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The third day of the third Test match between Australia and Pakistan was reported live as it unfolded.
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The third day of the third Test match between Australia and Pakistan was reported live as it unfolded.

We will return on the fourth day with an early beginning that will probably not be needed. This will be at 10 am according to the local time, to make up for the overs lost due to rain yesterday. Pakistan is currently 82 runs ahead with three wickets remaining to further extend their lead.

Jonathan Howcroft will be in charge during the first half of the day, and I will take over if needed for the second half. We may be able to finish by lunch, especially with the long first session. Be sure to tune in early!

Currently, here is the summary of an amazing third day of the third Test match:

What a crazy couple of sessions of Test cricket. Not quite Cape Town, but how on earth did Pakistan get wrecked like that? Some really poor shots, a couple of brilliant deliveries, and from a first-innings lead they’re clinging on in this match. It isn’t over, we saw Rizwan and Jamal bat really well in the first innings, but it will take a lot of gumption and fortune to repeat that on the fourth day. They will have an evening to settle themselves and come up with a plan, but they will be up against it.

Hazlewood has taken three wickets in his over, in addition to the captain’s wicket earlier, giving him a total of 4 for 9. Starc also took a wicket with a strong delivery, while Lyon’s wicket was the result of a slow and low ball. Head also managed to pick up a bonus wicket. All of this came after Jamal’s impressive performance of 6 for 69, which should have given his team an advantage in the match.

Goodness me.

In the 26th over, Pakistan’s score is 68-7 with Rizwan at 6 runs and Jamal at 0 runs. There have been twelve wickets since the last ball before the lunch break, even though the pitch doesn’t seem to be causing much trouble. Rizwan hits a run by driving past Lyon’s delivery. As the clock hits 6pm, it’s the last over of the day and Jamal is up to bat. He successfully blocks out the last two balls.

In the 25th over, Pakistan’s score is 67-7 with Rizwan at 5 runs and Jamal at 0. The final ball of the over narrowly misses the off stump as the new batsman decides not to play it. Rizwan and Jamal are now batting together once more, in their final attempt to save the match.

Three wickets in a row! Hazlewood has completely changed the direction of the game, almost like a suplex move in wrestling. Wicket, no run, wicket, no run, wicket. The batsman made a forceful shot, resulting in an edge to first slip, and Warner successfully catches it, most likely for the final time in his career.

Pakistan changed their batting order in an effort to shield Salman Agha, but the strategy was unsuccessful. Sajid only lasted two deliveries before getting out to a straight ball at off stump, as he attempted to play across it. Hazlewood took advantage and celebrated with an intense fist pump after taking two wickets in three balls.

Australia has gained a significant advantage in the game. Shakeel, whose performance has worsened throughout the series, takes a poor shot. Hazlewood’s delivery is wide, and Shakeel attempts a drive with only his hands, no footwork or balance. The ball edges off his bat and into the waiting hands of Smith at slip, who manages to catch it despite some hopping.

In the 24th over, Pakistan’s score is 67 for 4 wickets with Shakeel scoring 2 runs and Rizwan scoring 5 runs. Shakeel hits another boundary through the cover. Rizwan also manages to get a lucky edge as Lyon’s large turn takes it over the short leg. This adds another 81 runs to their lead.

In the 23rd over, Pakistan has a score of 66-4 with Shakeel at 1 run and Rizwan at 5 runs. Shakeel is causing Head to struggle with his batting, making small, precise movements. After a long wait, Shakeel finally scores a run by hitting the ball to square leg. This marks his 19th consecutive innings without scoring a duck. Rizwan attacks but misses the ball, yet still manages to hit it over Head for two runs.

In the 22nd over of the match, Pakistan’s score is 63-4 with Shakeel at 0 runs and Rizwan at 3 runs. Pakistan is currently leading by 77 runs. Lyon delivers another ball that bounces low, this time targeting the right-handed batsman. Rizwan is forced to quickly hit the ball down to avoid being caught out. There are three fielders on the leg side, but a large gap at deep midwicket tempts Rizwan to take a risk. The field includes a slip, leg slip, and short leg. Unfortunately, Rizwan is unable to successfully hit the ball past the midwicket fielder with his wristy shot. This results in a scoreless over for Pakistan.

