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Live coverage of the fourth Test between India and England on day two.
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Live coverage of the fourth Test between India and England on day two.

Narendra Hirwani is now the focus as Ben Stokes concludes a truly remarkable period of bowling at a slow pace.

The 69th over sees India’s score at 216-7 with Jurel at 27 and Yadav at 16. Bashir delivers a ball that stays low but fortunately for Kuldeep, it misses leg stump and also evades Ben Foakes. They quickly run for two runs. This partnership has been crucial for India as it has halted England’s momentum and prevented a potential collapse of their innings.

In the 68th over, the score for India is 213-7 with Jurel at 27 runs and Yadav at 16 runs. Anderson begins the over with a maiden, consistently landing the ball just outside off stump with precision and captivating skill.

In the 67th over, India’s score is 213-7 with Jurel at 27 and Yadav at 16. Bashir has only given away a couple of runs, with his figures currently at 4-81 off 30 overs. The light has gotten better and there will be a change in bowlers as James Anderson replaces Tom Hartley.

Tremendous hit! Force him to kneel in the outfield.

In the 66th over of the game, India has scored 211 runs with Jurel at 26 and Yadav at 15. Hartley delivers a short ball and Jurel takes advantage by hitting a strong pull shot towards midwicket for four runs. The umpires have informed Stokes that the lighting is too dim for him to bowl his seamers. As a result, Shoaib Bashir will continue his impressive streak of bowling for 30 consecutive overs.

In the 65th over, India’s score is 206-7 with Jurel at 21 runs and Yadav at 15 runs. Kuldeep and Jurel have successfully slowed down the game, preventing England from easily taking down India’s wickets. Over the past ten overs, they have scored 34 runs together.

In the 64th over, India’s score is 204-7 with Jurel at 20 and Yadav at 14. Hartley delivers a maiden, as Kuldeep and Jurel hold strong in their defense. Approximately eight overs remain in the day and it seems Joe Root is preparing to join the game. This brings to mind a tweet from my colleague Geoff Lemon that predicted this moment.

In the 63rd over, India’s score is 204-7 with Jurel at 20 and Yadav at 14. Bashir delivers a series of dot balls, resulting in a maiden over. This is his 28th consecutive over. Stokes is struggling to make an impact with the ball.

62nd over: India 204-7 (Jurel 20, Yadav 14) The atmosphere has calmed down a bit, perhaps it’s time for some Joe Root or a burst of seam bowling? Hartley and Bashir have been outstanding, but they seem to be getting a bit tired. These are ideal conditions for bowling, so it may be necessary to bring in a fresher player. A close call! Hartley looks on in surprise as the ball skims along the ground and misses everything, including wicketkeeper Ben Foakes. The fourth innings on this pitch is sure to be a thrilling spectacle.

In the 61st over, India’s score is 195-7 with Jurel at 20 and Yadav at 8. Bashir has bowled 27 overs, with a slip and short leg fielding positions. India only managed to score a couple of singles in this over, bringing their total closer to 200 but still behind by 158 runs.

In the 60th over, India’s score is 193-7 with Jurel at 19 runs and Yadav at 7 runs. Hartley is proving to be a threat with his skidding and unpredictable deliveries. He even manages to escape a full toss on the last ball, and Kuldeep misses out by hitting it straight to a fielder. The weather in Ranchi is dark and dreary, reminiscent of a February day in Filey.

In the 59th over, India’s score is 191-7 with Jurel at 19 and Yadav at 5. As expected, Jurel moves forward out of his batting position and hits Bashir for a six down the ground.


India is currently at 184-7 in the 58th over, with Jurel scoring 13 and Yadav scoring 5. Hartley’s latest over results in a couple of singles. I question whether India’s strategy of playing defensively is the most effective. By waiting for the perfect ball, they are more likely to be dismissed. Perhaps a more aggressive approach would be better, taking some chances and reducing the deficit before it becomes insurmountable.

In the 57th over, India’s score is 181-7 with Jurel scoring 11 and Yadav scoring 4. Bashir is bowling again. Jurel hits a single towards backward square. India appears to be in a state of shock, while England has displayed an impressive performance today.

In the 56th over, India’s score is 181-7 with Jurel at 11 and Yadav at 4. Kuldeep comes to the crease and expertly executes a reverse-sweep for four runs.

Hartley gets a wicket! Ashwin attempts to hit the ball but misses as it bounces low and hits his boot. A big appeal – and it’s given out by the umpire. The DRS review shows three reds, confirming the out decision. England is in a strong position – with a lead of 176 runs.

The 55th over sees India at a score of 176-6 with Jurel at 10 runs and Ashwin at 1. Bashir appears to be experiencing cramps, as this is his 24th over of spin! Jurel hits a shot out to the deep where Anderson is stationed, but his throw hits the stumps and bounces away, resulting in the familiar “buzzers” sound.

