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The second day of the first Test between India and England was covered live.
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The second day of the first Test between India and England was covered live.

I am now ending the day. England is currently being gently and flavorfully sautéed. The Indian team is leading by 175 points, thanks to their consistent scoring, with some room to potentially add more. Thank you for all your emails, although I apologize for not being able to respond to all of them. I will leave it to tomorrow’s OBO to determine the true identity of Tom Hartley, who achieved his first two Test wickets today. Goodbye!

Anticipating Eoin Morgan to trap a member of the English team, but it seems unlikely. England had a challenging day, but they deserve credit for not losing motivation.

Jeetan Patel and Morgan discuss the tough day. The team put in a great effort and we are proud of their perseverance. Jack was feeling ill and had a knee injury, so he couldn’t bowl as many overs as he would have liked. Despite this, he still bowled well. Tom has also done well, creating opportunities and taking a couple of wickets. We hope he will get more chances in the future.

“The most important aspect is securing three wickets. The team exudes a positive attitude and we are uncertain of the outcome, which is the beauty of how this group approaches the game.”

KL Rahul, who is known as the man with the microphone, credited his recent century in South Africa for boosting his confidence. He approached his batting with a positive mindset and focused on scoring runs. The playing surface in this match was vastly different from the one in South Africa, with more turn and slowing down as the ball aged. However, Rahul was familiar with playing on such wickets from his childhood. He expressed enjoyment in batting in the middle order, after having opened for a long time. This allowed him more time in the dressing room to observe the bowlers and have a better understanding of the game before walking out to bat.

We did not have specific goals, we simply aimed to bat for as long as possible. If we were in a position to do so, we wanted to dominate the opposing team with our batting.

In the 110th over, India’s score is 421-7 with Jadeja at 81 and Axar at 35. Axar shows no mercy towards the unknown 1970s actor, who is assigned the final over of the day. He hits a four off a half volley and then smacks a six with a slog-sweep, causing the ball to get lost under some netting. To end the day, he returns the ball to the deep midwicket boundary. Jadeja and Axar walk off the field. It has been a long and exhausting day for England.

In the 109th over, India’s score is 406-7, with Jadeja at 80 and Axar at 21. The last ball of the over is a well-executed googly that goes past Axar’s bat, causing the ball to slip out of Foakes’s gloves. The commentators speculate that Foakes may not be used to the agile nature of keepers in India.

In the 108th over, India has a score of 405-7 with Jadeja at 79 runs and Axar at 21 runs. Foakes makes a fantastic catch as Leach’s ball veers towards the leg side. Both teams are now finishing up the final overs of the day, and the crowd is gradually leaving the stadium.

In the 107th over, India’s score reaches 403-7 with Jadeja at 78 and Axar at 20. Rehan delivers a full toss and Jadeja elegantly hits a one-legged drive to the boundary, bringing India beyond the 400 mark. The final ball is a low delivery that barely bounces, causing Axar and Jadeja to share a jovial moment.

Here are a few additional Tom Hartley suggestions: Mark Hooper played by Herbert Lom, Stuart Silvers played by Tim Woodward, David Brown played by Michael Knowles, and Andy Richards played by Peter Davidson.

In the 106th over, India scores 399 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Jadeja is at 74 runs and Axar is at 20 runs. Bairstow, who appears to be injured, stops a boundary from Axar’s drive but he walks back to his position, chewing his gum and looking fine.

In the 105th over of the match, India’s score is 396-7 with Jadeja at 73 and Axar at 18. Axar decides to switch up his usual dabbing technique and instead drops to his knees and hits Rehan for a four. This brings the lead to an impressive 150 points.

In the 104th over, India’s score is at 392-7 with Jadeja at 73 and Axar at 14. I made a mistake, there are still nine overs remaining in the day. Leach returns to bowl, and the commentators question his frequent short spells and if he is feeling unwell. A fatigued Stokes rearranges his fielders. Leach completes another over, yielding just one run.

