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The live coverage of the second Test between India and England on day two is currently ongoing.
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! The live coverage of the second Test between India and England on day two is currently ongoing.

England had a strong start at 114-1, thanks to Zak Crawley’s impressive score of 76. However, after Crawley’s dismissal, Jasprit Bumrah made a significant impact on the game by taking wickets in the middle order with his skillful use of the reversing ball. Bumrah’s final tally of wickets brought him to a milestone of 150 in Test matches. Kuldeep also performed well, taking three wickets for 71 runs. England will need to pull off something extraordinary to turn the tide in their favor.

Bashir makes his way towards the pitch, hoping to strike Bumrah towards Woking, but misses the ball. In the end, Jasprit successfully gets Jimmy out with a full delivery at the pads, resulting in a plumb dismissal. Bumrah’s impressive performance has led to six wickets for only 45 runs.

Rephrased: In the 55th over, England’s score is 252-9 with Anderson (6) and Bashir (7) at the crease. Anderson hits a conventional sweep for four runs off Kuldeep, bringing England to 250. He then attempts a reverse-sweep, but misses and earns two byes for the team.

In the 54th over, England’s score is 245-9 with Anderson and Bashir at the crease. They successfully face Bumrah’s bowling, keeping their hopes of reaching 250 alive.

In the 53rd over, England’s score is 243-9 with Anderson at 1 run and Bashir at 5 runs. Bashir, making his first appearance in a Test match, attempts to hit Mukesh straight down the field, but the bowler is unable to catch the ball. Bashir then executes a beautiful shot for four runs – Harsha Bhogle questions why Bashir is batting lower than Anderson, and I agree with him.

This is a message from another OBO member.

In the 52nd over, England’s score is 239-9 with Anderson and Bashir at the crease. India’s Bumrah makes an appeal for lbw but Anderson is deemed not out after a review.

Bumrah has rightfully earned five, Hartley is aiming for a powerful drive but ends up edging to Gill, who has been catching everything today.

The 51st over sees England at 230-8 with Hartley at 17 and Anderson at 1. Anderson tries to hit a big shot on the off-side but misses. Geoff Savage expresses gratitude for the exciting OBO coverage, except for the statement “This is bubbling into a very decent stand for England” which tends to bring about a negative result on the OBO.

To be honest, England’s performance was excellent until I joined. However, my first task was to document Zak Crawley’s dismissal, and unfortunately, it has been a downward trend for them since then.

At the 50th over mark, England’s score is 230-8 with Hartley at 17 runs and Anderson at 1 run. A positive friend has notified me that Anderson’s best Test score of 81 was against India and he is known for his reverse sweeps.

The star performer of the day, Jasprit Bumrah, takes the ball once more and, as expected, performs brilliantly. He sends Stokes’ off stump flying with a delivery that stays low, marking Bumrah’s 150th Test wicket.

In the 49th over, England’s score is 229-7 with Stokes at 47 and Hartley at 17. Rohit brings back pace with Mukesh taking on the role of bowler against Hartley. The Lancashire player manages to defend four consecutive deliveries before hitting a couple through the off side and scoring four runs through leg. This partnership between Stokes and Hartley is proving to be quite promising for England.

In the 48th over, England’s score is 216-7 with Stokes at 47 and Hartley at 11. Stokes confidently advances towards Ashwin and scores four runs. It’s always a treat to see him bat with the lower-order players in world cricket – he’s truly a captivating player.

In the 47th over, England’s score is 214-7 with Stokes at 40 and Hartley at 10. Kuldeep is hit for a sweep by Stokes, adding one run to England’s total. This brings their deficit to 190, the same as India’s first-innings lead in the previous Test. The key difference is that England will be batting last in this match. Hartley finishes the over with a impressive shot, hitting the ball over long-on for six.

At the 46th over, England’s score is 205-7 with Stokes scoring 38 and Hartley scoring 3. Stokes is gaining momentum as he successfully executes a slog-sweep to send the ball flying for a six, bringing England’s total past 200.

In the 45th over of the game, England’s score is at 196-7 with Stokes at 29 and Hartley at 3. Kuldeep delivers a short ball and Stokes hits it for a four. Later, he cuts off the back foot and the ball edges past Rohit Sharma at slip for another boundary. It appears that Sharma may have touched it with his fingertips, but it would be unfair to consider it a chance.