The 54th over sees India at 171-6 with Jurel at 6 and Ashwin at 0. Hartley delivers a maiden to Ashwin, who has been overshadowed by Bashir’s performance but still shows promise. Hartley’s appearance reminds me of a classic cricketer from the past with his wiry features that resemble players from old Pathe newsreel footage. England is increasing the pressure on India as a thick fog rolls in over the Ranchi ground, creating a gloomy atmosphere. Some players have even put on their cable knit sweaters while in the field.

In the 53rd over, India’s score is 171-6 with Jurel at 6 and Ashwin at 0. Bashir is currently in his 23rd consecutive over and has just completed a maiden. This is an impressive feat.

In the 52nd over, India is at 171-6 with Jurel scoring 6 runs and Ashwin at 0. Tom Hartley successfully took a wicket without conceding any runs. Sarfaraz was a threat in Rajkot and England is aware that he could have significantly reduced the deficit. Ashwin is the only remaining recognized batter, with India trailing behind by 182 runs.

Joe Root made a fantastic catch! Hartley threw the ball above the eyeline and tempted Sarfaraz into hitting it, but the ball dipped and caught the edge. It appeared to hit Foakes’ glove before Root caught it with a diving, full-stretch leap to his left. England now has a strong advantage.

In the 51st over, India’s score is 171-5 with Sarfaraz at 14 and Jurel at 6. Jurel takes an aggressive approach, advancing down the pitch and hitting Bashir over cover for a one bounce four.

Shankar Mony is very impressed with the guests.

It is difficult to recall a foreign team performing as impressively as this in India, and much of the credit must be given to Baz and Ben. I cannot think of a recent addition to the English team who has not displayed a remarkable level of skill. The management deserves recognition for this, don’t you think? It would be fitting if India were to suffer a defeat after choosing to exclude Bumrah.

Yes, Stokes has skillfully guided his inexperienced spinners with confidence.

“In the 50th over, India’s score is 166-5 with Sarfaraz at 13 and Jurel at 2. Hartley delivers a ball that hits Sarfaraz’s front pad, causing England to consider an appeal. However, Umpire Dharmasena declares it not out. Stokes decides to use a review, but the DRS reveals that the ball was sliding down the leg side, resulting in England losing their second review.”

In the 49th over, India’s score is 165-5 with Sarfaraz at 12 and Jurel at 2. Bashir, who has an impressive record of 4-55 in 20 overs, continues to bowl. Sarfaraz hits a single towards mid off. India is counting on him to stay on the field and for their lower order to match England’s score. Even a deficit of just fifty runs could make a difference on this pitch. At the moment, England is leading by 188 runs.

In the 48th over, India’s score is 164-5 with Sarfaraz scoring 11 runs and Jurel scoring 2. Hartley delivers a fast ball, with fielders positioned closely around the bat. England is eager to capitalize on India’s weak position.

47th over: India’s score is now 161-5, with Sarfaraz at 5 runs and Jurel at 0. Dhruv Jurel comes in to bat. England’s spirits are high after taking out the strong Jaiswal. Shoaib Bashir has been bowling exceptionally, almost getting Sarfaraz out earlier in the over with a well-flight ball that barely missed the diving Joe Root at slip.

Bashir has caught the crucial wicket! Jaiswal is out of the game! The ball rolled along the ground and stayed closer to the ground, causing Jaiswal to feel extremely disappointed as he accidentally hit the ball onto his own stumps. The English team is ecstatic, as this is a significant moment in the game – India is still trailing by 192 runs.

In the 46th over, India’s score is 156-4 with Jaiswal at 73 runs and Sarfaraz at 5 runs. As Tom Hartley continues to bowl, the sun makes an appearance in Ranchi. Sarfaraz scores a single towards the cover. Excitement is building for what’s to come next.

In the 45th over, India’s score is at 155-4 with Jaiswal at 73 runs and Sarfaraz at 4 runs. Bashir is now in his 18th consecutive over. This may be a lot for him, especially considering his short career, but he is still performing well in this Test match. He has been England’s strongest bowler so far. However, it seems like he may be getting tired as he delivers a short ball and Jaiswal takes advantage, hitting it behind point for an easy boundary. It might be a good idea for Stokes to give Bashir a break, even if it’s just for a few overs.

In the 44th over, India’s score is now 149-4 with Jaiswal at 68 and Sarfaraz at 3. The ball once again travels low along the ground, causing some trouble. Hartley manages to find a crack in the pitch and the ball slides past leg stump. Foakes is able to prevent four byes by quickly reacting and getting a hand on it. The condition of the wicket appears to be worsening, making Root’s performance from yesterday even more impressive.

At the 43rd over, India’s score is 146-4 with Jaiswal at 67 and Sarfaraz at 3. Jaiswal impressively hits a cut shot for four off Bashir, followed by two consecutive dots. He then takes a risk and successfully lifts a length ball over the covers, scoring another boundary. Can he pull off another impressive move?

He appears to be highly likely to do so.

The 42nd over of the match saw India’s score at 137-4, with Jaiswal at 58 and Sarfaraz at 3. Following the close call in the previous over, this one was relatively uneventful with only one run scored by Tom Hartley.