In the 103rd over, India’s score is 390-7 with Jadeja scoring 73 and Axar scoring 12. Rehan returns to the field and receives plenty of support from his fellow teammates. In the stands, young children with colorful hats are captivated by the game, despite the peacefulness of the late hour.

The 102nd over sees India at a score of 390-7 with Jadeja at 73 and Axar at 12. Wood, who is exhausted, continues to bowl as England has ten overs left to play. I discover that Jadeja’s average before 2018 was 31, but it has increased to 44 since 2019. Jadeja pokes at the ground and allows Wood to pass by.

Vanessa has returned, saying “Just when I had lost hope, you had to post a photo of Tom Hartley! It’s a perfect resemblance of him, that actor…what’s his name?”

“Oh my goodness. I’m going to make a cup of tea to relax. Thank you all anyways.”

“Vanessa, please stay. Sam Smith has additional content featuring Dennis Price, Charles Boyer, and Herbert Lom. I know I should be working, but this is becoming increasingly frustrating!”

In the 101st over, India’s score is 388-7 with Jadeja at 71 and Axar at 12. Root looks tired as the TV displays England’s Test averages for the second innings. Root has the highest average at 44, while Duckett is the only other player with an average over 40.

The 100th over saw India at 387-7, with Jadeja at 69 and Axar at 12. Wood must feel a bit isolated without his fellow fast bowlers to chat with. I miss Stuart Broad’s wise words. Axar Patel successfully defends a 90mph yorker.

Kat Petersen is eagerly anticipating the prospect of devouring nachos covered in delectable toffee sauce.

“Could you provide more information? Did they also bring ice cream or pickled jalapeños? I believe one or both of those options would be suitable. I may abandon the cricket game and head to the store.”

The dish was deep fried and served with vegan ice cream. My friend and I split a bowl and felt a little greasy afterwards.

The 99th over sees India at 386-7 with Jadeja at 69 and Axar at 12. Jadeja makes a single off Root’s delivery, indicating a slow and steady accumulation of runs. With a lead of 140, there isn’t much time left in the day.

According to my streaming device, approximately 80 million people in India are currently watching the Test online. There is still potential for the traditional format, especially with the implementation of the minimum 3 test rule. Thank you to Ayan Chakrabarti for sharing this information. And how impressive!

In the 98th over, India’s score is 385-7 with Jadeja at 68 and Axar at 12. Wood puts in a great effort, with a couple of balls hitting the pitch and resulting in four leg byes.

Writes Ian Sargeant. “I know what Peter Bowles, Bernard Hepton (Secret Army was fantastic), Charles Dance, Nigel Havers, Simon Cadell et al look like. As someone without access to TNT sports can we have a picture of Tom Hartley as I haven’t a clue what he looks like?” Ah good point.

Can you confirm if I am correct in thinking that Christopher Timothy was in “All Creatures Great and Small”?

Pretty good. It would be great to have Tom Hartley’s parents on here. However, they are most likely happily watching their son in person and rightfully not participating on the OBO.

In the 97th over, India’s score is 378-7 with Jadeja at 66 and Axar at 11. The crowd cheers loudly for Anderson as he appears on the big screen. He appears to be in excellent form, and I wish I had some of whatever he’s using, although I’m concerned it may require a lot of hard work in the gym. Unlike me, he probably didn’t indulge in the nachos with toffee sauce that I had at a pub in Glossop last night.

Root loops through another over.

In the 96th over, India’s score is 375-7 with Jadeja scoring 63 and Axar scoring 10. Mark Wood is now on the field and Joe Root gives him some encouragement. On the sidelines, Jimmy Anderson, with a noticeable amount of sun-in in his hair that reminds us of the 1980s, watches intently. Wood sprints towards the crease and manages to score a couple of singles.

Vanessa, it seems like we are running low on choices.

Simon Reid-Kay presents a youthful Charles Dance.

Andrew Benton and Terry Thomas

In the 95th over, India’s score is 373-7 with Jadeja at 63 and Axar at 9. Root is bowling again and hopefully he won’t have to bat in the last half hour of the day. Axar confidently drives Root’s third ball through the covers for a boundary with a big stride and impressive style.

