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Stuart Lancaster is eager to finalize Owen Farrell's transfer to Racing 92.
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Stuart Lancaster is eager to finalize Owen Farrell’s transfer to Racing 92.

While a move to Racing 92 for Owen Farrell is still in progress, the team’s head coach Stuart Lancaster has expressed his interest in finalizing the deal to bring England’s top points-scorer on board for the upcoming season.

The previous coach of England, Lancaster, who now coaches at a club in Paris, stated after his team’s 29-25 loss to Bath that he would be interested in having the former England captain join his team. However, he also mentioned that they are currently in negotiations regarding finances.

Lancaster, who gave Owen Farrell his first England cap in 2012, stated that there have been discussions regarding bringing Farrell onto the team. He expressed enthusiasm for the possibility of signing such a talented player and is eager to see how things unfold.

However, Lancaster emphasized that the details of the agreement must also be satisfactory for the top-ranked French team, as there have been rumors that Saracens are requesting a payment of £500,000 to fulfill the remaining year of Farrell’s contract. “My involvement is primarily focused on the rugby aspect of the company, but there is another aspect to consider at Racing,” Lancaster stated. “I may have my ideal outcomes, but that does not guarantee they will come to fruition.”

If Farrell were to move to France, he would no longer be eligible to play for England. He has revealed his choice to step away from international rugby in order to prioritize his and his family’s mental health. As a result, he will not be participating in the upcoming Six Nations championship, which begins in two weeks on Friday.

However, Lancaster thinks that having someone like Farrell, who holds great influence, would be extremely beneficial as he works towards shaping Racing into a team that consistently wins. “Throughout my tenure, we have been connected with players such as Beauden Barrett, Marcus Smith, Owen Farrell, and possibly others as well. I have committed to a four-year contract and my goal is to create a winning team this year and maintain competitiveness in the following years.”

Source: theguardian.com