Kim Thonger stated: “Should Stokes be able to achieve a win from this situation, there may not be a word in the English language that can adequately describe him. It would be his most remarkable escape, but the French term prestidigitateur could possibly suffice.”

In the 44th over, England’s score is 185-7 with Stokes at 19 and Hartley at 2. Ashwin now has the opportunity to challenge two left-handed batsmen. Hartley makes a move forward and hits the ball towards the leg-side for a double.

In the 43rd over, England’s score is 182-7 with Stokes at 18 runs and Hartley at 0. Hartley, who had a strong debut with two good innings, enters the field and struggles to read a googly from Kuldeep. The umpires call for an lbw decision but there is no major appeal.

Oops. Kuldeep delivers a poorly executed ball, Rehan prepares to hit it hard, but doesn’t hit it from the center of his bat. Instead, he hits it directly to Shubman Gill at the short midwicket position.

In the 42nd over, England’s score is 181-6 with Stokes at 17 and Rehan at 6. The bowler, Ravichandran Ashwin, is known to be Stokes’ weakness. He only concedes one run in this over as the left-handed batsman takes a single.

In the 41st over of the match, England’s score is 180 for 6 with Stokes at 16 runs and Rehan at 6 runs. Stokes attempts to hit Kuldeep towards the boundary, but is unable to make a strong connection. It seems like he wants to take on a more aggressive approach. However, Kuldeep bowls a great over, spinning the ball well and only allowing three runs to be scored through singles by England.

Simon McMahon stated that if England were to win at this point, it would overshadow last week’s victory in Hyderabad.

In the 40th over of the match, England’s score is 177-6 with Stokes scoring 14 runs and Rehan scoring 5 runs. Bumrah continues to bowl, attempting a yorker on Rehan who handles it well. Rehan follows up with a powerful drive, but Axar makes a great play at cover to prevent any runs and almost hits the stumps at the other end. Bumrah might try a slower off-cutter on Rehan, as he was successful with one in the previous match, but Rehan blocks it successfully. The over ends with a stylish drive through mid-off by Rehan, earning him four runs.

At the 39th over, England’s score is 173-6 with Stokes at 14 and Rehan at 1. Kuldeep is now part of the game, adding to the excitement. Rehan Ahmed is up against Stokes, which may result in some entertaining action from the lower-order players.

Foakes was outwitted by Kuldeep’s delivery, as it had a beautiful amount of drop before striking the off stump. Foakes was anticipating extra spin, but the ball only spun enough to return and hit the stumps. This has now led to the lower-order batsmen coming in to bat.

In the 38th over, England’s score is 172-5 with Stokes at 14 and Foakes at 6. Bumrah delivers a ball that moves away from Foakes before curving back towards him. Foakes manages to hit it down the leg side for a four. His next shot results in an outside edge, but luckily, the ball doesn’t reach the second slip. Bumrah ends the over with a perfectly placed yorker, showcasing his impressive skills.

In the 37th over, England’s score is 166-5 with Stokes at 14 and Foakes at 1. Stokes starts his rescue mission (reminder to self: remove if Bumrah dismisses him in five minutes) with a four off Kuldeep.

In the 36th over, England’s score is 159-5 with Ben Stokes at 8 runs and Ben Foakes at 0 runs. Bumrah’s last six overs have resulted in 3 wickets. England is relying on you, Ben Stokes, to step up once again.

Bumrah attempts to execute an in-swinging yorker on Bairstow, but it is not as effective as his delivery to Pope. Bairstow manages to dig out the ball to the leg-side. However, there is a wicket! Similar to the dismissal of Root, the ball is pitched outside off and Bairstow cannot resist swinging at it, resulting in an edge to first slip. Gill makes an excellent catch close to the ground. The exceptional Indian fast bowler is dominating England’s batting line-up.

35th over: England 158-4 (Bairstow 25, Stokes 8) Stokes doesn’t middle his sweep off Kuldeep … but the ball lands safely at deep midwicket, and he nabs three.

In the 34th over, England’s score is 155-4 with Bairstow at 24 runs and Stokes at 5 runs. Bumrah makes a slight appeal after hitting Bairstow’s thigh pad with the ball. Bairstow chooses to play it safe and blocks for a maiden.

