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The Cricket World Cup 2023 match between Afghanistan and Netherlands ended with Afghanistan winning by seven wickets.

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The eleventh over sees Afghanistan at 60-2, with Rahmat scoring 22 runs and Hashmatullah at 2; their target is 180. There’s a new bowler, Van der Merwe, and he immediately gets rid of the threatening Zadran. This is a significant wicket. Hashmatullah, the captain, joins Rahmat at the crease and quickly scores a single. Rahmat adds two more runs and they keep taking turns in scoring.

On his first delivery, Van De Merwe gets a wicket as Zadran attempts a risky shot and ends up hitting the ball onto his own stumps.

Najibullah Zadran is bowled by Van Der Merwe with his first ball of the innings.

In the 10th over, Afghanistan is at 55-1 with Zadran scoring 20 and Rahmat scoring 19. Their target is 180. The powerplay is coming to an end and there is a change in the final over as Paul van Meekeren takes the ball. Zadran hits his first ball for one, while Rahmat gets lucky with an inside-edge that goes to the vacant fine leg boundary. However, his next two shots are not lucky as he expertly hits one through the covers and punches another confidently through the same area. He is a skilled player.

In the ninth over, Afghanistan’s score is 42-1 with Zadran at 19 and Rahmat at 7. The target is 180 runs. It was a successful over for the Afghan team as Zadran managed to score his first run in a while by nudging Dutt off his pads. The spinner then changed his angle and came around the wicket to Rahmat, who skillfully flicked the ball for a single towards midwicket. Zadran then hit a powerful square drive for four more runs.

In the 8th over, Afghanistan’s score is 35 for 1 with Zadran scoring 13 and Rahmat scoring 6. The target they are aiming for is 180 runs. The Dutch bowlers have gained control in the last 15 minutes and this will challenge Afghanistan’s strategic thinking. Rahmat demonstrates his skill by executing a perfectly timed straight drive for four runs, showcasing his excellent timing and technique. This is the only scoring shot in Van Beek’s over.

In the seventh over, Afghanistan’s score is 31 for 1, with Zadran scoring 13 and Rahmat scoring 2. The target is 180 runs. Dutt maintains a tight line, limiting Zadran’s scoring opportunities. However, Zadran is able to score a single by hitting the ball off his hips to deep square leg.

“Hello Tom.” How are you doing Simon McMahon? “What outcome would be most beneficial for England? As they strategize their path to the semi-finals..?” Considering that coaches and technical staff, who are paid significantly more than me, are uncertain in their response to this question, I do not feel capable of providing a better answer. However, it is important for them to pay attention to this game, as they could potentially be competing against the Dutch for last place.

In the sixth over, Afghanistan’s score is 29 for 1 with Zadran scoring 12 and Rahmat scoring 1. The target is 180. The Netherlands team makes a successful strike thanks to a clever review from Edwards, who was able to challenge a wide call and overturn it. Despite no one else on the team appealing, the wicket-keeper’s decision was correct. Rahmat Shah gets his first run with a single and another run is added in this well-played over.

Krishnamoorthy V, our correspondent on stereotyping, expresses, “Upon observing 4 runouts during the morning innings, I was tempted to inquire, ‘What are you all smoking?’ However, upon realizing the teams playing, I refrained from speaking.”

In the sixth over, Afghanistan has a score of 27-0 with Gurbaz at 10 and Zadran at 12, aiming for a target of 180. Van Beek makes an appeal for a caught behind against Gurbaz, who is caught in the legside. The umpire briefly takes his hands out of his pockets, but only to signal a wide. Dutch captain Scott Edwards challenges the call and is proven right – it’s a crucial wicket instead of a run.

Smart reviewing from Netherlands as Rahmanullah Gurbaz is out for 10.

In the fifth over, Afghanistan’s score is 27 with Gurbaz scoring 10 and Zadran scoring 12. They are playing wisely, being careful with good balls and aiming to hit the easier ones. Dutt gives away a wide when bowling to the leg side, but the delivery confuses Zadran a bit. In response, Zadran steps forward and hits a powerful straight drive past mid-off for a four.

In the fourth over, Afghanistan’s score is 22 for no loss with Gurbaz scoring 10 runs and Zadran scoring 8 runs, with a target of 180. Gurbaz executes a well-controlled chip shot over midwicket and earns four runs off Van Beek. Both Gurbaz and Zadran seem to have a preference for the legside, as they manage to score a few more singles in that direction. It appears that they are eager to increase their run rate, considering the impact it has on their net run rate. The fact that they are already strategizing for the semi-finals is a testament to how much Afghanistan has progressed in their cricket journey.

