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Quade Cooper criticizes the Wallabies’ lack of preparation for the World Cup, saying they did not have a solid plan in place.

Quade Cooper, a former fly-half for the Wallabies, stated that Australia’s lack of knowledgeable support staff under Eddie Jones resulted in inadequate systems being in place for the team to be successful at the Rugby World Cup earlier this year.

Cooper, as well as veteran players Michael Hooper and Bernard Foley, were left out of the tournament lineup. This resulted in the two-time champions being eliminated in the pool stage of the World Cup for the first time.

The individual, who is 35 years old, had been participating in training with the Wallabies throughout the year until the team members were announced. They stated that the level of preparation was not at all similar to the thorough plans implemented by Dave Rennie, the previous coach who was fired in January.

Cooper told the Sydney Morning Herald that one of the challenges he faced in the past six months leading up to the World Cup was the lack of a clear plan.

Our communication and discussions during the game were excellent. However, entering a game without a proper plan or organization, and lacking a system, can be very challenging for a playmaker.

Everyone is glancing at one another. Will you be doing it? Am I included in the crowd? It was quite challenging.

Cooper expressed disbelief at the choice of certain assistant coaches, stating it was illogical.

Cooper stated that key people in Eddie’s circle lacked considerable expertise.

“As athletes, we attempted to adhere to his teachings, as not doing so would portray us as a hindrance. However, it was difficult to overlook common sense, and it was astounding that Rugby Australia failed to recognize it.”

“Did Jason Ryles, a prop in the rugby league, possess sufficient knowledge of rugby attack as he served as an attack coach for the Wallabies during a World Cup?”

Cooper expressed frustration over not being selected for the World Cup team and was also troubled by Jones’ implication that he, Hooper, and Foley were not suitable role models for younger athletes.

“I was particularly struck by the comment because it called into question my desire to win,” the player with 79 international appearances stated.

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My belief is to strive for excellence. It involves creating positive habits and strong foundations. This mentality leads to success.

“When individuals try to shift the responsibility onto others, it does not demonstrate a mindset of success.”

Jones resigned from his position as coach of the Australian team after less than a year of his five-year contract in October. During his time as coach, the Wallabies only won two out of nine tests. However, he has now been selected once again to lead Japan as their coach.

“Coaches ask a lot of players,” Cooper said. “I sat in on meetings and the coaches asked players to show loyalty for the country. It’s quite a tough pill to swallow when you see some of the things that have transpired over the past few months.

“Each player only has one chance to represent Australia. I am unable to switch allegiances at a later time.”

Source: theguardian.com