In the 21st over, Pakistan is at 63-4 with Shakeel scoring 0 and Rizwan scoring 3. Will Rizwan be able to pull off another successful innings? He immediately gets into it by crouching to sweep Head’s delivery powerfully behind point. However, Lyon’s quick move from deep midwicket prevents him from getting a boundary. Rizwan then nudges a single for the next run. Shakeel, on the other hand, faces a couple of balls but is still unable to score. Although he has never been dismissed for a duck in his Test career, he is struggling to find his first runs in this match. This dual spin is causing some trouble, with a dozen balls already faced.

Head’s capabilities are on display once again! Despite not scoring many runs in this Test, he manages to take a crucial wicket with a delivery that does not have much spin. Babar’s drive outside off results in a slight touch off the edge, allowing Carey to make the catch. Pakistan had a firm grasp on the game just two wickets ago, but now they are struggling.

Travis Head appeals successfully for the dismissal Babar Azam in the third Test

In the 20th over, Pakistan is at 60-3 with Babar scoring 23 and Shakeel at 0. The cover for the sightscreen is not functioning properly, causing Lyon to run from his bowling mark to assist. However, Starc resolves the issue from long on. Lyon returns to his position after the longest run-up he will ever have. He approaches Babar, with a leg slip now added to the conventional slip and short leg. Babar hits an edge to backward point but Hazlewood is patrolling the area. Shakeel awkwardly defends a ball that is rising, sending it to cover.

In the nineteenth over of the match, Pakistan’s score is 59-3 with Babar at 22 runs and Shakeel at 0 runs. Lyon’s delivery for the wicket was low and on target. This could make it difficult for the opposing team to chase a total of 200. Pakistan currently has a lead of 72 runs. Babar adds one more run by cutting Head’s delivery square. The umpire denies a strong appeal from the team, causing Head to kneel down on the pitch. It is likely that the ball was angled towards the left-handed batsman from around the wicket, but the team decides not to review the decision.

In the 18th over, Pakistan has scored 58 runs with 3 wickets down (Babar at 21 runs and Shakeel at 0). Despite a rough start with two quick wickets, the young player has provided a promising beginning for the team. Now, the question remains whether the rest of the team can capitalize on this opportunity instead of losing momentum. Although they are still in the game, Pakistan has struggled with losing consecutive wickets. Another left-handed batsman, Saud Shakeel, joins the pitch and cautiously defends his first two deliveries.

Lyon makes a breakthrough! His partnership of 57 runs ends with another left-handed wicket. The ball’s natural variation, as it turns slightly down the line from around the wicket, beats the inside edge and hits low on the pad. Pakistan reviews, but the ball is found to be hitting the stumps.

Nathan Lyon appeals successfully for the wicket of Saim Ayub out lbw in the third Test

In the 17th over, Pakistan has scored 56 runs for the loss of two wickets with Saim at 31 and Babar at 21. Travis Head, known for his off breaks and occasional mistakes, starts off with a wide ball that is hit by Babar but caught by the cover fielder. The fielding team has one slip and a short leg in place. Babar flicks the ball to midwicket, where David Warner is wearing his Double Hat for the last time in Test cricket. As the game nears its end, these moments will be forgotten like tears in the rain. Head is wearing sunglasses as he bowls, and manages to bowl six consecutive dot balls.

In the 16th over of the match, Pakistan’s score is 56-2 with Saim at 31 runs and Babar at 21. Australia makes a strong appeal for a caught behind, causing Marnus to excitedly run backwards from his position at short leg. The umpire declares not out and the review shows a flat line, similar to a tense scene on a medical drama. Babar then hits a run through cover while facing Babar. Saim faces the next ball as the sun shines brightly at the SCG. The field is set with a deep backward square, mid off, and two slips. Saim defends the ball.

In the fifteenth over, Pakistan’s score is 55 for 2 wickets with Saim scoring 31 runs and Babar scoring 20 runs. The batsmen continue to score singles, with Babar getting a run off a deflection and Saim hitting a pull shot, challenging Cummins.

