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Live coverage of the one-off women’s Test match between India and Australia on day one.

In the 12th over, India has scored 75 runs without losing any wickets. Shafali has scored 28 runs and Smriti has scored 36 runs. Gardner is bowling with a lot of speed, but four byes slip past Healy.

In the eleventh over, India’s score is 71-0 with Shafali at 28 and Smriti at 36. Perry remains the bowler, with Shafali showing restraint against a wide delivery. Smriti’s shot deflects off her bat and narrowly misses Healy for a boundary. Healy expresses frustration by covering her face with her gloves as the scoreboard continues to increase.

And, possibly, a last word on Christmas lights – this time from Gary Lloyd. “White lights here because that’s what it was last year and the year before…”

India is currently at 64 runs with no wickets lost in the 10th over. Shafali has scored 27 runs while Smriti has scored 30. The Australian team brings in spin bowler Ash Gardner, causing a halt in scoring. No runs are scored in this over, resulting in a maiden.

In the 9th over, India’s score is 64-0 with Shafali at 27 runs and Smriti at 30 runs. Cheatle is replaced by Ellyse Perry, and Smriti hits a two off the back foot. However, a no ball is called. Smriti responds with a four square and then another, hitting a wide delivery to the offside boundary. Another no ball is called.

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In the 8th over, India’s score is 51-0 with Shafali at 27 runs and Smriti at 19 runs. Shafali confidently hits Garth’s ball past second slip for a four, but her stance looks awkward. She follows it up with another four, this time through the covers, as Garth sends an over-pitched ball. India reaches the 50-run mark in just 7.4 overs.

In the seventh over, India’s score is 43 runs without any wickets lost, with Shafali and Smriti both scoring 19 runs. Cheatle delivered a good over.

Anthony Aldred states that during the 1950s and 60s, Christmas tree lights were consistently colored. Thank you, Dad!

In the sixth over, India’s score is 41-0 with Shafali at 18 and Smriti at 18. Garth bowls again and receives some advice from Ellyse Perry. The sudden sunlight shining through the window in Manchester is a welcome break. Shafali hits an unconventional four with an inside-out, one-legged drive, but it seems like she may not have had full control over the shot. The following ball also goes for four in the same direction. India’s runs are increasing steadily, despite Garth’s challenging bowling.

In the fifth over, India’s score is 33-0 with Shafali scoring 10 runs and Smriti scoring 18 runs. Cheatle’s delivery is stricter, resulting in just one run off a leg bye.

In the fourth over of the match, India’s score is 32-0 with Shafali scoring 10 runs and Smriti scoring 18 runs. Smriti expertly hits a slightly over-pitched ball, using her bat and leaning to send it flying towards the square. This results in another four runs as she guides the ball past her ankles and to the boundary line. India has had a strong start to the game so far. The over ends with four byes as the ball swings past Healy, adding extra runs to India’s total.

Mark Gretton and I appear to be in the minority. According to Neil Smallman, “We prefer white lights and simplicity.”

In the third over of the match, India has scored 20 runs without losing any wickets. Shafali and Smriti have both contributed 10 runs each. Shafali impressively hits a four through the covers off Cheatle’s delivery, followed by another four with a well-executed square drive on an over-pitched ball.

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In the second over, India’s score is 10-0 with Shafali at 0 and Smriti at 10. Smriti leans back and confidently hits Garth’s delivery to the boundary, possibly getting another boundary through the covers, although it is not shown as the broadcast switches to commercials. However, upon return, it is revealed that she only managed to hit two runs. Later on, she gets four more runs in a shaky manner as Garth’s delivery narrowly misses her stumps and she accidentally hits it with the inside edge of her bat.

On the first over, India has a score of 0-0 with both Shafali and Smriti at 0 runs. The bowling is opened by debutant Cheatle, who begins with a yorker and increases the intensity with each ball. Shafali defends and does not score, resulting in a maiden over.

Jasper Lloyd expressed a strong opinion about Christmas tree lights, stating that colored lights are completely unacceptable. He believes that the lights should be warm white with a temperature of approximately 3000K (Kelvin). However, he also noted an exception to this rule when he drove through Hungerford and saw hundreds of small Christmas trees adorned with lights at a temperature of around 4600K, which he found to be quite beautiful.

