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The FIA is currently reevaluating their investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s actions of walking across the track during the Qatar race.

The FIA will be conducting an investigation into Lewis Hamilton’s actions of walking across the track during the recent Qatar Grand Prix. This is not the first time this incident has been reviewed, as Hamilton was previously looked into and penalized by race officials.

The choice to revisit the case is an extremely rare action that is causing speculation as to why Hamilton has been specifically targeted by the governing body of Formula One. They have pointed to his role as a “role model” as their reasoning.

Hamilton collided with his Mercedes teammate, George Russell, during the first lap of the race in Qatar, causing him to retire from the race. He then exited his car and crossed the track to return to the pits, which was against the rules. He apologized and acknowledged that his actions were unsafe for himself and other drivers on the track. The stewards issued a reprimand and a fine of £43,350, with half of it suspended.

On Sunday, the FIA declared their intention to reassess the situation. It is speculated that Hamilton will not receive additional consequences, but rather the goal is to reevaluate the incident and potentially implement stricter penalties in the future for crossing a live track. This serves to emphasize the high level of danger associated with such actions.

However, the FIA acknowledged that Hamilton’s actions played a role in the incident. The FIA is currently reviewing the incident during the Qatar Grand Prix where Lewis Hamilton crossed a live track. During the stewards’ hearing, Hamilton expressed remorse and admitted that his actions posed a serious safety risk. However, due to his influential status, the FIA is concerned about the potential impact of his actions on younger drivers.

Referring to oneself as a role model is atypical and not addressed in the regulations. It is commonly understood that all drivers serve as role models and therefore have a duty to behave accordingly. The regulations do not allow for rules and punishments to be modified or reinterpreted based on a driver’s status.

In 2022, Hamilton faced a prolonged conflict with the FIA as they demanded strict compliance with the prohibition of wearing jewelry while driving. At the same time, four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel expressed his belief that Hamilton was being unfairly targeted by the FIA, labeling the strict enforcement of the ban as “personal” and “directed at Lewis”.

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Hamilton has not yet made a statement regarding the decision.

Source: theguardian.com