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Live coverage of the Cricket World Cup 2023 match between India and Sri Lanka.

See the performance of Inzamam-ul-Haq in the semi-finals and final. His innings against New Zealand was impressive and displayed his unwavering skill.

The top wicket-taker in the tournament, with a total of 16, is tied with another player. He appears to be a promising candidate.

Virat Kohli walks after losing his wicket.

The World Cup brochure assured us of this. With the help of a sloppy fielding error at point, he gains four more. Sri Lanka appears defeated and must endure another 21 overs of this.

In the 28th over, India has a score of 172-1 with Gill at 75 and Kohli at 84. This outcome does not officially eliminate Sri Lanka, but it would require a miracle for them to advance to the semi-finals, similar to England’s situation. Despite this, England still has a chance to qualify, which seems illogical.

As I was about to mention that the boundaries had slightly dried up, Gill impressively hits a short ball from Chameera into the crowd at midwicket. This is the first six of the game, in addition to his 21 fours.

India is currently at 164-1 in the 27th over with Gill scoring 68 and Kohli at 83. Kohli is approaching his 49th ODI century, matching the record set by Sachin Tendulkar. It would be a remarkable feat if he were to achieve this milestone in a World Cup final runchase. Over the past 15 years, Kohli has already written many memorable performances, but this would undoubtedly be the pinnacle.

Krishnamoorthy V suggests that with Kohli and Gill playing exceptionally well, it is time to end the ongoing live coverage and instead listen to “Comfortably Numb,” a song that accurately reflects Sri Lanka’s current state of mind.

Is this the current version?

In the 26th over, India’s score is 162-1 with Gill at 67 and Kohli at 82. Chameera’s delivery is directed towards Kohli’s pads and he effortlessly flicks it past mid-on for a boundary. The fielding wasn’t up to par, but the shot was executed with elegance. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a top-notch bowling attack consistently bowl on the leg stump like Sri Lanka has today.

Nissanka denies Kohli another boundary with a terrific sprawling stop at deep extra cover – but then his throw is fumbled by the bowler and India take an overthrow. Like England in this heat a couple of weeks ago, Sri Lanka look ready to unravel.

In the 25th over, India’s score is 151-1 with Gill scoring 65 and Kohli scoring 73. Theekshana is typically aggressive and focused when bowling, but today he appears lackluster and submissive. As a result, Kohli and Gill are able to easily score four runs off two bad deliveries. It seems India is on track to achieve a significant overall score.

In the 24th over, India’s score stands at 140-1 with Gill at 60 and Kohli at 67. Dushmantha Chameera is back to bowl, having initially performed well before sustaining a shoulder injury while attempting to catch Kohli.

The shoulder appears to be fine and he allows four singles. It seems as though each over is producing four or five singles currently.

At the conclusion of the over, a drinks break occurs unexpectedly. The weather looks extremely warm, to the point where Kohli is wearing a cap while batting whenever possible.

The 23rd over sees India’s score at 136-1 with Gill and Kohli still at the crease. Hemantha is replaced by Theekshana after his four overs were taken for 24 runs. The current period of play is relatively calm, with only three boundaries in the last seven overs. Theekshana manages to limit the damage to four singles.

In the 22nd over, India’s score is 132-1 with Gill at 56 and Kohli at 63. Kohli is demonstrating expert skill in playing in the V, as shown by his well-timed on-drive for four off Rajitha. This brings his score to a calm 60s. Despite his impressive performance, he does seem to be feeling the effects of the heat.

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