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Lewis Hamilton says it would be ‘a privilege’ to work with Adrian Newey at Ferrari
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Lewis Hamilton says it would be ‘a privilege’ to work with Adrian Newey at Ferrari

Lewis Hamilton has said he would consider it a privilege to work alongside Adrian Newey at Ferrari if the British designer, who announced he was tois leave Red Bull earlier this week, was to choose to join the ­Scuderia for whom Hamilton will race next season.

Newey, the most successful F1 car designer of the modern era announced on Wednesday he was leaving after almost two decades with Red Bull, during which time he has designed cars that have won them seven drivers’ titles and six constructors’ championships. He will be free to join another team early in 2025 and it is considered that his most likely destination will be Ferrari.

Speaking before this weekend’s Miami Grand Prix, Hamilton would not divulge whether Newey potentially joining Ferrari had been a part of his own discussions with the team before he agreed to join them but he was unequivocal in stating that he would be eager to work with him.

“If I was to do a list of people I would love to work with, he would absolutely be at the top of it,” he said. “Adrian has such a great history, track record he has done an amazing job through his career, engaging with teams, the knowledge that he has. It would be a privilege to work with him.”

Newey’s talent is well recognised across the paddock and his record is exceptional but Hamilton noted that he did not believe his departure would leave Red Bull struggling.

“Racing against a team that he has been so heavily part of over the years has been a massive challenge,” he said. “But we need to remember there are a lot of people in the background. There is not one key person, it’s a whole team of people that do the job.

“I don’t anticipate Red Bull not continuing to build great cars moving forward but any team would be fortunate to have the opportunity to work with him.”

In Miami, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen, admitted he had not wanted Newey to leave but played down the impact that his departure will have on the team.

“Adrian from when he started at Red Bull was incredibly important for the success that they had, over time his role has changed a bit and a lot of people don’t understand what he was actually doing,” he said. “I’m not saying he was not doing anything but his role has evolved. A lot of good people came into the team that has strengthened that whole department.

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“I would have preferred him to stay for sure. I really trust the technical team we have is very strong and they have shown that in the last few years with how competitive the car is. From the outside it looks very dramatic but if you know what is happening inside the team its not as dramatic as it seems.”

Newey has yet to make any comment on the reasons for his departure or on his future plans and is expected to arrive in Miami on Friday.

Red Bull are insistent the team will adapt well to losing their talismanic designer, with technical director Pierre Waché having signed a new contract in February and who is confidently expected to be able to successfully lead the design team.

Source: theguardian.com