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The West Indies emerged victorious in the first T20 match against England, winning by four wickets. The following is a recap of the event.

I am signing off for the night/morning. It’s time for me to get up from the OBO armchair and go to bed.

The recent game was quite captivating and has set the stage for an exciting T20I series. Rovman Powell and his team have made a strong statement, as West Indies faced a challenging start with England dominating the first ten overs, scoring 112-2. However, Jos Buttler’s team struggled in the next ten overs, only managing to add 59 runs and losing eight wickets in the process.

England fell short of their desired score by 30 runs, ending with a total of 171. West Indies, on the other hand, showcased their strong batting skills by hitting the ball out of the park 14 times, while England only managed to do so 6 times. In the end, Andre Russell and Rovman Powell’s powerful hitting helped West Indies secure a victory with 11 balls to spare.

We will return to provide coverage of the second match in Grenada on Thursday. Join us for that. Until then, thank you and goodnight.

Andre Russell has been named the Player of the Match.

After a hiatus of two years, he made his return to T20I and performed exceptionally well by taking 3 wickets for 29 runs and also scoring 29 unbeaten runs in just 14 balls, while the game was evenly poised. He appears to be delighted to be back playing for the team in maroon.

I have found life to be quite humorous. Ever since I was chosen for the West Indies team two weeks ago, I have been envisioning myself as the man of the match.

Andre Russell hits the final points against Sam Curran! He powerfully hits a long ball over point, resulting in a one bounce four and securing the victory for the home team. This puts them ahead 1-0 in the series.

In the 18th over, the West Indies have reached 168-6 with Powell scoring 31 and Russell scoring 25. Adil Rashid is brought back for his last over, will he be able to shift the momentum in England’s favor?


Andre Russell hits Rashid’s googly out of the park with a powerful smash!

Enormous SIX! The tall man even graces us with a subtle grin. He definitely savored that shot.

A precise shot sends the next ball flying across the table for four points! The West Indies have scored a total of eleven points in this over and now only need four more to win.

The 17th over sees West Indies at 157-6, with Powell at 31 and Russell at 14. Tymal Mills takes the ball. The first two balls result in singles. Powell hits a full ball into the deep for a couple. A powerful top edge from Powell off a short ball from Mills results in a six! Luck was on his side as the Windies captain gave it his all. Mills throws a wide ball down the leg side. The pressure is on the bowler now. A well-timed shot from Powell sends a short and wide ball from Mills to the fence like a Swiss clock. Sixteen runs are scored in the over, making it seem like a lost cause for Buttler and his team. They need 15 runs from 18 balls.

In the 16th over, the West Indies have a score of 141-6 with Powell at 26 and Russell at 4. Livingstone is still bowling, and four singles are scored off the first four balls, maintaining pressure on the West Indies. However, Powell hits two consecutive sixes with confidence and style, bringing the over’s total to sixteen runs. This shifts the advantage back to the West Indies, and England must focus on getting rid of Powell and/or Russell if they hope to win. With 31 runs needed from 24 balls, the outcome of the match hangs in the balance.

In the 15th over, the West Indies had a score of 125-6 with Powell scoring 12 runs and Russell scoring 2 runs. It was now Andre Russell’s turn to face the hattrick ball, but unfortunately, it was a disappointment as he patted back a decent ball aimed at the stumps. The crowd in Barbados was on the edge of their seats as Russell managed to work for a couple of runs. Ahmed, with a smile on his face, takes off his cap after completing his four overs with a record of 3-39. It hasn’t been an easy game for him, but he has done well. The advantage seems to be in England’s favor with only 47 runs needed from 30 balls.

Rehan Ahmed is on a streak of three successful plays! Buttler moves Curran to the slip position and Shepherd hits a leggie to him on his first ball. Impressive performance from Rehan as he quickly shifts the game in England’s favor within a minute.

Ahmed is hit for a six by Shai Hope, but makes a comeback with the next ball as Hope is caught out.

In the 14th over, West Indies is at 112-4 with Hope scoring 27 and Powell scoring 10. Rashid is replaced by Liam Livingstone who successfully limits the scoring to singles. England is aiming to prolong the match in hopes that West Indies will make mistakes in the final moments. West Indies needs 55 runs in 36 balls.

