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The depleted ODI team of England aims to perform well against Pakistan in their last match, led by Ali Martin.


After spending 45 days in India and traveling through the country on various flights and coach rides, the England team’s World Cup run will come to an end at Eden Gardens on Saturday. Their final opponent will be Pakistan, who would need an unlikely mathematical feat to advance to the semi-finals. For a team that was once dominant, this will mark their departure from the tournament.

The team has been fantastic. Recent bias can have a strong impact, as seen in the 1999 HMV poll of 600,000 Brits that ranked Robbie Williams higher than Mozart in terms of influence among musicians of the previous millennium. However, over time, the lasting memories of this England one-day team will revolve around their first album, rather than their unsuccessful defense of the title which has unfolded like a malfunctioning cassette tape over the past seven weeks.

Some may cough about boundary countback, point to a freak deflection off the bat of Ben Stokes, or Trent Boult backpedalling on to the rope during the mindbending denouement at Lord’s in 2019. But as rival teams have acknowledged, over a four-year period leading up to that day England moved the needle in the 50-over format, redefining all manner of batting metrics and records.

After Eoin Morgan and Trevor Bayliss left, the core of the team has remained the same for four years. However, due to a busy schedule and not being able to play together often, they were unable to adapt and improve. Despite their initial success, it seems that their motivation may have decreased and hard work alone was not enough to compensate for their shortcomings.

Perhaps there is still a chance for a triumphant ending. The upcoming T20 World Cup in the Caribbean and USA in June presents a second opportunity to defend their title, and it is hoped that they have learned valuable lessons despite their recent decline. As Dawid Malan expressed before England’s training session under the lights of this impressive cricket stadium, a complete revamp of the ODI team would be justifiable.

Therefore, as we approach the Caribbean tour in December, Malan believes it is possible that several players will be playing their last ODI on Saturday (excluding David Willey, who has already announced his retirement). Stokes will focus on Test cricket, while Moeen Ali, Jonny Bairstow, and Chris Woakes may no longer be part of the 50-over format, regardless of their contracts. It also seems unnecessary to continue using Mark Wood’s fast bowling in this format.

Dawid Malan has been England’s most consistent batter in India, but at 36 is unlikely to play another ODI.

On the other hand, it is important to keep some experience on the team in order to prevent a young and inexperienced side. It could be argued that Adil Rashid, despite being 35, should continue playing to guide and mentor Rehan Ahmed, who is also a leg-spinner. Similarly, Jos Buttler, who specializes in white-ball cricket, should not be disregarded even if a decision about the ODI captaincy is still pending. Although Joe Root has not performed as well as expected with only two half-centuries, he still has valuable knowledge and skills to offer to players like Harry Brook, who should be considered for the 2027 World Cup.

Malan is a unique individual. He was not originally included in the 2015-2019 project, but he was able to secure a spot through his impressive performance. Unlike other players who have struggled in India, Malan has maintained an average of 46.6 with a strike-rate of 103. However, there is a possibility that at 36 years old, he may experience a similar situation to the 2021-22 Ashes, where he initially performed well but was eventually removed during the “red-ball reset.”

Malan expressed that losing the Ashes was a painful experience and it may have helped him prepare for the potential outcome of this current situation. When asked about the possibility of playing in the 50-over World Cup in 2027, he stated that there was no chance as he would not want to continue playing cricket at the age of 40. He also mentioned that tomorrow’s game could potentially be his last for England, but it could also mark the beginning of a new journey. The outcome will only be revealed once everything has calmed down.

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“I believe a complete transformation may be excessive for the T20 team, but for 50-over cricket, it may be necessary. If tomorrow marks my final appearance, I will reflect with fondness on the achievements I have made. It is a great honor to have joined and remained a part of this team.”

The chances of Pakistan’s uncertain campaign coming to a close with a close match are high, as many, including those outside of New Zealand and the broadcasters, are hoping for an exciting semi-final against India at this venue. However, this hope is dependent on Pakistan batting first and winning by a margin of at least 287 runs. If they were to bowl first, this scenario would be seen as almost impossible.

England, currently ranked seventh, can secure a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy with a win against the Netherlands. However, if they suffer a significant defeat and other teams win, they could potentially fall out of the top eight and miss out on qualification.

It is evident that this falls short of our expectations and may potentially lead to the disbandment of the band. However, these individuals did create highly influential music in the past.

Source: theguardian.com