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The outcome of Friday's pivotal meeting with the investigator could determine Christian Horner's future in F1.
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The outcome of Friday’s pivotal meeting with the investigator could determine Christian Horner’s future in F1.

The fate of Christian Horner in the world of Formula One is uncertain as he faces a crucial meeting on Friday to address accusations of misconduct that could potentially put an end to his career as the team principal of Red Bull.

On Friday, at a location that has not been disclosed but is believed to be in central London, Horner will meet with an English KC, chosen by Red Bull Racing’s parent company, Red Bull GmbH. He will be questioned about allegations made by a female employee regarding his behavior, which has been described as “controlling” in their interactions.

The worker is thought to have already provided her proof, which consists of tangible records, to the lawyer. Now, Horner must argue his case in order to keep his job and career. He has obtained legal assistance and plans to vigorously defend himself.

Although Horner has strongly refuted any accusations of misconduct, he must now present compelling evidence to support his stance. This will undoubtedly be a pivotal and critical moment, comparable to any other challenge he has encountered in his two decades in F1.

The 50-year-old is the team principal who has been working in F1 for the longest time, as he joined Red Bull when the team joined the sport in 2005. He is also one of the most successful principals in the modern era, along with Toto Wolff from Mercedes. The extent of his future accomplishments and the impact he will have on the sport will be determined by his presentation to the barrister leading the inquiry on Friday.

Ever since the news about Horner being investigated emerged, it has been the main topic in the F1 community, completely overshadowing the car launches for the upcoming 2024 season. The announcement came as a shock to Horner and the rest of the racing teams, as Red Bull Racing’s parent company revealed on Monday that they were opening an investigation into the team principal and made it clear that they were committed to handling the issue appropriately.

“After becoming aware of specific allegations, the company initiated an independent investigation,” the statement read. “This process, currently in progress, is being conducted by an external expert barrister. The company considers these matters very seriously and the investigation will be concluded as soon as feasible. It is not appropriate to provide further comments at this time.”

The woman who works for the company has not been identified, and no information about her complaint has been disclosed. However, it has been mentioned that the behavior in question was “controlling,” suggesting that it was likely someone who had personal interactions with Horner. Red Bull Racing has not made any official statements since the announcement, and Horner has only stated on Monday that “I deny these allegations completely.”

Next week, Red Bull will unveil their 2024 car on Thursday. The team hopes to resolve the matter before the launch. It is known that no decision will be made right after the meeting. Instead, the KC will review the evidence from their inquiry over the weekend and then present their conclusions to Red Bull.

Christian Horner looks on from the grid before the F1 Grand Prix of Miami last year.

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There has been speculation and guesstimation surrounding the case since its inception, heightened by the absence of communication and details from both Red Bull Racing and its parent company during the ongoing investigation.

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But those who support Horner say he was surprised and upset by what they view as a conflict for control of the team, which is the reason for the investigation. They see it as an act of aggression from the parent company in Austria, with one person saying it was an attempt to limit his authority or force him out of his position entirely.

Supporters of Horner claim that the behavior deemed as “controlling” was not hostile or intimidating and that how others perceive his actions will play a crucial role in his defense.

He holds a unique role in the world of F1, acting not only as the team principal for Red Bull Racing, but also as the CEO for all three of its divisions: Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Powertrains, and Red Bull Advanced Technologies. He oversees both the business and sporting aspects of the team.

Prior to the passing of Red Bull’s founder, Dietrich Mateschitz, in October 2022, he had entrusted Christian Horner to lead the company. However, it is speculated that this may have changed when Oliver Mintzlaff was appointed as managing director. It is rumored that Mintzlaff is being considered as a potential successor to Horner.

Advocates claim that the reason for the parent company’s actions is an effort to undermine Horner and possibly oust him. Red Bull GmbH has not yet addressed this viewpoint.

During Horner’s tenure, Red Bull has achieved incredible success, winning six constructors’ world championships and seven drivers’ titles. Their dominance in the last two seasons, with an outstanding car and talented driver like Max Verstappen, has been remarkable. However, any sudden changes in management or team principal could greatly impact the team as they prepare for the upcoming season starting on March 2nd in Bahrain.

Source: theguardian.com