In the 13th over, West Indies is at 112-4 with Hope scoring 27 and Powell scoring 10. Rehan has two balls remaining in his over. Powell hits the first ball for four runs behind point, adding crucial points for West Indies. The last ball from Rehan is defended by Powell in the off side. With 60 runs needed from 42 balls, West Indies has some ground to cover.

The players have taken the field. Let’s begin…

Our correspondent in Barbados, Simon Burnton, has shared some positive updates. The match will resume at 9:35pm without any overs being lost. We can expect to start in approximately eight minutes. The cut-off time for the match is 10:10pm local time, which translates to 2:10am in London.

I apologize as I make my way to the kitchen to take a small amount of Kenco.

Exciting update – it appears that the rain is starting to lessen and the outfield is being tended to with a rope to remove any extra water. I will provide updates once I receive them from Barbados while sitting on my sofa.

What is happening here? Suddenly, the sky darkens and rain begins to fall heavily. The players rush off the field as the covers are brought out. This is a crucial moment – West Indies are currently six runs ahead of the Duckworth Lewis Stern rate. If the rain does not ease up – and it seems to be coming down hard at the moment – then the home team will win.

In the 12.4th over, West Indies has a score of 108 runs for the loss of 4 wickets, with Hope scoring 27 runs and Powell scoring 6 runs.

In the twelfth over, the West Indies team has scored 102 runs for the loss of four wickets. Shai Hope struggles to score against the legspin bowling. Rovman Powell replaces the dismissed batsman and England’s captain Jos Buttler adds a slip to increase the pressure.

Adil Rashid achieves his 100th T20I wicket, an important one in the game as it dismisses the dangerous Hetmyer for only one run. England is increasing the pressure as the match reaches its critical point. Hetmyer stepped out of his crease and hit the length ball well, but it went directly to Duckett at midwicket.

Rehan returns to the bowling after his previous over was hit for nineteen runs. He takes a nifty catch to dismiss Pooran off a full ball. Shimron Hetymer comes in to bat and scores a single on the leg side to start his innings. The wicket has boosted Ahmed’s confidence and he ends the over with three dot balls.

In the 11th over, West Indies has a score of 101-3 with Hope at 25 runs and Hetmyer at 1 run.

In the 10th over, West Indies have a score of 99-2 with Hope at 25 and Pooran at 13. Rashid is brought in for another over after his impressive first one. Pooran is able to spot the googly and hits a six down the ground beautifully. A single is scored with a glide behind point, followed by Hope returning the favor with a flick into the leg side. Pooran ends the over with a couple of runs panned into the deep. With 73 runs needed from 60 balls, it’s Bon Jovi O’clock. The players take a quick break and I stretch my knuckles.

Is anyone still alive?

In the 9th over, the West Indies team has a score of 87 runs for the loss of 2 wickets. Will losing wickets affect their pace like it did for England? Rehan is substituted by Tymal Mills, who begins with a wide ball. So far, the left-handed seamer seems to be struggling. However, he improves with a series of slower balls and tricky backhand deliveries that limit Pooran and Hope’s scoring opportunities. The final ball is hit over Buttler’s head for a one bounce four. The West Indies team needs 85 more runs in 66 balls.

The magician trails his student and takes a wicket on the first ball! Rashid now has 99 T20I wickets – although it was a bit of a loose delivery, it was bowled from the front of the hand and caused Mayers to mistime his shot, resulting in a catch by Brook in the deep. This was a crucial moment for England. Rashid demonstrated his expertise for the remainder of the over, with only one run being scored by Nicholas Pooran, who was the new batsman.

In the eighth over, West Indies has a total of 79 runs with two wickets lost. Hope has scored 19 runs while Pooran has only scored 1.

During the seventh over, West Indies has scored 78 runs with one wicket down. Kyle Mayers is facing Rehan, and on the first ball, he hits a six by pulling a dragged down delivery over the midwicket boundary. The young leggie is under pressure. Mayers showcases his skills with another six, lofting a drive down the ground with graceful brutality. Rehan makes a comeback with two sharply turning leggies. Shai Hope joins in on the action, hitting a six over mid-on off a length ball. It’s a tough learning experience for the new spinner, but the hits keep coming.

