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Reece Topley described his time in Los Angeles as pleasant, noting that cricket was not a popular topic of interest there.


“I do not have a lot of time to spend in cold weather,” states Reece Topley as he discusses his recent travels. Topley was among the players who left the World Cup with a better reputation, but his time in the tournament was cut short due to a finger injury while fielding against South Africa. The idea of returning to England’s cold climate to recover did not appeal to him, so he chose to spend a month in California before joining a new white-ball team in the Caribbean.

The 29-year-old admits that during the four weeks she stayed in Los Angeles, she did typical activities like running, eating, and drinking coffee, similar to what she would do back home in London. She enjoys the beauty of California and appreciates the pleasant weather this time of year. She also confesses that she may not be the most exciting person.

While in a different location, I found myself doing the same activities as I would at home. The weather was more pleasant and people seemed happier than they do on the subway. I have done this many times before, even when I had a stress fracture. I truly appreciate the atmosphere there, which is more focused on outdoor activities, and I find the people to be very welcoming.

People at the top level of limited-overs cricket often have a busy schedule, constantly moving from one bilateral series to another franchise tournament. However, even for Topley, this is not sufficient travel and time away. He believes it is the most ideal situation, especially since he is in his twenties and there is a limited window of opportunity for this lifestyle. He wants to make the most out of it and not have any regrets later on.

I enjoy traveling and visiting new locations. Cricket is a wonderful way to explore the world, but I also like to take detours during breaks between tours and visit other places along the way. It’s a fantastic way to journey.

Unfortunately, Topley was also unable to participate in the 2022 T20 World Cup due to an unusual injury. This misfortune also caused him to withdraw from the Indian Premier League this year. Such a string of bad luck would likely lead most people to reflect on their situation with sadness, but Topley maintains a positive attitude like the sunny weather in California.

England’s Reece Topley receives treatment after sustaining a broken finger during the Cricket World Cup match against South Africa.

“I do not believe that we can accomplish anything by simply sitting around and fixating on our problems or pitying ourselves,” he states. “Instead, we should focus on moving forward. The key is to maintain a calm and rational mindset and have the determination to continuously improve oneself, as our careers are short and injuries are a possibility. Dwelling on why things went wrong in the previous World Cup or T20 will not lead to any progress.”

“I found myself in America, far removed from my usual surroundings. I frequently had to clarify the rules of cricket to others, ranging from being asked if it involved horses to being compared to the fictional sport in Harry Potter. It was refreshing to be in a place where the sport wasn’t a major topic of conversation, and that attitude rubbed off on me. I began to focus on what was ahead, rather than dwelling on the past.”

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Following the completion of three one-day internationals, Topley’s next challenge will be the T20 series against West Indies in Barbados. He is currently in the Caribbean and is the first player, out of those not participating in the first three games, to arrive so early. After a four-week break without being able to even touch a ball, he has intensified his training to 100% and on Tuesday, he faced a batter for the first time since Mumbai.

“I’m fit to play, it’s just match sharpness – have I caught enough balls, have I bowled enough balls? It’s a judgment of, is this the best version of me?

I constantly strive for progress and growth. The unique aspect of playing for the England cricket team is the constant competition for spots, with the entire country vying for a chance. There is always the perception that anyone can take your place, so I refuse to remain stagnant and allow others to surpass me. The new players joining us in the West Indies present an opportunity to continue pushing myself forward, rather than starting from scratch.

Source: theguardian.com