Australia is all out for 219 runs after playing for 77.4 overs. Garth contributed 28 runs. Harmanpreet, who always looks unimpressed, appears even more displeased than usual. Cheatle tries to resist her restlessness but ends up getting caught by Mandhana while attempting a lofted shot. Rana takes three wickets, Deepti takes two, and Vastrakar takes four, resulting in an outstanding performance by India. However, Australia deserves credit for recovering from a shaky start of 7 runs for two wickets and adding 51 runs for the last two wickets.

Cheatle impatiently strikes with her hoof, but Mandhana manages to make the catch even after seeming to lose sight of it in the sky.

The 77th over of Australia’s innings sees them at 218-9 with Garth scoring 27 and Cheatle at 6. Deepti bowls six more overs and Australia manages to hold her off. The new ball will be ready in three overs and the players take a break for drinks. There is a noticeable change in advertisements during women’s Tests, with sanitary towels and washing machines being promoted.

In the 76th over, Australia’s score is at 217-9 with Garth scoring 26 and Cheatle at 6. Cheatle hits a strong drive that results in a four, passing a vigorously driving Rana. Garth also gains a boundary with a slight touch behind. These runs are crucial for the final wicket.

The 75th over sees Australia at 207-9 with Garth scoring 21 and Cheatle scoring 1. Deepti continues to bowl, giving the Australian bowlers an opportunity to take advantage of the last session of the day. Garth attempts a sweep but misses, leading to a stumping appeal, which is reviewed by the umpire. However, Garth’s toe stays just on the crease, resulting in a maiden over.

In the 74th over, Australia’s score is 207-9 with Garth at 21 runs and Cheatle at 1 run. Garth, who has been tasked with increasing the team’s score, attempts a sweep but is unsuccessful. However, both Garth and Cheatle manage to score three singles.

In the 73rd over of the match, Australia’s score is 204-9 with Garth at 19 runs and Cheatle at 0. Harmanpreet calls for Vastrakar, resulting in a conversation with the umpire. It’s unclear what is going on. Deepti takes over the bowling. It turns out that Vastrakar was absent from the field for some time and has yet to make up for it. Australia crosses the 200 mark, with Deepti giving away five runs in that over.

In the 72nd over, Australia has a score of 199 for 9 wickets, with Garth scoring 14 runs and Cheatle at 0. Rajeshwari bowled another quick over.

In the 71st over, Australia’s score is 198-9 with Garth scoring 13 and Cheatle scoring 0. Jonassen hits a straight drive that narrowly misses the bowler Deepti’s hand and earns four runs. She then attempts a reverse-sweep but is caught out. India requests a review for a possible lbw against Test debutant Cheatle, but it is determined that there was contact between bat and pad.

Jonassen attempts a reverse-sweep, but misses and the ball hits the edge of her front pad. The on-field decision is not out, but India challenges it and is successful in getting Jonassen out.

In the 70th over, Australia is at 194-8 with Jonassen scoring 15 and Garth scoring 13. Rajeshwari continues to bowl consecutive maidens and has an impressive record of 12 overs for 28 runs.

In the 69th over, Australia’s score is 194-8 with Jonassen at 15 runs and Garth at 13 runs. Jonassen skillfully executes a reverse-sweep, but Shafali is positioned at points and quickly stops the ball with one hand. The over ends without any runs scored.

Hello Mark Gretton!

“I completely agree with you about using colored lights on Christmas trees. During my childhood in the 1960s and 1970s, we always had a real tree decorated with vibrant colored lights, and that’s what I believe is the traditional way to do it.”

While some younger individuals (specifically those under the age of 50) may make fun of it on social media, I personally appreciate the colorful and lively spirit of Christmas, as well as the nostalgic memories it brings. After all, Christmas isn’t about being sophisticated. So let’s embrace the vibrant and joyful celebration!

At the 68th over, Australia’s score is 194-8 with Jonassen at 14 and Garth at 13. Garth scores a single off Rajeshwari’s ball while Jonassen attempts a quick sweep, but it’s not very graceful. India decides to review the play, although it appears to have only hit Jonassen’s hip. Even Harmanpreet doesn’t seem too convinced as she and Shafali Verma share a laugh while watching the review. India has two reviews left.

In the 67th over, Australia’s score is 190-8 with Jonassen and Garth at the crease. Jonassen attempts to disrupt the tight bowling by taking a big swing at Deepti’s delivery, but she fails to make contact. It results in another maiden over.