In the 14th over, Pakistan’s score is 52 runs with 2 wickets down, thanks to Saim’s 30 runs and Babar’s 18 runs. Despite some inconsistent bounce, the pitch seems to be favorable for batting. Pakistan is aiming for a target of at least 250 runs. Currently, they are leading by 63 runs and Babar adds two more runs to their score by hitting Lyon’s delivery behind and in front of square. Lyon bowls around the wicket and Saim defends the ball back to the bowler. However, he also edges the ball just over short leg, with a possible touch of his bat before it hits the pad. Travis Head makes an attempt to catch it but misses.

At the start of the 13th over, Pakistan’s score is 48 runs for 2 wickets with Saim at 29 and Babar at 15. After the Official Hydration Break, Saim hits a pull shot for a single. Babar expertly plays Cummins, guiding the ball for three runs behind square. Saim scores two runs past mid off and then attempts another pull shot, known as the Spinning Crouching Flamingo, while standing on one heel. He manages to get the bat down lower than expected as the ball heads towards his waist on the leg stump line. He still manages to hit it to deep square. Saim’s performance has been impressive, especially considering how we thought he would be feeling after his fielding effort.

Saim Ayub plays a shot for Pakistan against Australia in the third Test at the SCG

In the twelfth over, Pakistan’s score is 41-2 with Saim at 25 and Babar at 12. Babar shows impressive batting skills, using his footwork to get two runs from Lyon’s delivery and then driving a fuller ball through cover for four. Lyon makes a big appeal for an LBW on the fifth ball, but the umpire does not support it as the ball was too high and turning down. It’s now time for a drinks break, with Pakistan’s lead at 55.

In the 11th over, Pakistan’s score is at 35-2 with Saim at 25 runs and Babar at 6 runs. Babar takes the strike and scores a single by hitting the ball to midwicket. Saim is displaying good composure by not attempting to replicate his previous hit against Cummins. He is instead playing defensively and choosing to let some balls go by.

In the 10th over, Pakistan’s score is 34-2 with Saim at 25 and Babar at 5. Lyon, from the Randwick End, is now bowling with a slip and short leg in place. In the first innings, Pakistan’s batters aggressively attacked him, resulting in a score of 1 for 74 from his 17 overs. The last wicket was caught on the fence. The first over of this innings only yields a leg bye.

At the 9th over mark, the score for Pakistan is 33-2 with Saim at 25 and Babar at 5. Cummins, who has taken three five-wicket hauls in a row, is now bowling. He is known as Captain Fabulous and is a wicket-taking machine. Saim Ayub shows boldness as he hits the first ball for four! He leans back and executes a pull shot from a length, sending it over mid-on. It’s an unconventional approach to batting. The fielding is also unconventional as Saim drops a catch to cover and Babar has strayed too far from his crease at the other end. Labuschagne notices but doesn’t want to give it away. He moves softly and cautiously, like someone trying to sneak up on a group of pigeons. He looks towards midwicket instead of the far end of the pitch and then makes a no-look, underarm scoop throw towards the stumps.

Misses. No one supporting. Allows two runs. Cummins simply gazes at him and gestures with open arms in a questioning manner.

Pakistan is currently at 27-2 in the 8th over, with Saim scoring 19 runs and Babar scoring 5 runs. One of Hazlewood’s balls was particularly low and outside the off stump, which is something to take note of. This is happening towards the end of the third day. Babar does not score any runs during this over, resulting in a maiden over.

In the seventh over of the match, Pakistan has scored 27 runs and lost two wickets. Saim, who has scored 19 runs, and Babar, who has scored 5 runs, are currently batting. Saim hits a six off Starc’s delivery with a fantastic cut shot, reminiscent of Shubman Gill’s performance at the Gabba. However, this shot was even more impressive as it went behind point. Saim is only 21 years old and has faced 19 balls so far. He mostly leaves the other deliveries outside the off stump alone, except for one where he pokes at it. This is understandable as he doesn’t want to risk getting out.

In the 6th over, Pakistan’s score is 21-2 with Saim at 13 runs and Babar at 5 runs. Saim faces Hazlewood’s delivery and allows it to hit his pad as it angles across. Hazlewood makes a weak appeal for lbw, but it is clear that the ball was outside the line of off and hit Saim far down the pitch. Saim then makes a quick run to cover, showing good play.