We have returned. Bumrah is also back and he hands over his cap to take the ball. This is going to be exciting.


“Oh no, even with all of Jimmy’s hard work,” expresses a worried Vanessa Edwards. Simon McMahon is fascinated by Jasprit Bumrah’s hair. “Bumrah has a remarkably beautiful head of hair. It’s thick, dark, and shiny – possibly even better than Jimmy Anderson’s, which I never thought was possible. Two legends of the sport, with different techniques. And they can bowl quite well too.”

Bairstow’s strategy for facing spin is straightforward: he blocks any balls on the leg side and hits anything outside off. He manages to score a single before Stokes executes a sweep for four runs, ending the over and the session. However, it has been India’s dominant afternoon as England has lost four wickets and remains significantly behind.

In the 32nd over, England’s score is 150-4 with Bairstow at 23 and Stokes at 1. Bumrah is currently off the field, allowing Mukesh to return to the attack. This should come as a relief for England, even though Mukesh is also capable of reversing the ball. His front-on action reminds me of Olly Stone. Bairstow takes advantage of some width and expertly punches the ball through point, a shot he executes well when he’s playing at his best.

In the 31st over, England’s score is 143-4 with Bairstow at 16 and Stokes at 1. Kuldeep takes over for Axar, but his initial delivery is too short and Bairstow capitalizes with a four. However, Kuldeep soon adjusts his line and length, but Bairstow still manages to score one run in the off-side to end the over.

In the 30th over, England’s score is 138-4 with Bairstow scoring 11 runs and Stokes scoring 1 run. Bumrah aggressively bowls at Stokes, causing the reverse-swinging ball to move unpredictably towards England’s captain. However, Stokes chooses not to be aggressive and instead plays a defensive round, resulting in a maiden over.

In the 29th over, England’s score is 138-4 with Bairstow at 11 runs and Stokes at 1 run. They both score singles off of Axar’s delivery.

Phil Withall expressed uncertainty about being able to handle the remainder of the test. He stated that his optimism has been greatly affected since lunch and another three days of play may be too much for him. He enjoys test cricket but finds it exhausting. It is unclear if this message was sent before or after the Pope dismissal.

England are currently at a score of 136-4 in the 28th over, with Bairstow at 10 runs and Stokes at 0. The last ball of the over is left alone by Stokes. The team is facing some challenges.

Bumrah’s strategy against Root was showcased, where he was able to make the ball move in both directions, using an inswinger followed by an outswinger. Root, who is typically successful in India, has struggled in this tour with scores of 29, 2, and 5.

The Pope manages to hit Bumrah for two runs on the leg-side, but Bumrah responds with an incredible delivery! He bowls a fantastic inswinger that knocks down two stumps – it’s truly unbelievable. The ball curved in sharply and at a very high speed. Bumrah has completely transformed the game in just two overs.

In the 27th over, England’s score is 134-3 with Pope at 21 and Bairstow at 10. Bairstow starts strong against Axar, hitting a four and ending the over with a beautiful drive through the covers for another four. He’s positioning himself on the leg side to face the spinner, giving him more opportunities for off-side shots.

In the 26th over, England’s score is 124-3 with Pope at 21 and Bairstow at 0. Bumrah delivers a strong yorker that hits Bairstow’s pads, but India’s appeal is unsuccessful and they do not request a review.

This Bumrah guy is quite the bowler. He manages to keep Root under control with four unsuccessful attempts and then delivers the final blow: he angles the ball in, keeps the seam perfectly upright, makes it jag away, causes Root to attempt a shot, and the ball is caught by the first slip after hitting the outside edge.

In the 25th over, England’s score is 123-2 with Pope at 21 and Root at 5. Pope makes a skillful shot to fine leg for two runs, gradually gaining confidence. Axar follows with an impressive delivery, quickly spinning past Root’s outside edge. It’s clear that no one can hit that ball.

In the 24th over, England’s score is 119-2 with Pope at 18 and Root at 4. Bumrah is back in action, and Rohit Sharma notices the opportunity to use reverse tactics. Bumrah’s second to last delivery bounces off the pitch and narrowly misses Pope, but he manages to avoid a maiden by scoring one run with a shot to the leg side.

Source: theguardian.com