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Lleucu George’s late kick heartache for Wales hands Scotland Six Nations win
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Lleucu George’s late kick heartache for Wales hands Scotland Six Nations win

Scotland made a mark in rugby history by beating Wales in the Women’s Six Nations on Welsh turf for the first time since 2004. They showcased their dominance and reclaimed their position as rivals. This victory has been a long-awaited one, with Scotland’s previous win over Wales in the tournament dating back to 2021.

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“Wales’s reserve kicker, Lleucu George, missed a late conversion that would have tied the scores, ultimately giving Scotland the win and cementing their place in Women’s Six Nations history. This was also Scotland’s seventh consecutive victory in all competitions, a feat they have never achieved before.” Bye from

Bryan Easson, the head coach of Scotland, declared to the BBC that their win was well-deserved and historic. He acknowledged that in the first half, they missed some opportunities. However, in the second half, after some discussion during halftime, they played with ease but also had more potential. They pushed themselves to do better and ultimately earned the well-deserved victory.

“Impressive streak of seven consecutive victories for this team, a first for the Scotland women’s team. This group is truly exceptional.”

On a day that was both sunny and windy in Cardiff, many anticipated a victory for Wales at the start of their campaign. Even Scotland’s captain, Rachel Malcolm, had predicted that her opponents would be the favorites leading up to the game. In the beginning, it appeared that Wales was indeed living up to that label, with prop Sisilia Tuipulotu making impressive runs and drawing the Scotland defense, resulting in a breakdown penalty.

The player responsible for breaking Scottish hearts in the Rugby World Cup two years ago, Scrum-half Keira Bevan, was the one to score the first points with a last-minute penalty. While Wales drew first blood, Scotland quickly retaliated with a successful lineout play. A quick pass to the wing allowed player of the match Coreen Grant to showcase her lightning-fast speed and score despite multiple defenders. This try gave Scotland the momentum and a penalty kick from Helen Nelson furthered their lead.

The situation was in Scotland’s favor, but their performance was hindered by struggles with lineouts and handling errors, hindering their chances of scoring a try. However, the momentum shifted towards Wales when they received a scrum penalty and Alex Callender’s strong play at the breakdown led to a promising attacking opportunity. Scotland defended well against Wales’ attacks, but not without some mistakes, resulting in a penalty kick by Bevan to end the first half with Scotland leading 10-6.

The guests proceeded to construct a stunning sequence of actions to kick off the second period. Emma Orr made a strategic move to evade several Welsh defenders, passing the ball to Rhona Lloyd. Despite facing a challenging situation, the 27-year-old Lloyd impressively leapt over obstacles to reach the goal line.

Scotland was unable to capitalize on their early success, as they began to incur a series of penalties. Wales continued to attack the Scottish defense and scored a try through Tuipulotu, bringing them closer in points. Scotland’s situation worsened when both their hooker, Lana Skeldon, and their lock, Sarah Bonar, sustained injuries.

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Lleucu George lines up her late conversion attempt

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During the last quarter, the momentum constantly shifted and even though the outcome of the game was uncertain, Scotland chose to kick the ball towards the corner instead of attempting a field goal. When they were unsuccessful in scoring, Easson urged his teammates to go for the posts after Wales committed another penalty. The team followed his instructions and Nelson successfully made the kick.

After the penalty was called, there was a brief pause in the crowd’s noise. However, they quickly became lively again as Wales resumed their offensive. They initiated a rolling maul that was stopped illegally, resulting in Alex Stewart being sent to the sin-bin.

Again, there was a loud chaotic atmosphere surrounding the play and after a couple of sequences, Callender successfully scored. This try reduced the lead to only two points and with Bevan out of the game, it was fly-half George who attempted the conversion. She prepared herself, carefully took aim, and kicked the ball, but the flags did not go up, resulting in a momentous win for Scotland.

The outcome may prove to be significant towards the end of the tournament. France and England have both secured spots in the upcoming World Cup, leaving only one qualifying spot for the next best team. Wales is aiming for another third-place finish, but Scotland’s victory has now added an unexpected variable to the outcome.

Source: theguardian.com