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Live coverage: England defeats West Indies by six wickets to tie the ODI series.

Brian Withington has discovered a solution nonetheless.

“Hi James,

I am at fault for inadequate preparation for tonight’s Sportsfest. My laptop, tablet, and headphones all required charging, and one of my cables is no longer recognized by my operating system due to the recent upgrade, courtesy of Apple (although there are other companies known for creating planned obsolescence and prioritizing profit).

Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to the always amazing OBO for updating me on the latest ODI updates on my fully charged phone while I deal with a mess of replacement cables and carefully monitor my low battery levels. And let’s not forget keeping up with Amazon’s Every Goal show on TV, hosted by Jeff Stelling, thankfully without his usual Sky Bet promotions (although there are other companies that offer similar services). Being me can be quite tiring.

I am happy to have you here, Brian, and your presence has brought to mind an old quote from Bob Dylan – “I am relieved to not be myself.”

In the 11th over, England’s score is 75-2 with Jacks at 48 and Duckett at 0. Crawley attempted to hit the ball through the off side, but was fooled by Motie’s drift. The ball dipped and hit the stumps after Crawley only managed to get a toe end on it.

At present, Ben Duckett is the most recent addition to the England team, as they have lost two wickets in slightly more than ten overs. However, they are currently in a strong position in this game.

Zak Crawley continues to chop!

Zak Crawley is out

In the 10th over, England’s score is 74 for 1 with Jacks at 47 and Crawley at 3. Oshane Thomas comes in to bowl and delivers a full and wide ball that Jacks powerfully hits for a six over point. This brings Jacks close to reaching a quick and bold fifty.

The ninth over saw England at 67-1 with Jacks scoring 38 and Crawley at 2. Motie’s spin resulted in a quieter over, with only three runs being scored.

It is now Mark Beadle’s chance to try his luck with the guest ingredient.

“Hello James! You’re very fortunate to have a midweek chili and the opportunity to watch England win. (And possibly finish work early as well, Mark #FeelingBlessed #UghIDislikeMyself) If this is the classic Mexican chili and the chocolate is already included, perhaps add some nutritious broccoli for extra vitamins?”

Mark, are you joking about broccoli? There are no florets anywhere.

In the eighth over, England’s score is now 64-1 with Jacks at 38 and Crawley at 2. Shepherd delivers a bouncer to Jacks, but he confidently avoids it and sends the ball flying for a massive six! Jacks seems to have settled in and could pose a threat to the opposing team.

In the seventh over, England’s score is 57-1 with Jacks at 31 runs and Crawley at 2 runs. Hope brings in spin with Gudakesh Motie replacing Joseph. Crawley confidently avoids a poorly-delivered ball and both batters manage to score a single, keeping the scoreboard moving.

“I believe the secret ingredient in the chilli is cocoa powder. It adds a rich and smooth texture.” Kevan Marriner is channeling his inner Nigella.

“Chili enthusiasts are always in for a surprise, but we are used to it!”

I am not opposed to consuming cocoa or dark chocolate, Kevan. However, to quote Roy Walker, “It’s good, but it’s not the one.” Feel free to continue guessing.

Stumps splayed! England bring up the fifty at a rollocking rate, Salt rolling his wrists on a short ball to pick up four through leg before Shepherd has the last laugh by nipping one in and to see the back of Salt. The batter giving a nod of approval as he departs the scene. West Indies have their first and they need a few more and quickly.

Zak Crawley steps up to the plate as the new batter and starts his turn with a gentle hit towards the covers, allowing him to continue his turn at the strike.

In the 6th over, England’s score is 51 for 1 wicket, with Jacks scoring 25 runs and Crawley scoring 1 run.

In the 5th over of the match, England’s score is 44-0 with Phil Salt scoring 16 runs and Will Jacks scoring 25 runs. The over results in 17 runs being scored. Joseph delivers a powerful ball that hits Jacks’ glove and goes over the keeper for four. It was a difficult ball to face, and Jacks had to lean back in the air like Robin Smith famously did against Ian Bishop’s cobra-like delivery. Jacks responds by hitting a six over midwicket with a premeditated shot. He then takes a quick two runs, followed by hitting a four through point.

In the fourth over, England has scored 27 runs without losing any wickets. Jacks hits a shot towards the leg side for a couple of runs. The shadows on the Sir Vivian Richards ground start to resemble Tim Burton’s signature slim and elongated figures, as the legendary man joins Ian Bishop in the commentary box. His deep and velvety voice, coupled with his sunglasses and chewing gum, give off a strong masculine vibe that I can almost feel through my Sanyo.

In the third over, England’s score is 25-0 with Salt at 11 runs and Jacks at 2 runs. The openers are fortunate, as Jacks hits a lucky boundary past the only slip fielder and Salt takes a swing at a short ball, resulting in a thick edge that flies over backward point. They are taking risks, but it seems to be paying off for them.

In the second over of the match, England’s score is 15-0 with Salt scoring 15 runs and Jacks scoring 7. The bowler for this over, Romario Shepherd, is now my favorite cricketer. He almost gets Jacks out with a delivery that almost hits his front leg, but Jacks is able to block it with his bat just in time. The pitch seems to have some uneven bounce as Salt struggles to connect with a pull shot and a shot to the leg side.

In the first over, England’s score is 12 runs with no wickets lost (Phil Salt scoring 10 and Jacks scoring 2). Alzarri Joseph begins the over with the new ball. Phil Salt hits a two past point, narrowly avoiding the fielder. And the action begins! Salt hits two consecutive fours through the off side – the first a confident drive and the second a lucky waft, but both result in four runs. England add twelve runs to their total in the first over.

Source: theguardian.com