In the sixth over, West Indies score is 59-1 with Mayers at 22 and Hope at 13. Curran is brought back into the bowling attack, while Mills only gets to bowl one over for now. Curran’s slower balls result in two dot balls for England. Mayers and Hope each score a single. Despite some pressure, Curran manages to limit the runs to just three in this over. The powerplay is completed. It won’t be long before we see Rehan’s spin, as he comes on to bowl the next over.

In the fifth over, the West Indies have scored 56 runs with one wicket down (Mayers at 20 and Hope at 12). Woakes is still bowling and has only given away three runs so far. Will he be able to finish the over without conceding many runs? Unfortunately not, as Shai Hope effortlessly hits a length ball for a six down the ground. The West Indies are off to a strong start, just like England did, with one over of the Powerplay remaining.

In the fourth over of the match, the West Indies have scored 47 runs with one wicket lost. Tymal Mills, who hasn’t played for England in 18 months, is now bowling and will try to show off his T20 skills. However, his first few deliveries are not accurate, resulting in a couple of wides. Mills is visibly frustrated with his performance. The next two balls are hit for singles, but then Mayers hits a spectacular six off a short ball from Mills. The ball even goes onto the roof, and it’s time for a new ball.

“Oops! It was Ben Duckett who dropped the catch! It could have been an even more impressive catch than the first one, but the ball hit his palm and popped out as he jumped to his right. Sometimes catches stick, sometimes they don’t. The game is really heating up!”

In the third over, West Indies has scored 36 runs for the loss of one wicket. Mayers has scored 10 runs and Hope has scored 4 runs. Shai Hope has just come in as a new player and successfully hits a four by skillfully playing a Woakes yorker. The replay of the catch taken by Duckett is quite entertaining. Woakes should be grateful to him for that catch as the delivery was not up to the mark, being outside off stump.

Chris Woakes takes over from the struggling Sam Curran. Oh my goodness, Ben Duckett lunges to his left at backward point and makes an incredible diving catch on King’s powerful cut shot. What a stunning play!

In the second over, West Indies scores 30 runs with King at 21 and Mayers at 9. Will Jacks takes over the bowling with his reliable spin. However, he makes a mistake by bowling short and Mayers takes full advantage by hitting the ball onto the stadium roof. This shot was well-deserved and Mayers follows it up with a three behind point and a four down the ground, thanks to King’s confident footwork.

In the first over, the West Indies team has scored 16 runs with no wickets lost. Brandon King has made a strong start, hitting Sam Curran for a four and two sixes over mid-wicket. The game is heating up!

As soon as I added water to my teabag, the players appeared. The West Indies team requires 172 runs for victory!

An English innings divided into two parts

It’s time to make some tea and grab a snack before the West Indies begin their pursuit.

Tymal Mills manages to sneak a delicate edge, leading to Pooran’s dismissal. This results in England being bowled out with only three deliveries remaining. This turn of events is impressive for West Indies, considering they were in a tough spot as England were dominating at 77-0 after six overs.

Rashid steps up to bowl to Joseph in the last over and successfully hits the ball onto the stumps. England’s wickets are now nine down…

Rehan Ahmed quickly follows, attempting to hit a long ball along the ground but only managing to find Powell positioned ten yards in from the sponge. Russell takes two wickets in the over and concludes his spell, marking his return to T20I after two years with impressive figures of 3-19. Well played.

In the 19th over of the match, England’s score is 169 for 8 wickets, with Woakes scoring 2 runs and Rashid at 0.

Livingstone skillfully hits a cut shot from Russell, causing the ball to hit his stumps.

In the 18th over, England’s score is at 167-6 with Livingstone at 27 runs and Woakes at 1. Woakes steps in to bat as Romario Shepherd uses a combination of pace and placement to limit England to only two runs in the over. Shepherd almost had another wicket, but Jason Holder dropped a seemingly easy catch off a leading edge from Woakes. With two overs remaining…

Source: theguardian.com