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Lewis Hamilton is eager to break his winless streak by coming out on top at the Brazilian Grand Prix.

Lewis Hamilton has restated his commitment to clinch a victory this season and is confident in his chances for the upcoming Brazilian Grand Prix. Additionally, the seven-time champion reiterated the importance of Mercedes creating a formidable car for next season in order to compete with Red Bull.

Hamilton has not claimed a victory since the 2021 Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. This was the first time in his Formula One career that he did not secure at least one win, and with only three races left this season, he has the chance to break his nearly two-year dry spell.

Both he and Mercedes have been performing well lately, leading up to the Brazilian GP. In the previous US Grand Prix, he came in just two seconds after the world champion, Max Verstappen from Red Bull. He then continued his strong performance by being the second fastest driver behind Verstappen at the recent race in Mexico.

Mercedes is aware that their car can be unpredictable and may not always meet expectations. However, they showed strength at the Interlagos race last year, where Hamilton’s teammate George Russell secured their only win of the season. This year, they are confident that they will have a similar level of performance and although Hamilton acknowledges that Verstappen currently has an advantage, he is determined to put up a fight.

The speaker expressed confidence that Red Bull will perform exceptionally well due to their superior car. However, if that is not the case, they are prepared to challenge them. They hope to replicate their success from the past and improve their strategy. They are determined to not leave empty-handed like last season. This year, they have a plan to avoid that outcome.

Despite Verstappen and Red Bull securing the drivers’ and constructors’ championships, Hamilton is still in a close competition for second place. He is currently 20 points behind Red Bull’s Sergio Pérez, which would be an impressive feat if he were to catch up and surpass him, especially considering how far behind Mercedes started the season. Additionally, Mercedes is also in a fierce battle with Ferrari for second place in the constructors’ standings, currently leading by 22 points. This fight could potentially come down to the final race in Abu Dhabi.

The team has made significant improvements to their car this season, and their latest major upgrade to the floor has brought them closer to Red Bull. However, it is important to note that Red Bull stopped developing their car some time ago.

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Hamilton acknowledged that their recent success should not be overanalyzed. He shared, “I’ve received messages from folks saying, ‘Things are looking up!’ However, I reminded them that we were in a similar position last year, yet we started this season 1.5 seconds behind. I’m not blinded by our current standing, but I am focusing on the future and working towards securing second place in the constructors’ standings.”

F1 responded to worries that the Brazilian GP may not take place due to the Israel-Hamas conflict, as preparations for the event were being made. Speculations had been spreading that the race might be cancelled, following the Foreign Office’s update of the terrorism alert status for the UAE.

F1 has stated that the change in alert level does not pertain to the Israel-Hamas conflict, but rather puts the UAE on par with other countries like Germany, France, Belgium, and Bahrain. They have confirmed that the race is not at a higher risk of cancellation and have communicated with the team leaders regarding the situation.

Source: theguardian.com