Hi Martin Fisher. It’s great to see England touring India again. On this slow Friday morning, I came across Rob’s fantastic article reflecting on England’s disastrous 1993 tour. Those were the days – as an England fan, it’s always amusing to look back on them. Rob Smyth, your article never fails to make me laugh!

Agreed! Such a great read.

In the 94th over of the match, India’s score is 367-7 with Jadeja at 62 runs and Axar at 4 runs. There are four byes as Leach bowls a ball to the leg side and neither Jadeja nor Foakes can make contact. This marks the final drinks break of the day, with India leading by 110 runs.

In the 93rd over, India’s score is 362-7 with Jadeja at 61 and Axar at 4. Axar Patel successfully defends an over from Root, resulting in back-to-back maidens. Is Jadeja feeling the pressure?

The collective consciousness is not functioning properly. Vanessa Edwards expresses, “Unfortunately not, I am at a loss,” and speculates about the era being the 1960s. She realizes she is older than she thought. This actor portrays Hartley so convincingly that she has even researched Tom’s lineage.

What about this suggestion from Joseph Hutchinson: “Could it be Bernard Hepton, known for his portrayal of Toby Esterhase in the 1970s version of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy?”

In the 92nd over, India’s score is 362-7 with Jadeja at 61 runs and Axar at 4 runs. Leach has bowled a sixth consecutive maiden over.

In the 91st over of the match, India’s score is 362-7 with Jadeja at 61 runs and Axar at 4 runs. Following the chaotic dismissal of a wicket, Axar Patel powerfully strikes the ball through cover. Rehan Ahmed shows off impressive fielding skills near the boundary, but the ball is declared a four as his hand may have touched the rope.

India made a mistake as Ashwin hit the ball to the covers and both players ended up at the same base. Foakes retrieved the ball from the sarcastic, raised-eyebrowed aristocrat and removed the bails.

The 90th over saw India at 357-6, with Jadeja scoring 60 and Ashwin at 1. Leach delivered a peaceful maiden over.

Peter Bowles received votes from Prakash Anand, Chris Goater, and a couple of other individuals.

In the 89th over, India’s score is 357-6 with Jadeja at 60 and Ashwin at 1. Bharat hits a four off Root before being dismissed after losing his balance. The lead is now 111. Will Wood be brought in?

Bharat is being reviewed, but the spinner’s delivery hits the back of his thigh as he attempts a slog-sweep. The umpire makes a call and Bharat must leave the field, letting out a roar of frustration. Root’s smile reappears.

In the 88th over of the match, India’s score is 352-5 with Jadeja scoring 60 runs and Bharat scoring 37. Leach returns to bowl and manages to beat Bharat’s outside edge. There is a brief pause as Stokes arranges the field for Jadeja. A few singles are scored.

Hey Brian Withington! “Judging by the intensity of their appeals and the resulting regretful disappointment, it seems like England could easily use three reviews per session. While Ben Foakes may be skilled at wicketkeeping, I’m afraid he may not be the best at judging LBW decisions, even worse than Stuart Broad in his peak appealing days. That’s quite a statement!”

In the 87th over, the score for India is 349-5, with Jadeja scoring 59 and Bharat scoring 35. Root bowled some impressive balls, but only three runs were scored from it.

Colum Farrelly is recommending Anthony Valentine to Vanessa.

In the 86th over, India’s score is 346-5 with Jadeja at 58 and Bharat at 33. Hartley, Peter Egan, Anthony Andrews, Patrick Malahide, Simon Cadell, and Peter Egan switch out for the new ball on the other end. Only three runs are scored, bringing the lead up to 100.

Unfortunately, Vanessa is still not pleased. She says, “Your guesses are good, but they are not accurate. Think sarcastic with a raised eyebrow, thinning hair, and an upper-class persona.”

In the 85th over of the match, India’s score is 343-5 with Jadeja at 58 and Bharat at 30. From the pavilion end, Joe Root begins bowling with the new ball. Jadeja takes advantage of a full toss on the second ball and drives it for a four. KP comments that the ball may have slipped due to the laquer on the new ball.

