler Cunningham-South, who has stood out with his strong ball carrying, will not be available to Borthwick. Replacing him on the bench could be Northampton’s Alex Coles, who has been a replacement in the wins against Wales and Italy. Other potential options include Guy Pepper, who has yet to be capped, as well as Ethan Roots and Charlie Ewels.

On the last day of the Six Nations tournament, England has a slim chance of winning the title if Ireland is defeated by Scotland. This opportunity, though unlikely, shows progress for England as it marks the first time since 2020 that they are contenders for the title. Following their win against Ireland, Ben Earl, who was recognized as the top player of the game, responded to the critics of the English team. He sarcastically remarked, “According to them, we are the worst England team to date. We have achieved that recognition well.”

Number 8 is standing by their statement, but they have acknowledged that maintaining this mindset is not a viable strategy as England strives for their first victory against Les Bleus in France since 2016.

Earl stated that the desire to prove others wrong is often short-sighted and only effective for a brief period of time, usually lasting one to two weeks. He also mentioned that Steve Borthwick always encouraged the team to keep striving for improvement, even after a successful outcome.

“Having a successful week prior becomes insignificant if you do not perform well in the current week, even if it simply means playing poorly. The top teams consistently prove their skills, and our goal is to be among the top teams globally.”

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“We have played four games so far and we are starting to work well together both on defense and offense. It is thrilling to realize that we still have much room for improvement and will only continue to improve.”

Source: theguardian.com