In the 41st over, India’s score is 136-4 with Jaiswal at 57 and Sarfaraz at 3. There was a close call for a run out as Sarfaraz displayed poor communication while running between the wickets. He attempted a single that was not there, but Jaiswal quickly sent him back. Fortunately, Sarfaraz was able to save himself with a full length dive as Foakes retrieved the ball and attempted to take the bails off.

In the 40th over, India’s score is 134-4 with Jaiswal scoring 55 runs and Sarfaraz scoring 1 run. Hartley is bowling from the opposite end, Jaiswal hits a single and Sarfaraz manages to hit one to the leg side for another run.

In the 39th over, India’s score is 132-4 with Jaiswal at 55 and Sarfaraz at 1. Bashir is the first bowler for England after tea, having bowled continuously in the previous session. This is his 16th over. Jaiswal scores a single down the ground. If England can successfully dismiss him, it would be a huge moment. Jaiswal has now scored a total of 600 runs in the series.

Greetings to Simon McMahon, a dedicated member of OBO.

“Good morning Jim. The recent wickets before tea have made this Test match very exciting, and the entire series has been captivating. I am rooting for an England victory here, which would make the final game in Dharamsala a decisive one. By the way, have you tried using an Aeropress for making coffee? Is it worth trying?”

I have not used a Simon before. I am not an expert, caffeine serves a functional purpose rather than a ritualistic one in my life currently, as I have a toddler who strongly dislikes sleep. As long as it is hot and somewhat brown, it gets the job done.

“Morning James!”

Good morning, Mark Slater.

Morning James!

“During a short break for tea, I would like to inquire about opinions on the possibility of Stokes bowling in this match. His decision to replace a spinner with a seamer suggests he may not want to be part of the bowling rotation, but he may attempt to bowl during India’s second innings (if they have one) when the pitch is providing inconsistent or minimal bounce. What are your thoughts?”

I believe we are all aware of the answer, right?

Reworded: In the 38th over, India’s score is 131-4 with Jaiswal at 54 and Sarfaraz at 1. Tom Hartley finishes the session with a maiden over. It is now time for tea. England is feeling confident as they head off the field, having taken three wickets and preventing India from gaining a lead. The home team is currently trailing by 222 runs, which is a significant amount on a pitch that is now showing signs of difficulty.

In the 37th over, India’s score is 131-4 with Jaiswal at 54 and Sarfaraz at 1. The lively Sarfaraz is now at the crease and he starts his innings with a gentle shot into the covers. The players will soon take a tea break, but England is eager to continue as Stokes has placed a slip and silly point. There is a lot of conversation on the field, making for an engrossing Test match.

Great breakthrough! Shoaib Bashir is shifting the momentum in England’s favor! A well-pitched delivery hits the inside edge of Jadeja’s bat, bounces off the pad flap, and is caught by Ollie Pope at short leg with excitement.

At the 36th over, India has scored 129 runs with 3 wickets down (Jaiswal with 53 runs and Jadeja with 12 runs). Hartley almost gets Jadeja out with a low bouncing ball. The ball slides across the dry pitch and hits Jadeja’s ankle before rolling away for four runs. It reminds me of Carl Hooper’s delivery to Nasser Hussain. England decides to review the play, but their appeal is unsuccessful as the ball was heading towards leg stump. On the next ball, Jadeja hits a six over midwicket, showing his frustration. He follows it up with another effortless flick for another six runs over square. Jadeja’s performance is truly impressive. Even his defensive shot on the final ball is full of energy and he holds his pose for a long time. It’s definitely not a boring match.

At the 35th over, India’s score is 111-3 with Jaiswal at 52 and Jadeja at 0. Jadeja has been moved up the batting order. The two centurions from Rajkot are now together on the field. Upon review of the Patidar wicket, it appears that the ball hit a large crack and bounced unpredictably. India still has a deficit of 240 runs and the pitch is proving to be challenging. The game is in an intriguing state.

The ball sharply turned back towards Patidar after bouncing off the pitch. DRS confirms that it only grazed the leg stump, so the umpire’s call of “OUT” still stands. Bashir earned that wicket; his bowling has been outstanding. He celebrates by punching the air and is joined by his teammates. England has managed to slightly open the door.

Bashir has been declared out via LBW by the umpire after a review.

In the 34th over, India’s score is 111-2 with Jaiswal at 52 and Patidar at 17. Hartley delivers a slightly short ball that Patidar hits behind point for four runs.

In the 33rd over, India has a score of 106-2 with Jaiswal at 51 and Patidar at 12. Bashir almost gets Jaiswal out as the ball skids straight and Jaiswal mistakenly thinks it will miss the off stump. He scolds himself as Bashir drops to his knees, disappointed that he couldn’t take the wicket.

In the 32nd over, India’s score is 105-2 with Jaiswal at 50 runs and Patidar at 12 runs. Hartley starts the over with his shirt untucked, swaying slightly in the light breeze, reminding me of Angus Fraser and his dependable flannel shirt. Jaiswal hits a single down the ground, reaching another fifty. He has been an outstanding player in this series.

Source: theguardian.com