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Max Verstappen emerged victorious at the Las Vegas Grand Prix in a thrilling Formula 1 race.

I believe I have completed all that needs to be done.

Max Verstappen once again takes the top spot. The race was full of chaos and excitement, but Verstappen remained dominant. Despite a tough battle from Leclerc, Verstappen refused to be defeated. Leclerc continues to struggle with qualifying, leaving him unable to secure a podium finish. Perez settles for third place, solidifying his position as second in the driver’s championship by finishing ahead of Hamilton.

The final race of the season is coming up, and all eyes are focused on the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi for the last event of the year next weekend.

My name’s been Joey Lynch, thank you ever so much for keeping up with the Vegas GP with me. I’ll leave you with Giles Richards’ full report. Thanks and success.

Max Verstappen wins his 18th award of the season. We will have to use a different adjective because “dominant” is not sufficient.

Red Bull has achieved a new record by winning the most races in a single season, totaling 19 victories. This surpasses Mercedes’ previous record, with only Ferrari managing to deny them a clean sweep in one race this year.

It’s now time for the national anthems to be played. Once again, the Dutch anthem is heard as Verstappen wins another race, followed by the Austrian anthem for Red Bull.

Verstappen said to Coulthard, “It was really enjoyable out there. The DRS definitely made for some great racing conditions. Also, the low degradation of the track allowed us to push hard on our tires, which was beneficial. Overall, it was a lot of fun on the track.”

“The event was well-attended and I hope everyone had a good time. We certainly did. Looking forward to returning next year and possibly trying something similar.”

Leclerc and David Coulthard have a conversation about the race, with Leclerc expressing his enjoyment of the event. He is disappointed with his second place finish, but ultimately feels it was the best he could do. The start of the race was difficult as Max lost grip and caused Leclerc to lose position, but they were able to regain it and overall, they performed well.

“The race was quite impressive. Unfortunately, we had some bad luck with the safety car. We decided not to make a pit stop because we were unsure of our competitors’ strategies. Our focus was on maintaining our first place position, which proved to be challenging as our tires were worn towards the end. However, we managed to secure second place after some intense battles. Overall, I really enjoyed it.”

The top three winners were chauffeured to the Bellagio in a Rolls Royce, as is tradition in Las Vegas.

1. Max Verstappen (25 Pts)

2. Charles Leclerc (18)

3. Sergio Pérez (16)

4. Esteban Ocon (12)

5. Lance Stroll (10)

6. Carlos Sainz Jr (8)

7. Lewis Hamilton (6)

8. George Russell (4)

9. Fernando Alonso (2)

10. Oscar Piastri (1)

11. Pierre Gasly

12. Alexander Albon

13. Kevin Magnussen

14. Daniel Ricciardo

15. Zhou Guanyu

16. Logan Sargeant

17. Valtteri Bottas

DNF: Lando Norris, Nico Hulkenberg, Lando Norris

The team at Red Bull plays the song “Viva Las Vegas” on Max Verstappen’s radio and jokingly suggests calling him Elvis. It makes one wonder if they are teasing him.

Leclerc exclaims “Yeeehaw!” as he celebrates securing second place. He was determined to win, but his streak of not being able to convert pole position into a victory now stands at twelve. Nevertheless, it was an impressive performance from the driver from Monaco as he kept up the pace after being passed on the first turn.

The maneuver to pass Perez on the final lap was remarkable.

Although he may not be a fan of this track, Verstappen has still managed to win the Vegas GP. This extends his record-breaking season, as it marks his 18th victory and his sixth consecutive win.

Leclerc shines as he overtakes Perez in the final moments to claim second place, preventing Red Bull from securing a one-two finish. This was his strongest lap throughout the race and he secures second place at the very end. A thrilling finale!

Max Verstappen passes the chequered flag, waved by none other than Justin Bieber.

On the 49th out of 50 laps, Verstappen is currently in the lead, followed by Perez, Leclerc, Ocon, Russell, Stroll, Sainz, Hamilton, Alonso, and Piastri. Piastri has managed to move up into the points after overtaking Gasly, despite receiving a five-point penalty earlier.

On lap 48 out of 50, it seems that Justin Bieber will be the one waving the checkered flag. Oh dear, dear, dear oh.

I must confess, that was a bit excessive. Is it too late to apologize now?

Verstappen is currently in first place, with Perez and Leclerc following closely behind. Unfortunately, we have also had another driver retire from the race as Tsunoda rolled off the track.

On lap 47 out of 50, we have a second instance of retirement. The Haas car driven by Hulkenberg has come to a halt on the track, but it is positioned far enough away to not warrant a safety car.

Verstappen and Perez are leading the race, with Leclerc trailing the Mexican by half a second.

On lap 46 out of 50, callers have confirmed that Russell still needs to serve a five-second penalty. Some are speculating if his team may have overlooked this fact, as they have informed him that they are still aiming for fourth place.

