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The person who accused Christian Horner is thought to be appealing the decision of the inquiry.
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The person who accused Christian Horner is thought to be appealing the decision of the inquiry.

The woman who reported Red Bull team leader, Christian Horner, for inappropriate conduct is thought to have filed an appeal against the ruling made by the inquiry into the accusations, which rejected the claim.

Her decision to not allow the matter to drop will once more thrust Red Bull and Horner into the spotlight. Horner has always emphatically denied any wrongdoing, however the appeal against the findings of the inquiry will reignite the controversy which has dominated Formula One for more than six weeks.

The woman in question has been dismissed from her position at Red Bull Racing, reportedly due to the information she provided during the investigation.

The employee, who has not been named, made the allegations against Horner which have been under investigation since early January and became public in early February. After an independent inquiry conducted by an English barrister, Red Bull Racing’s parent company, which instigated the investigation, rejected the grievance.

Horner attempted to put an end to the case, but it quickly became more intricate after an email was leaked and circulated to senior team members, the F1 community, the FIA, and the media. The email contained supposed messages exchanged between Horner and the person who filed the complaint.

The problem has revealed significant divisions within Red Bull Racing and its parent company, Red Bull GmbH.

Jos Verstappen, the father of their world champion driver Max Verstappen, has expressed twice that he thinks Horner’s position is not sustainable. Meanwhile, Max Verstappen himself issued a warning that he may consider leaving the team when Red Bull’s motorsport director, Helmut Marko, was facing a possible suspension last week. However, Marko was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

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Many other groups, including F1 and the FIA, have requested for the results of the investigation to be released publicly. However, Red Bull GmbH believes that this is not feasible due to confidentiality concerns. This lack of transparency has raised concerns among individuals in the sport and has hindered Red Bull from resolving the issue.

Source: theguardian.com