At the end of the fifth over, Pakistan has scored 20 runs for the loss of two wickets with Saim and Babar batting. Saim, known for his aggressive T20 style of play, confidently hits Starc for a boundary over the fielders. He then quickly takes a single and rushes to reach double figures.

Saim Ayub plays a shot for a boundary for Pakistan in the third Test

In the fourth over, Pakistan is at 15-2 with Saim at 7 runs and Babar at 5 runs. A recent update: I have consulted with the official scorers, who are sitting nearby, and it has been confirmed that the initial leg bye was removed and counted as a run. Therefore, Saim Ayub officially scored his first Test run from that quick run to fine leg. He now has five runs. Babar also reaches five runs in the same over, hitting Hazlewood through square leg for a couple before driving through mid off for three. Saim adds two more runs of his own and then a leg bye. The team can now exhale a bit as the tension from losing two early wickets and the nerves of a debutant on a pair are slightly eased with some runs on the board.

Pakistan lead by 29.

In the third over, Pakistan’s score is 7-2 with Saim Ayub scoring 4 runs and Babar Azam scoring 0. Saim Ayub finally scores his first runs after a difficult Test match where he had a duck on the second ball and dropped two catches. He takes advantage of Starc’s length and hits a full ball behind square leg for a run. The young left-hander is facing two slips and a gully, along with an unusual field placement including a long leg set at an angle, a square leg, and a forward square leg. This allows Starc to focus on attacking the stumps.

In the second over, Pakistan’s score is 3-2 with Saim scoring 0 and Babar scoring 0. Two additional points are added to Pakistan’s score, this time as byes due to a mistake by Hazlewood, causing Carey to fumble to fine leg. For those supporting Australia, this score indicates two wickets and three runs. Our scoring system follows Greenwich Mean Time.

Masood takes a poor shot, trying to hit a ball angled away from him. Shan, we warned you not to play with those kids, but you reached for it. You end up with a thick edge behind and lose two wickets for just one run. The only run was a leg bye off Saim Ayub’s thigh.

Josh Hazlewood and Australia celebrate dismissing Shan Masood in Pakistan’s second innings of the third Test

At the beginning of the first over, Pakistan has a score of 0 for 1 wicket, with Saim scoring 0 runs. Shafique leaves the field, and Shan Masood, the captain, comes in to bat.

Starc kicks off with a strong start! Abdullah Shafique improves from his previous attempt in the first innings where he was dismissed on the second ball, as this time he manages to stay at the crease for six balls. The final ball, I am unsure how he was expected to play. The left-arm bowler creates significant swing into the right-handed batsman. The ball initially moves away, then curves slightly, lands on a good length, and swiftly moves back in. Shafique’s feet are rooted and he has no chance of defending against the ball that swings back in and strikes the top of the middle stump. Exceptional bowling from Starc, adding another wicket to his tally in the first over.

Abdullah Shafique is bowled for a duck in Pakistan’s second innings of the third Test at the SCG

Here we go…

Pakistan is currently in the lead, although it seemed certain to change just a moment ago with Marsh still in play. However, their batting performance has now diminished. It is not as impressive as India’s six wickets for zero runs achieved in South Africa yesterday, but it is still a significant five wickets lost for only 10 runs.

Before Carey was dismissed, the score was 289 for 5. However, in just 20 balls, the innings came to an end. This is quite impressive. Pakistan now has the lead and the sun is shining in Sydney. The game is still on.

Aamer Jamal raises the ball to acknowledge the crowd after taking a six-wicket haul for Pakistan against Australia

The innings has come to an end! On Hazlewood’s second delivery, the ball hits the edge of the bat and is caught in the cordon, securing Jamal’s sixth wicket in one innings for the second time in this series. His performance in this final match has been exceptional, rounding off a remarkable series for him.

That is quite unexpected. A very uncommon occurrence of catching a testicle in the gully. Lyon hits a short and wide ball for four, but then edges the next one. Shakeel catches it low down, but it bounces off his hands and hits his groin. He quickly clasps his legs together, but keeps one hand in there to retrieve the cricket ball as he rolls onto his side. Though uncomfortable, he manages to prevent the ball from touching the ground.

