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Steve Borthwick starts strategizing England's offensive against the All Blacks.
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Steve Borthwick starts strategizing England’s offensive against the All Blacks.

After concluding their Six Nations campaign, Steve Borthwick will embark on a reconnaissance trip to New Zealand on Monday to strategize for England’s upcoming matches against the All Blacks.

Borthwick’s journey to New Zealand is filled with positivity after seeing the impressive display of the England team during the tournament, including their valiant effort against France on Saturday night. Despite the loss, Borthwick is proud of his players for almost securing another stunning win after their memorable victory against Ireland.

Following a slow start to the tournament, England regained their aggressive style of play in the final two rounds, bringing back a positive atmosphere. They are set to face Japan in June and have back-to-back matches against the All Blacks in July.

In an effort to secure their first victory against the All Blacks since 2003, England’s coach Borthwick has promised to bring a full-strength squad on their summer tour rather than resting their experienced players. Despite a previous defeat on their 2014 trip to New Zealand under Stuart Lancaster, Borthwick is determined to leave no detail unexamined, having scouted out Japan before the Six Nations tournament. This move aims to build upon the team’s recent improvement and success.

“The head coach expressed his desire for continuous improvement and progress every time the England team gathers.”

On Monday, I will be flying to New Zealand. I need to make arrangements for our destination and strategize our plans to ensure we are well-prepared.

“I expect to have a clear plan for our training programs, locations, and venues in a week. This will give our team the best possible chance to achieve our desired result. I will choose the most qualified players who are eligible for selection at that time.”

Before the Six Nations begins, Borthwick expressed his frustration with the slow release of injury updates from Premiership clubs. However, upon returning from the summer tour, he plans to determine who will receive the 25 “enhanced” Rugby Football Union contracts. These contracts will allow him to have more influence on the training and physical preparation of his players throughout the year. Specific details are scarce at this time, as confirmed by Jamie George, one of the only two players offered such a contract, who stated that they are uncertain about the scope, worth, and recipients of these contracts.

Borthwick stated that not all information has been verified yet. They are currently awaiting full confirmation and comprehension of said details. The focus is on being fully aware of where the players stand, in order to avoid any unforeseen developments at the beginning of the tournament. Borthwick emphasized the importance of avoiding situations where players are unavailable at the last minute, and assured that such situations will be avoided in the future.

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“The improved collaboration with the Premiership clubs is a positive progression towards better preparing players for the international level without a doubt – and I am determined to maintain that. My connections with all the head coaches, directors of rugby, and clubs are crucially valuable. We share the goal of having top-performing players on both the Premiership and England teams, creating a strong product and a well-prepared national squad.”

At the beginning of the tournaments, there were some players who were not able to be chosen. It is important for our players to be available. Currently, there is progress being made in the Premiership. The level of the Premiership is increasing and the players are better prepared for international rugby. In the future, we must ensure that our players are fit and ready from the beginning of the tournament when we have a Test match.

Source: theguardian.com