In the third over of the match, Afghanistan’s score is 16 runs with Gurbaz at 6 and Zadran at 7. The target for the match is 180. According to Mark Nicholas on Sky, the World Cup is now being talked about more in India compared to earlier stages of the tournament. This is a positive development, but it’s unfortunate that the World Cup had to wait so long to become exciting. This format can be a mood-killer. Dutt bowls in the right good-length area to keep the batters on their toes. He makes a strong appeal for lbw when he delivers a sharp ball to Zadran’s pads, but it was outside the line and the batters wisely choose not to challenge the decision.

In the second over, Afghanistan’s score is 13 for no wickets with Gurbaz scoring 6 and Zadran scoring 5. They are aiming for a target of 180. The opposing team introduces Logan van Beek to bowl from the other end. The first three balls are not scored, with one being a wide. However, the batsmen manage to hit an edge and run two runs, showing good teamwork. Van Beek’s delivery has some movement, but the opening pair handles it well.

Rod Lyall made a suggestion to refine some statistics. He mentioned that Wikipedia did not accurately document Roelof van der Merwe’s career path. It should be noted that in 2014, van der Merwe was involved in Dutch cricket for the first time at the ACC in Amsterdam.

Let the record remain.

In the first over, Afghanistan has scored 9 runs (Gurbaz 6, Zadran 2) and their target is 180. Aryan Dutt is once again opening with spin, following the modern T20 style. The field is set with a focus on getting wickets, including two short midwickets. Gurbaz starts off with a quick run in that direction for a single, followed by a wide on the leg side. Dutt is happy to see some drift, and Afghanistan is pleased with the energetic running that leads to four singles in the first over. Gurbaz finishes off the over with a powerful square cut for four.

Midway through the match, Mpumelelo Mbangwa examined the pitch and found that there was no dew yet, but the surface was dusty. This could pose a challenge for Afghanistan, despite their top five players being in excellent form during the tournament. The players are now returning to the pitch.

Thank you very much, Luke. Hello everyone. For a long time, India has been known as the go-to place for watching bowling attacks dominated by spin. However, Afghanistan has emerged as the top team in this tournament when it comes to showcasing spin skills. This was evident once again on a pitch that was not particularly favorable for spinners. Noor and Nabi performed exceptionally well, with crucial support from the ever-clever Rashid Khan, who continues to be one of the most entertaining cricketers in the modern game. The Netherlands also contributed to their own struggles with some unnecessary run-outs, but they are not out of the game yet. They proved their abilities by easily defeating another Asian team, Bangladesh, in their previous match and have managed to do what most other teams have failed to do – contain South Africa’s strong batting lineup. So stay tuned.

Tom Davies is now available to lead you through Afghanistan’s pursuit of victory, as they strive to maintain their chances of making it to the semi-finals by securing their fourth win of the tournament. See you later.

Mohammad Nabi (3-28) has a chat after Netherlands set Afghanistan 180 to win: “The first 10 overs was not good, the line and length … when Rashid [Khan] came back [from his spell of the field], we discussed: 10 overs gone, just bowl in the right areas and they will do mistakes … When the pressure comes on the batsmen, that’s when they will do mistakes, and we took our opportunities with four run outs there.”

The match has come to an end as Nabi takes the final wicket, leaving him with impressive figures of 28-3. The Dutch team will surely regret the run-out of their top batsman, Max O’Dowd, who was hitting the ball all over the field before being dismissed for 42 by a brilliant play from Azmat Omarzai. It was a direct hit from the back, after an incredible sprint to reach the ball and quickly throw it in as the batsmen attempted a second run. From then on, things went downhill for the Netherlands, although Sybrand Engelbrecht’s score of 58 and Colin Ackermann’s 29 provided some highlights.

Ikram Alikhil celebrates after the dismissal of Netherlands’ Paul van Meekeren.

In the 46th over, the Netherlands team has reached a score of 178-9, with Van Meekeren at 4 runs and Dutt at 9 runs.

At the end of the over, Van Meekeren attempts to hit the last ball towards the offside but is unsuccessful. Ikram requests a catch from behind the stumps, but no one else shows interest, including the umpire. Van Meekeren expresses frustration by throwing his head back. Four balls remaining.

In the 45th over, the Netherlands team has a score of 177-9 with Van Meekeren at 4 runs and Dutt at 9 runs.

Netherlands gains four runs as Nabi’s ninth over sees a couple of unsuccessful attempts at aggressive shots that end up in the air. This has negatively affected his stats, with his economy rate now at 3.00.

In the 44th over, the Netherlands team has a score of 173 for 9 wickets, with Van Meekeren scoring 2 runs and Dutt scoring 7 runs.

The over rate for Afghanistan is ahead of schedule. They have been swiftly completing them, aided by their impressive group of spinners.

Source: theguardian.com