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Red Bull's launch event marks the return of Horner to the spotlight after an investigation.
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Red Bull’s launch event marks the return of Horner to the spotlight after an investigation.

Despite facing allegations of inappropriate behavior and being under investigation, Christian Horner will still be present at the unveiling of the new Red Bull car on Thursday, fulfilling his role as team principal.

On February 5th, Red Bull GmbH, the parent company of Red Bull Racing, announced that a female employee had made allegations against the team. As a result, an external independent inquiry was opened to investigate the complaint. The investigation is currently ongoing and team principal and CEO of Red Bull Racing, Horner, has not been suspended from his role. He has strongly denied any accusations of misconduct.

Horner has not faced any legal consequences and is not the focus of a tribunal or hearing. The team’s owner, Red Bull GmbH, has also not taken any action against him.

During the ongoing investigation, he and his team are reportedly carrying out regular business operations. He is expected to participate in the team’s unveiling of the new RB20 car at their headquarters in Milton Keynes, where he will also address the public for the first time since the allegations were brought forward. The current world champion, Max Verstappen, will also make his initial public appearance since the investigation commenced and will be available for media inquiries.

Horner underwent an extensive interview lasting more than eight hours with the English barrister conducting the inquiry in London on Friday. The complaints made against him are understood to have been described as relating to “controlling” behaviour.

Following the meeting, no additional details were provided. In a statement, Red Bull stated that it would be inappropriate to make any comments until the investigation is finished. There has been no further statement made by Horner or by Red Bull GmbH, the company that initiated the investigation.

The investigation does not have a specific timeline and is expected to continue until it is fully completed, which may include additional interviews with Horner. This could potentially go beyond the first race of the season in Bahrain on March 2nd.

On Tuesday, Red Bull tested the RB20 at Silverstone and will officially reveal the car on Thursday morning. It is anticipated to be an improved version of the highly successful model that has dominated the last two years in F1, winning 21 out of 22 races last season.

Source: theguardian.com