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The praise for Danny Care's contribution to England is growing as he approaches his 100th cap.
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The praise for Danny Care’s contribution to England is growing as he approaches his 100th cap.

The coach in charge of England’s offensive strategy, Richard Wigglesworth, has given commendation to Danny Care for his valuable impact both on and off the field for the national team, even at the age of 37. As the scrum-half gets ready to possibly reach a significant milestone this weekend, Wigglesworth is full of admiration for his contributions.

If chosen to play against Ireland on Saturday at Twickenham, Care could make history as only the sixth male player to reach 100 Test caps. This is quite impressive considering the depth of talent at England’s scrum-half position, with players like Ben Youngs (127 caps) and Wigglesworth having also represented the team. Although Care has been included in the squad by coach Steve Borthwick, he may face competition for the starting No. 9 spot due to the return of Alex Mitchell from injury. As a result, Care may have to accept a spot on the bench for the game.

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Wigglesworth maintained that Care’s impact on English rugby should not be underestimated and neither should his ability to perform at a high level for an extended period of time. Each person’s journey is unique and while Care has faced challenges, he has managed to reach 100 caps. Wigglesworth praised Care’s consistent performance, which demonstrates his readiness to play at the international level. It takes passion, a genuine love for the game, and unwavering determination to continue playing, as many players choose to retire at this stage, but Care has not made this decision.

When questioned about the possibility of Care being able to play against Ireland, Wigglesworth responded that the team will address that decision this week and determine where he fits in the selection process. He also praised Care’s determination and skill for getting himself into his current position.

According to Wigglesworth, the Harlequins scrum-half is respected both on and off the field, and has made a significant contribution to English rugby during his 16-year Test rugby career. Wigglesworth added that he enjoys coaching the player and values his insight on the team’s dynamics and needs.

“Danny has maintained his popularity throughout his career, from his 21-year-old self to his current age of 37. Despite the changing times, he remains a dependable person that his friends can rely on for a good time and a cheerful presence. This speaks volumes about his character and how he has consistently managed to do so in all stages of his career.”

Source: theguardian.com