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On the fourth day of the second Test match, the West Indies were victorious over Australia by a margin of eight runs, according to live updates.
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On the fourth day of the second Test match, the West Indies were victorious over Australia by a margin of eight runs, according to live updates.

A young individual is sprinting down a slope at maximum speed. At this moment, they are feeling a sense of extreme happiness that many of us will never experience. It is reported that Brian Lara is crying in the commentary box. Even my unemotional and neutral demeanor is shaking.

Joseph has only played in seven first-class matches and this is his second Test. Despite his big toe being in a terrible condition, he managed to bowl an impressive spell of 11.5 overs, conceding 68 runs and taking 7 wickets. This helped West Indies defeat Australia in a Test match for the first time in over 20 years. I am certain that we will never witness a debut series like this again.

In 1951-52, the West Indies played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Smith brings them closer to another win by hitting a six off Alzarri Joseph, an impressive shot regardless of the circumstances.

Smith fails to land an uppercut, but manages to take a single, giving Hazlewood two more opportunities to stay in the game. He successfully does so, and a no-ball reduces Australia’s target to 12. They are just one hit away from victory.

Prepare your stress balls.

According to Eamonn Maloney, the man’s applause during the break reflects the strong support for Test cricket in a country often criticized for its narrow-mindedness. While one person cannot single-handedly save Test cricket, it is heartening to know that there are other Australians who are also willing to show their dedication through a Shamar tattoo.

Regarding saving the game and Robert Speed’s email, it used to be more frequent for international players to compete in the Sheffield Shield. It would be beneficial for national cricket organizations, who are hesitant to distribute resources at the ICC level, to financially support states in order to attract more international players to participate in robust domestic long-form competitions.

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I am not concerned if you have already read it, please read it once more. Stories like this are not common every ten years.

Shamar Joseph limps off the field while receiving heartfelt cheers from his fellow players and the small crowd at Gabba. Despite being tired, he managed to bowl an impressive 10-0-60-6 spell, giving West Indies a chance at one of their most remarkable wins. His performance is almost unbelievable – if it weren’t for Steve Smith’s exceptional batting skills, West Indies may have already secured victory in this game.

In the 46th over, Australia has scored 187-8 with Smith at 76 runs and Lyon at 5 runs. Smith confidently takes a single off Shamar Joseph’s first delivery and follows it up with another single two balls later. This shows his trust in Lyon, who also rotates strike. The session ends with Smith facing the final ball.

In the 46th over of the match, Australia’s score is 185-8 with Smith at 75 and Lyon at 4. The umpire correctly deems a bouncer from Alzarri to Smith as a wide. This small advantage could make a difference. The over goes by without any cause for concern for Australia, as Lyon appears to be in a solid position. He has scored 4 runs from 12 balls, while Smith has 75 runs from 130 balls.

Shamar Joseph is hobbling in the outfield, as the pain from his toe injury begins to overpower the adrenaline. His performance has been impressive, although it may not match Malcolm Marshall’s seven wickets for 53 runs in a Test match with a broken hand, it is certainly not far behind.

In the 45th over, Australia’s score is 183-8 with Smith at 74 and Lyon at 4. Shamar continues his ninth consecutive over, showing incredible bravery that is enough to move one to tears. Lyon narrowly misses hitting a hook shot, resulting in a top edge that is caught by Sinclair near the fine leg boundary. It is surprising that Sinclair did not attempt to catch it, even if it meant potentially allowing a boundary.

In the current over, four individual runs were scored. Australia must obtain 33 more runs in order to win. The tea break will occur after two more overs have been played.

In the 44th over, Australia’s score is 179-8 with Smith at 72 and Lyon at 2. There was a close call as Lyon attempted a shot from Alzarri Joseph and the ball narrowly missed between his legs. Lyon managed to get a few leg-byes and a single, reducing the target to 37. Smith seems content to let Lyon take the strike.

Memories of the iconic matches between these teams are resurfacing: Brisbane 1960, Adelaide 1993, Barbados 1999. This current match is just as memorable.

In the 43rd over, Australia’s score is 176-8 with Smith at 72 and Lyon at 1. Smith attempts a cut shot against Joseph but misses. Joseph’s bowling stats are impressive with 8 overs, 54 runs, and 6 wickets.

“I’m at a loss of where to direct my attention!” exclaims Jim Wallace, who has been closely following an equally intense Test match in Hyderabad. “I’m already resting and I need some more rest.”

Pat Cummins was out just before tea, as he moved back in his position and hit a ball from Shamar Joseph to the side of Joshua da Silva, who made an impressive catch by diving. Shamar Joseph has managed to take six wickets in one go, despite having a sore toe.

Wait a moment, it was supposed to be tea time – but Kraigg Brathwaite has decided to extend the game by 15 minutes. This shows great leadership as Shamar Joseph is currently delivering an exceptional bowling performance that is causing trouble for the entire opposing team.

I am speechless.

In the 42nd over, Australia’s score is 173-7 with Smith at 71 and Cummins at 1. Alzarri Joseph delivers a fantastic ball that narrowly avoids the edge and off stump. Cummins attempts a one-handed drive but falls short of gully, managing to hold on until the end of the over. There will be one more over before lunch.

In the 41st over, Australia’s score is 171-7 with Smith at 70 runs and Cummins at 0. Joseph receives a warm applause as the over ends. No matter what accomplishments he may have in the future, the thought of this series will always bring a smile to his face.

Shamar Joseph is lying on the ground, and I am unsure if it is due to his emotions, pain, or a combination of both. Starc was dismissed by hitting the ball upwards and being caught by a fielder, ending a useful counter-attack of 21 runs off 14 balls. Joseph has impressive stats of 6.5 overs, 51 runs, and 5 wickets.

Source: theguardian.com