Starting from 16th place, Ocon is currently in fourth place, about one second ahead of Stroll. Hamilton has moved up to eighth place by passing Alonso.

As we approach the end of the race, Verstappen is currently in the lead followed by Perez, Leclerc, Ocon, Stroll, Russell, Sainz, Alonso, Hamilton, and Gasly in that order.

Piastri was forced to make a pit stop on lap 44 out of 50. After his pit stop, he fell out of the top points and ended up in the back, behind Albon who was in eleventh place.

On lap 43 out of 50, Leclerc made a foolish error, giving Perez the opportunity to overtake him. This puts Red Bull in first and second place, with Verstappen still in the lead.

After 41 completed laps, Verstappen is currently in the lead, followed by Leclerc and Perez. Piastri holds the fourth position, with Ocon in fifth, Stroll in sixth, Gasly in seventh, and Russell in eighth (although he has a five-second penalty pending). Sainz sits in ninth place, while Alonso rounds out the top ten.

On the 41st lap out of 50, the distance between Verstappen and Leclerc is still increasing, currently at nearly a two-second difference.

There are reports that Norris has been brought to a medical facility as a precautionary action.

On the 40th lap out of 50, Sainz and Alonso overtake Albon, followed by Hamilton.

Verstappen maintains his lead and has increased the gap between himself and Leclerc, putting him out of DRS range.

On the 39th lap out of 50, Hamilton has advanced to the twelfth spot. He is now trailing behind a group of cars that includes Russell, Albon, Sainz, and Alonso.

After completing 38 out of 50 laps, Verstappen is currently in the lead, followed by Leclerc in second place and Perez in third. Piastri is still in fourth but has yet to make a pit stop. Ocon is holding onto fifth place, while Gasly is in sixth, Stroll in seventh, Albon in eighth, Russell in ninth, and Sainz rounding out the top ten.

On lap 37 out of 50, Rhianna observed from the Ferrari pit as Verstappen overtook Leclerc and took the lead.

The Red Bull team instructs Perez to remain alongside Verstappen in an attempt to secure a first and second place finish, but he will need to overtake the Ferrari before doing so.

On lap 36 out of 50, Perez’s position has changed drastically. He went from leading Leclerc to falling behind him, and now he has been passed by Verstappen. He went from first place to third place in a very short amount of time.

On the 35th lap of the race, Leclerc has regained the top position. Perez appears to have been caught off guard and the Ferrari has overtaken the Red Bull.

After 34 laps out of 50, Perez is currently in the lead, with Leclerc in second place. Verstappen, Piastri, Ocon, Gasly, Albon, Stroll, Russell, and Sainz follow behind in that order.

On the 33rd lap out of 50, Verstappen has already completed his five-second penalty and has moved into third place. This puts Red Bull in a potential one-two position.

The two Alpine vehicles are in a heated competition for fifth place, and Ocon has successfully overtaken Gasly.

On lap 32 out of 50, Perez successfully passes Leclerc. Now with an open track ahead, the Red Bull driver must push forward.

Versappen successfully overtakes and takes fourth place, trailing behind Piastri who is maintaining a high speed. However, Piastri will eventually have to make a pit stop as he has only used two hard tires in the race so far.

At the 31st lap out of 50, Verstappen is closely following Gasly, but Gasly successfully defends his position for the time being.

At the moment, Leclerc is maintaining his lead over Perez.

After 30 laps out of 50, there have been numerous crashes and collisions, but only one driver, Norris, has had to retire from the race.

The top ten includes Leclerc, Perez, Piastri, Gasly, Verstappen, Ocon, Albon, Stroll, Russell, and Sainz.

On the 29th lap out of 50, Piastri boldly overtakes and secures third place, putting him on the podium with Leclerc and Perez ahead.

On lap 28 out of 50, the safety car has exited and Leclerc, who has made one pit stop, is in the lead. Following him are Perez with two pit stops, Gasly and Piastri with one each, Verstappen with two, Ococ with one, Stroll with two, Albon with one, Russell with two, and Sainz with two.

Russell has been penalized with a five-second penalty for his collision with Versappen.

On lap 27 out of 50, a safety car has been deployed due to debris on the track. As a result, Perez quickly enters the pit lane to take advantage of the situation for the second time and comes back onto the track in second place with hard tires.

Max Verstappen also made his second pit stop, possibly benefiting from the timing of the safety car. He reenters the race in fifth position. However, the stewards are looking into his incident with Russell.

The top 13 racers are currently using hard tires, with Guanyu in 13th place.

During lap 26 out of 50, Verstappen requested information about the condition of his tires and front wing, but his team advised him to continue driving. Upon reviewing the footage, it appears that Verstappen made a sudden move to overtake Russell on the inside, resulting in some notable contact as they approached the Strip.

On the 25th lap out of 50, what distance can Perez cover after his early pit stop? He is currently maintaining a significant lead, with a ten-second gap between him and Leclerc, who has overtaken Stroll.