In the 66th over, Australia’s score is 190-8 with Jonassen at 14 and Garth at 10. Gayakward’s slow left arm returns and the over ends with a maiden, making it the third one in the last four overs.


After the 65th over, Australia’s score is 190-8 with Jonassen at 14 runs and Garth at 10 runs. Pooja Vastraka is replaced by Deepti as the bowler. Garth attempts a drive but narrowly avoids hitting the ball with the outside edge.

In the 64th over, Australia’s score is 189 for 8 wickets, with Jonassen at 14 runs and Garth at 9 runs. Rana has a constant smile on her face as she delivers slow, full pitches. The Wankhede stadium stands tall and watches on. It is a scoreless over.

The 63rd over sees Australia at 189-8 with Jonassen scoring 14 and Garth scoring 9. Vastrakar delivers a looping ball that evades Garth’s attempts to hit it. The following ball sharply changes direction, showcasing excellent bowling. It results in a maiden over.

In the 62nd over, Australia’s score is 189-8 with Jonassen scoring 14 and Garth scoring 9. I am curious to know if the OBO community agrees on using coloured lights for Christmas trees. Personally, I switched from warm white lights to coloured bulbs a few years ago and I adore them – it brings back memories of my childhood in the 80s. Rana bowls another over, Jonassen takes advantage of a full toss on the pads and smashes it for a six.

Australia is currently at 182-8 in the 61st over. The question remains, can India quickly take the remaining two wickets and have a successful hour with the bat? Harmanpreet has chosen to bring in Vastrakar, who has been a reliable and challenging bowler, for the upcoming over.

I’m going to brew a quick pot of coffee now – be right back!

In the 60th over, Australia’s score is at 180-8 with Jonassen at 6 and Garth at 8. Jonassen cautiously faces Rana’s delivery. The over and session come to an end. Australia, with a serious expression, walks off the field after losing four wickets in the morning session and four more after lunch. India has gained the upper hand.

In the 59th over, Australia’s score is 179-8 with Jonassen scoring 5 runs and Garth scoring 8 runs. Deepti’s over only yields one run as Australia opts to play for tea.

In the 58th over of the match, Australia’s score is 178-8 with Jonassen scoring 4 runs and Garth scoring 8. Rana remains the bowler as I sit next to a snoring dog, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Garth is almost out as she plays forward, but the next ball is directed towards her leg stump and she manages to hit it for a four. The audience shouts “India” as the stadium is not very full. Deepti drops another catch at slip, which was a difficult one to catch as Garth’s shot resulted in an outside edge. This over has proved to be challenging.

The 57th over sees Australia at 173-8 with Jonassen at 3 and Garth at 4. Vastrakar delivers a fast ball that bounces low but still manages to rise, causing Garth to duck. It is nearing tea time in about ten minutes.

In the 56th over, Australia’s score is 170-8 with Jonassen scoring 2 runs and Garth scoring 2 runs. The sun has risen and the silver birch tree outside can now be seen, its branches seemingly expressing shock at the performance of the Australian team. During this over, there is a strong appeal for an lbw, but Garth is initially given out by the umpire. However, upon review, it is clear that she hit the ball before her pad, saving her from being dismissed.

Rana takes Deepti’s place and makes a strong appeal on the first ball. The umpire denies it, but India insists on reviewing. As expected, a slight deviation is shown on the DRS monitor when King makes a forward movement.

just like a singer

In the 55th over, Australia’s score is 168-7 with Jonassen at 2 runs and King at 5 runs. Vastrakar is showing confidence, with her collar flipped and her hair styled high. She is making the ball move beautifully, much like a talented singer.

In the 54th over of the match, Australia’s score is 165-7 with Jonassen at 0 and King at 5. King makes a hesitant forward movement against Deepti’s delivery, but it narrowly misses Rana’s extended right hand at slip and results in a four.

Reworded: The 53rd over saw Australia at 161-7 with Jonassen at 0 and King at 1. Vastrakar claimed her fourth wicket with another impressive over, confidently walking back to her fielding position.

Gardner, who seems intrigued, leans back and probes like someone who is not curious about what may be concealed in the tall grass. Bhatia takes care of the rest.

Source: theguardian.com