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Matthew Mott maintains that he is the suitable individual to guide England, despite their disappointing performance in the World Cup.

Matthew Mott maintains that he and Jos Buttler are the individuals who will lead England’s white-ball squads moving forward. However, the head coach has chosen not to disclose the insights he gained following a disappointing World Cup defense.

England secured a spot in the 2025 Champions Trophy by finishing seventh and achieving their third win of the campaign. They beat fifth-placed Pakistan by 93 runs. However, their six losses at the 50-over World Cup are their highest number to date, despite being considered favorites before arriving in India.

When questioned about the possibility of losing his job, Mott, the team’s coach, stated that he was confident in his position. Despite a disappointing tournament, there are still many positives to focus on moving forward.

I have not mentioned it yet, but I am feeling quite sure. This tournament has not been successful for all, and there will be many teams who will leave here disappointed with their performance. Only one team can emerge as the winner. I am content with myself.

Regarding Buttler, who, like Mott, has earned recognition after the victory in the T20 World Cup a year ago, the head coach shared: “I believe he has a promising future. Leadership is evaluated during challenging times, and he has consistently strived to inspire the team.”

“He’s clearly disappointed with his own contribution but none of that has affected the way he’s led the team. I’ve been really impressed by the way he’s kept the team together. He’s a player who is immensely talented and will bounce back.”

Mott also pushed back on explaining to the public where his own direction may have fallen short over the past six weeks, saying: “There’s enough public comment out there,” and: “You always think you can get better. Whether you win or lose.”

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Although the Australian team has stated that the 50-over World Cup would serve as a defining moment for certain players, the upcoming squad selection for the Caribbean tour in December may not fully indicate England’s plans. This is because some players who participate in multiple formats of the game may be given a break instead of being permanently dropped, in preparation for the Test tour of India in January.

Buttler stated that there would not be a major shift in their playing style, unlike what happened in 2015. They are aware of the direction they need to take and that does not necessarily require a complete overhaul, but rather building upon their current progress.

According to Mott, the future plans should be based on a two-year timeline, taking into consideration the T20 World Cup in June 2024 and the Champions Trophy a year after that. This approach would be better than simply eliminating potential players who may not make it to the 50-over World Cup in 2027.

He stated that they are acknowledging that it falls short of their expected standards. However, it serves as a source of motivation and energy for the group to come back strongly and have a clear plan for their next opportunity.

Source: theguardian.com