A message from showbizguru: “According to my source (my son), bottled water is still not available for purchase and suncream is still not allowed on the grounds. However, there has been an increase in the number of soft drink vendors since yesterday. He misses the days of being overcharged at English cricket grounds.” Ouch. I can’t decide which is worse, the lack of suncream or water. Has he tried the sweetcorn?

In the 84th over, India’s score is 339-5 with Jadeja at 54 and Bharat at 30. Rehan, who has bowled 19 overs and taken one wicket for 95 runs, seems to be moving with less enthusiasm now. Bairstow’s fielding has been lively.

In the 83rd over, India’s score is now 336-5 with Jadeja at 52 and Bharat at 29. The enthusiastic crowd cheers as Jadeja reaches his half-century with a close single and an overthrow.

Temporarily deviating from Tom Hartley’s doppelganger, Kit Sedgwick has an update “While inside the Rajiv Gandhi stadium, I can confirm that the alluring mango ice cream cups are actually filled with sweetcorn. Surprising, I know. We were also let down.” Oh no!

In the 82nd over, India’s score is now 333-5 with Jadeja at 49 runs and Bharat at 29 runs. Bharat manages to score ten runs in the over, taking advantage of Rehan’s two short deliveries.

In the 81st over, India’s score is 323-5 with Jadeja at 49 and Bharat at 19. It appeared that Root had finally secured an lbw, but Jadeja challenges the decision and the replay proves that the ball hit his bat before hitting his pad. The tense crowd erupts in excitement as they wait for Jadeja to reach his half-century. However, Root does not seem very pleased with the turn of events.

Three votes for Patrick Malahide were received from Will Symonds, Christopher Elphick, and John Starbuck.

The 80th over sees India at 322-5 with Jadeja at 49 and Bharat at 18. Rehan only gives up one run, and England now have the option of using the new ball.

In the 79th over, India’s score is 321-5 with Jadeja scoring 49 and Bharat scoring 17. Bharat hits Root for a four, there is another lbw appeal, but it is unsuccessful.

John, who resides in Brisbane, recommends Nigel Havers as the ideal choice for the lead role in the 1980s hit TV show “The Charmer”, stating that he was the first person to come to mind.

In the 78th over, India’s score is 314-5 with Jadeja at 49 runs and Bharat at 10 runs. Rehan is on strike and has scored four runs effortlessly, including two off the last delivery which had an unexpected bounce.

Rupert Moffatt has made another impressive prediction, this time regarding Tom Hartley.

I believe I have figured it out – the actor from Hi-de-Hi! and Tales of the Unexpected, Simon Cadell. He was a friend of my dad’s and lived nearby, and I have memories of him from my early childhood.

In the 77th over of the match, India has scored 310 runs with Jadeja at 45 and Bharat at 9. Root makes a loud appeal, but I am preoccupied with finding a picture of Peter Egan. The appeal is unsuccessful and the team will be able to use the new ball in three overs.

Happy Republic day to everyone in India, a national holiday, which helps explain why there is such a great crowd in.

Returning to Tom Hartley, the office received two offers where John Windmill proposed a young Anthony Andrews.

, and

Stuart Goodwin, Peter Egan, and the rest of the group

As I take a break to get coffee and England regroups, the OBO faces a mystery to unravel.

Vanessa Edwards is searching for the name of a posh English character actor, possibly from a television series in the 1970s or 1980s, who looks very similar to Tom Hartley. Despite trying to search online, she has been unable to find the answer.

In the 76th over, India’s score is 309-5 with Jadeja at 45 and Bharat at 9. Jadeja confidently hits Rehan’s first delivery for a boundary near short fine leg. Stokes then strategically positions Bairstow at silly point, who adjusts his cap and puts on a helmet. The fielders close in for the next ball, but it unexpectedly bounces and Bharat manages to stay in the game. The players now take a break for tea.

