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Pat Cummins has stated that Steve Smith is once again motivated to open the batting for Australia.
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Pat Cummins has stated that Steve Smith is once again motivated to open the batting for Australia.

Pat Cummins, the captain of Australia’s Test team, believes that Steve Smith’s move to opening the batting has greatly revitalized the 34-year-old.

Cummins has never witnessed Smith as happy and energetic as he has been while getting ready for his 106th Test match against the West Indies in Adelaide, which begins on Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Cummins stated that this is a fresh obstacle for him and should not be taken lightly.

I have never witnessed him as joyful and full of vitality as I have in his recent time spent on the nets. It is truly inspiring to see someone who has accomplished so much in their career show such enthusiasm for a new opportunity. We must embrace and support this newfound excitement.

“He is already mentally processing new ways to approach the situation… it’s like a reinvigorating experience.”

Smith’s unexpected promotion to the opening position is a result of his impressive streak of scoring runs while batting at first drop and No 4.

Smith raised the possibility of the move during the farewell Test series of retiring opener David Warner against Pakistan, which was not previously considered.

Cummins stated that the initial discussion typically revolves around determining the batting group and order that will provide the greatest opportunity for victory and scoring the highest number of runs.

The individual is crucial in this situation, particularly someone like Steve who consistently scores high regardless of where he bats. It’s encouraging to see his eagerness for the challenge and his belief that he can increase his runs scored. Let’s give it a try.

“We are committed to providing a lasting strategy, without a doubt. Our goal is not just to conduct a few tests and see how it goes. We are dedicated to making a permanent shift and we will give it our best effort, not only for Steve, but also for [Cameron] Green and the rest of the team. I believe Steve will excel in any batting position, as he is incredibly talented.”

“At the top of the line-up, the ball is slightly firmer, resulting in a different bounce off the bat. This may also lead to adjustments in the field placements. He enjoys the challenge of finding solutions and experimenting with new strategies, making this situation perfect for him.”

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Green makes a comeback to the Australian team, playing at the fourth batting position. Meanwhile, Smith’s resurgence leads to a decline in the test chances of specialist openers Cameron Bancroft and Marcus Harris.

Cummins stated that they are doing everything correctly, but unfortunately, they both did not make it.

The captain addressed both players and emphasized to Bancroft that there were no lasting effects from his involvement in the ball-tampering scandal in South Africa in 2018.

“I have no problems with Bangers at all, I really appreciate what he brings,” Cummins stated.

This was also included in his message, to not change and to keep playing the way you have in the past. We have thoroughly enjoyed playing with you and we believe you will once again represent Australia in the near future.

Source: theguardian.com