Aamer Jamal reacts after taking the wicket of Nathan Lyon in the third Test

In the 109th over, Australia’s score is 295-8 with Starc and Lyon at the crease. Sajid delivers to both players, resulting in a single for each of them. The over ends with a close call for Starc’s edge on the last ball.

The 108th over sees Australia with a score of 293-8, with Starc and Lyon at the crease with 0 runs each. There has been a wicket, followed by the tea break, and then two more wickets in a single over. This has brought the lower order batsmen onto the field, and Australia is currently trailing by 20 runs.

Here’s another one! A valid assessment of Pakistan. Jamal may have made a mistake, but it ended up benefiting him. After a previous ball that surprised Cummins with a quick bouncer, Jamal attempts a yorker but ends up pitching a full toss that is swinging towards the leg stump. Cummins fails to anticipate the swing and the ball hits his pad below the knee roll, then bounces off and hits his back pad. The umpire declares that the first point of contact was down leg, while ball-tracking reveals that it hit the base of the leg stump. Jamal now has four points.

Pat Cummins and Aamer Jamal look on while waiting for DRS outcome in the third Test

This is Jamal’s prized possession! The impressive new amulet has proven its power once more. Just two balls after Marsh hits a four through cover, Jamal delivers another pitch. The ball slightly curves towards the bat, and Marsh takes a big swing with a straight drive. However, the ball bounces off the pitch and catches the outer part of the bat, causing it to twist in Marsh’s hands. The ball is caught by the captain at mid off.

Mitch Marsh plays a shot but is caught off the bowling of Aamer Jamal in the third Test.

In the 107th over, Australia’s score is 287 for 6 with Marsh at 50 and Starc at 0. Sajid completes his over and comes close to taking another wicket, hitting Starc in front of the leg stump, but the ball is deemed to be going down. The umpire makes the correct call and Pakistan chooses not to review.

That will bring about the break, two balls into Sajid’s over. Down to Marsh and the lower order now to obtain a lead, and Pakistan to suppress it.

The off-spinner with a mustache bowls an impressive delivery that spins off his finger and spears towards the batsman. Despite getting forward, the batsman is unable to handle the lack of turn and the delivery passes his inside edge. The batsman seems safe, but the ball hits the outer part of the leg bail, narrowly knocking it off. Sajid’s teammates celebrate by drumming on his bald head.

Sajid Khan and Pakistan teammates celebrate the wicket of Alex Carey during the third Test

In the 106th over, Australia’s score is 287-5 with Marsh at 48 runs and Carey at 38 runs. Marsh hits a top edge off Jamal’s short ball, which goes high over the wicketkeeper and drops quickly enough for it to be tapped back from the fine leg boundary. Despite the streaky shot, Marsh gains two more runs and reaches his half-century. He is definitely the player of the series, as he has helped Australia recover from a difficult situation and almost reach the same score as their opponent.

During the 105th over, Australia’s score was 287-5 with Marsh at 48 and Carey at 37. Carey attempted a reverse sweep, causing Sajid to bounce the ball off his gloves and onto his bicep. This made Carey hesitant, so he focused on blocking the rest of the over.

In the 104th over, Australia is at 287-5 with Marsh at 48 and Carey at 37. Aamer Jamal takes the ball once again, known for his ability to make things happen for Pakistan. Despite being a seemingly average right-arm seamer, he has been a key player in this series. Marsh hits a shot through square leg and Carey tries for a third run, but Marsh only takes the second. Is he getting tired already? Despite the cool and overcast weather, he shouldn’t be too exhausted. He pokes a run to point and Carey confidently steers for two more. Runs are coming easily without much risk. There are two slips and a gully in position as Carey glances another shot. The difference between the two teams is only 26 runs.

In the 103rd over, Australia’s score is 281-5 with Marsh at 45 and Carey at 35. After facing Sajid Khan, Carey hits a couple of runs through cover. Marsh takes a break at the spectator’s end. Australia is now only 32 runs behind and this duo seems to be at ease.

In the 102nd over, Australia’s score is 279-5 with Marsh at 45 and Carey at 33. Carey continues to quietly accumulate runs at a quick pace, almost unnoticed. He adds two runs behind square off his pads and another run to point. So far, he has faced 42 balls for his 33 runs.

Source: theguardian.com