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The final score was not satisfactory: Gatland expresses pride in Wales despite loss to Ireland.
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The final score was not satisfactory: Gatland expresses pride in Wales despite loss to Ireland.

When can we say that the score accurately reflects a match? Andy Farrell and Warren Gatland had opposing opinions on this, with Gatland believing that Ireland’s 31-7 win did not truly represent his inexperienced Wales team’s performance. In response, Farrell expressed his team’s current level of confident play.

“I believed we should have obtained 40,” he responded with a spark in his gaze. “In the end, we received what was appropriate. While Wales displayed strong defense at moments, I felt we could have been ahead by a greater margin in the first half. There was a lot of action happening. Some of it was our own fault, but a majority of it was due to the determination of the Welsh team. Therefore, I extend my congratulations to them.”

Today, our goal was to improve, but our opponents also play a role in this. Although we were dominant in the scrum during the first half, I believed we could have had a bigger advantage at half-time. Despite this, we were positioned well going into the second half, but there were numerous penalties. However, we managed to regroup and achieve the desired outcome.

The only points earned by Wales were from a penalty try in the beginning of the second half. Tadhg Beirne, who eventually scored the fourth try at the end of the game, was given a yellow card for changing his binding during the maul. “I am somewhat puzzled by the penalty try,” commented Farrell. “It is impossible to tell if the ball is down or not. I do not understand how that can be considered a penalty try, but we accept it.”

The penalty count was heavily against Ireland in the second half, after being in their favor during the first half. Gatland acknowledged this, stating that they struggled to gain ground due to a few unfavorable calls. This made it challenging for them to build momentum in the game.

As the next opponent for Wales in Cardiff is France, Gatland has faith that his team will learn a lot from their current performance. “We displayed tremendous determination and resilience. The final score may not accurately represent the gap between the two teams, but it does highlight the contrast in experience levels.”

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Gatland is confident that Ireland has the ability to achieve the feat of winning consecutive grand slams in the Six Nations era. He believes they have the necessary skills and calmness, making them a tough opponent to defeat.

Source: theguardian.com