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The second day of the second Test between Australia and West Indies was documented live.
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The second day of the second Test between Australia and West Indies was documented live.

In Brisbane, Kraigg played well and got himself a single to mid off. Chanderpaul was positioned deep in his crease and crouched low, protecting his stumps. He blocked two deliveries and then scored himself a couple of runs with a cut shot off the cue end.

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The players and their shadows are arriving in Brisbane.

If this bail had been followed, Australia’s situation could have been much worse.

This made me laugh quietly:

The West Indies ended the session on a high note, as Alzarri bowled a ball to Starc who attempted a careless drive and ended up edging it to Da Silva. The players exited the field, with Australia behind by 150 runs but with Usman Khawaja still at the crease to guide the lower order. It is now time for tea.

After the 30th over, Australia’s score is 161-6 with Khawaja at 40 and Starc at 2. Shamar’s over yields ten runs, including four leg byes from a clip off Khawaja’s hip and a controlled pull for three by Usman, bringing Starc to the crease. Two more singles are scored before the next break.

Australia is at 151-6 in the 29th over with Khawaja at 36 and Starc at 0. Alzarri Joseph returns to the attack to bring some speed from the other end. There is a short break before dinner, so we may see some aggressive short deliveries from Joseph. Khawaja is being cautious and defending before taking a single, leaving Starc to face the last ball. Joseph throws a brutal delivery that hits Starc’s helmet. We will take a moment to check on Starc’s well-being. Although his helmet has protected him, Starc appears uncomfortable. He gives the thumbs up but seems a bit shaken. There are cartoon bluebirds on his shoulder.

In the 28th over, Australia’s score is 150 for 6 with Khawaja at 34 runs and Starc at 0 runs. Shamar Joseph is fired up after getting Carey out. He starts off with a fast 134kph bouncer that narrowly misses Starc’s face. Joseph also manages to make Starc edge the ball, but it falls just short of a diving second slip by a small margin. Stay tuned for more action.

Carey successfully hits the ball into the hole! This is a crucial moment in the Test as Carey was playing beautifully and bringing Australia back into the match. However, he is unable to execute a proper pull shot off Joseph’s delivery and Chanderpaul catches the ball at deep midwicket.

Source: theguardian.com