After the 74th over, India’s score stands at 304-5 with Jadeja at 40 and Bharat at 9. Root seems to be gaining momentum with his appeals, even doing a double-handed crouch for an lbw call against Bharat, but there was just a slight touch of the bat. Another maiden over passes by. It looks like there is only one more over before tea.

It’s been some time, John Starbuck. Greetings!

“Hello. The exclusion of Anderson, the current record-holder, from this game may have been an incorrect choice. It’s possible that they are attempting to gradually phase him out, but it would make sense to have a balance of two spinners and two seamers on any type of pitch.” It was a bold decision. I’m curious if he wasn’t quite performing at his best.

In the 74th over, India’s score is 304-5 with Jadeja at 40 runs and Bharat at 9 runs. Rehan comes back into the game, sporting a trendy teenage boy haircut, and quickly bowls a maiden in just 60 seconds.

In the 73rd over, India’s score is 304-5 with Jadeja scoring 40 and Bharat scoring 9. Root, who has regained his composure, bowls five consecutive balls without allowing a run. Jadeja manages to score a single quickly. As I look out my window, I hear a blackbird singing cheerfully.

In the 72nd over, India’s score is 303-5 with Jadeja at 39 runs and Bharat at 9 runs. Wood makes a great attempt to pitch a few balls halfway down the field, with one narrowly passing over Bharat’s head causing him to crouch.

Reworded: In the 71st over, India’s score is 300-5 with Jadeja scoring 37 runs and Bharat scoring 8 runs. As Root takes over for his ninth over of the day, feel free to share your thoughts on the match or life in general by emailing [email protected]. There seems to be a drop or an outside edge as the ball loops up off Jadeja and bounces in front of Leach at backward point, hitting him in the throat before he lands on his stomach. Root covers his face with his hand in frustration. Another great ball follows, causing Bharat to push forward and the ball bounces to short leg. Umpire Reiffel declares not out and Root, who is usually calm, is visibly angry and walks off while covering his face with his cap. The ultra-edge also confirms it as not out.

The 70th over sees India at 298-5, with Jadeja scoring 36 and Bharat at 7. The camera zooms in on the crease, revealing a dry and dusty pitch. Wood delivers two balls at a speedy 91mph, resulting in three singles for India in the over.

In the 69th over, India scores 295-5 with Jadeja at 35 and Bharat at 5. The crowd is engaged and attentive, although the energy has decreased since Rob departed. India has been dominating England, keeping Rob from falling asleep. A vendor is selling mango ice cream in small cups, tempting spectators. Leach only allows one run before tea in half an hour.

In the 68th over, India is at 294-5 with Jadeja scoring 35 runs and Bharat scoring 4 runs. Stokes brings in his fast bowler, who enters the game with his usual enthusiasm. There is a loud appeal for lbw, but it would have missed the stumps. The delivery comes from a wide angle and Wood even falls over in his follow-through. The commentators believe they can detect signs of reverse-swing.

In the 67th over, India’s score is 292-5 with Jadeja scoring 35 and Bharat scoring 3. Hartley, with his shirt untucked and resembling Leach, continues to bowl. However, due to his height, his shirt may not actually tuck into his trousers. The over only yields one run as India takes a moment to regroup.

“Hello Krishnamoorthy V, good morning Tanya.”

What score do you believe would be challenging for England to achieve in their second innings?

“Let’s prolong this game a bit more. What would be a challenging score to pursue in the fourth inning? (With a serious expression)”

If Bazball is introduced to the pitch in Hyderabad and certain elements are removed while adding a bit of salt and relying on Ashwin, India may gain an advantage of 150 runs, causing England to face significant challenges. (Current lead is 46)

The 66th over of the match sees India at 291-5 with Jadeja at 34 runs and Bharat at 3 runs. England makes a big appeal for a caught behind against Bharat, but the umpire rejects it. This exhausts all of England’s reviews. Upon checking with ultra-edge technology, there is no indication of a zig-zag line. Leach bowls another maiden over. This could be the start of a comeback for England, or maybe not.

Source: theguardian.com