Max Verstappen overtakes George Russell, but they make contact! It appears that the Red Bull car has sustained damage.

On lap 24 out of 50, Sainz, Russell, and Verstappen are continuously swapping positions in their fight for fourth, fifth, and sixth place.

Sainz drops two positions in a single straightaway! Russell advances to fourth, Verstappen to fifth, and the Ferrari is now in sixth place.

On lap 23 out of 50, Vertappen has dropped to sixth place and is now behind Russell as we reach the middle of the race.

Perez is still in first place, with Stroll, Leclerc, and Sainz following closely behind.

On lap 22 out of 50, Leclerc emerged from the pit lane in third place, approximately ten seconds behind Perez. However, he still had to overtake Stroll’s Aston Martin in order to move up in the standings.

On the 21st lap out of 50, Leclerc makes a pit stop, allowing Perez’s Red Bull to take the lead.

On lap 20 out of 50, Ocon makes a pit stop to change to a new set of hard tyres.

The team at Leclerc’s pit is reminding him to take care of his tires, suggesting a one-stop strategy.

During lap 19 out of 50, Leclerc is maintaining a significant gap between himself and Perez. However, Perez has already made a pit stop during the safety car period.

After completing 18 laps out of 50, Leclerc is currently in the lead, followed by Ocon and Perez. In fourth place is Stroll, followed by Sainz, Guanyu, and Russell. Verstappen is currently in ninth place, while Gasly rounds out the top ten.

The majority of these vehicles have not yet entered the pit.

On the 17th lap out of 50, multiple cars are choosing to make a pit stop. Hamilton is also forced to pit in order to change a tire that has been punctured. This was a result of his failed attempt to pass Piastri, causing him to lose several places on the track before being able to enter the pit lane.

On the 16th lap out of 50, Leclerc has regained the lead at the Las Vegas Grand Prix!

He overtakes Verstappen before the Dutchman makes a pit stop, while the Ferrari remains on the track and increases its lead.

Charles Leclerc regains the lead.

On the fifteenth lap out of fifty, Leclerc is making progress and closing in on Verstappen. The Ferrari is right behind the Red Bull, navigating the Vegas track and proving that its speed during qualifying was not a lucky occurrence.

On the 14th lap out of 50, Alpine is having a successful night as Gasly is making a determined effort to move up to third place, while Ocon has made an impressive climb from 16th place at the start of the race and is now in sixth place.

Sargeant, driving for Williams, is experiencing difficulties and has dropped to ninth place.

After completing 13 out of 50 laps, Sainz is advised to lower the temperature of his car as he overtakes Ricciardo and moves up to 14th place. He has been encountering heavy traffic at the rear of the pack.

Verstappen is currently in the lead, followed by Leclerc, but he is not creating distance between himself and the Ferrari. The gap between them is still less than two seconds.

On the twelfth lap out of fifty, Hamilton is beginning to move through the group of cars, attempting to surpass Piastri for the eighth spot while Magnussen falls back to tenth, passed by another driver on the outside.

Perez overtakes Hulkenberg to secure twelfth place.

On the 11th lap out of 50, the cars that have already made a pit stop are competing for position at the back of the pack. Sainz has successfully overtaken Alonso and is now in 16th place.

I received an email on lap 10 out of 50 from Hugh, sharing his opinions about Verstappen.

“Verstappen executed his signature move, entering the corner at a high speed in an attempt to gain an advantage, ultimately causing the other car to run off the track due to his inability to make the turn. He then justified his actions by stating, ‘I was in front!'”

Max, you can’t claim to be ahead if your apex speed is too high to actually make the turn. You’re essentially saying “Move aside so I can avoid going off the track or crashing.” The other drivers are aware of this tactic and it’s not skilled driving, it’s cheating.

On the ninth lap out of fifty, Verstappen is informed that he must serve a five-second penalty. Despite being two seconds ahead, he sarcastically remarks that he will send his regards as he continues to set the fastest lap time.

Piastri has moved up to eighth place, but Magnussen has reclaimed the position.

On the eighth lap out of a total of fifty, Verstappen takes the lead and clocks in the fastest time of the race thus far at 1:40:142.

During the seventh lap of the race, Verstappen remains in first place and will not have to relinquish his position. However, there is news that he will receive a five second penalty when he makes his next pit stop. Behind him are Leclerc, Russell, Gasly, Albon, and Sargeant.

Piastri has shown great skill by advancing from 18th place to 10th and scoring points.

Following a few laps behind the safety car, drivers are exerting significant effort to warm up their tires.

On the 6th lap out of 50, the safety car has returned and the race is back on in Las Vegas.

Verstappen’s team informed him that the stewards will not be asking him to return the place he gained… I believe? They also stated that they will leave the decision up to him.

The coverage implies that he should return it, but it is unlikely that he will do so quickly.

Source: theguardian.com