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Pa-rental guidance benefits charities | Brief letters
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Pa-rental guidance benefits charities | Brief letters

We’ve reached a good compromise on the question of charging your children rent (Letters, 14 May). I do not charge my daughter rent, but she gives the amount she would pay in rent to charity each month. She varies the charity, and so far she has included the Motor Neurone Disease Association (her mother, my wife, died an awful death from MND), multiple sclerosis-related charities (I have MS), animal/insect-related charities and the RNLI.
James Catmur
Great Gransden, Cambridgeshire

I totally agree – Arwa Mahdawi should not be afraid to wear a keffiyeh in public (14 May). Likewise, I should not be afraid to wear a kippah. Sadly, such is not the case as ignorance, bigotry and dogmatism seem to outweigh common sense these days.
Mark Kirby
Hockley, Essex

As a young racing cyclist in the mid-60s, to combat cold and often wet conditions in early-morning time trials, I anointed my (shaved) legs with olive oil bought from my local chemist (Letters, 15 May). My mother did not use it in the kitchen.
Joe Newman

Re Conservative plans to limit sex education to children aged nine and over (Report, 14 May), many parents will be pleased if there is a teacher in the class to teach any subject, given current shortages.
Di Hoeksma
Bushey, Hertfordshire

British mortgage lenders are just way behind the curve with ultra-long mortgages (Report, 13 May). A friend in Tokyo had a 100-year mortgage in the early 1980s.
Glyn Ford
Dobcross, Greater Manchester

Source: theguardian.com