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Leinster 22-31 Toulouse: Champions Cup final – as it happened
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Leinster 22-31 Toulouse: Champions Cup final – as it happened

Champions Cup. Have a read of Rob Kitson’s report from Tottenham Hotspur’s stadium, it takes in the atmosphere and occasion perfectly. The rugby season is not over and the English Premiership semi-finals next weekend and we will have live coverage of those. Until then enjoy your bank holiday and week.

Champions Cup finals have gone to extra time. Toulouse have won all of them. An outstanding feat.Leinster but they lacked a cutting edge,” Paul Butler emails. “Losing four finals in six years and three in a row is an issue. They had so many opportunities but came away from the 22 with very little. And if Frawley had got that drop goal in normal time, fine margins.

“Toulouse in defence were incredible and took their chances. Back to the drawing board, Leinster have a powerful pack but are now lacking attacking quality. Toulouse worthy winners, Dupont, Kinghorn were immense.”

Champions Cup, looks on as his son Romain celebrates winning the club’s sixth. A really touching moment.

There is a sea of red waiting for Antoine Dupont to raise the trophy. The captain admires it, wiggles it and looks at his players before lifting it aloft to cheers and red fireworks. The support staff and injured players then join them for more lifts.

Toulouse are lining up for their medals and trophy lift, Ramos has his hands on his head looking as though he can’t quite believe it.

Leinster players are picking up their runner-up medals and none of them are wearing them. They are feeling this hurt.

The officiating team are picking up their medals here, I think they had an incredible afternoon – particularly with awarding Van der Flier’s try.

The moment Toulouse won the game:

Champions Cup final is becoming a curse for them.

Dupont won Player of the Match which is deserved, incredible turnovers and 50:22 kicks. But another player who needs a shout is Toulouse’s Roumat. I don’t think he put a foot wrong. Kinghorn is also shown dancing, he had more of an impact when he was at full-back – showed why he was given the nod over Ramos today.

Leinster edged close to the try line there but Lowe loses possession, it comes to Henshaw but Toulouse chuck him into touch. The tackle ends Leinster’s bid for a fifth title and this final becomes their third consecutive final they have lost. La Rochelle beat them in 2022 and 2023 and this time another French club ends their dream.

Champions Cup for a sixth time. An absolutely incredible performance, particularly in defence.

Leinster need to score a try and convert it and either score a penalty or a try to win this now. Still possible.

20 min ET: Toulouse only just win the ball from their scrum and clear for some territory, Leinster need to score and fast to keep their hopes alive.

Leinster win a scrum penalty but they attack first, they run through the phases but they knock on. Leinster so uncharacteristic in their errors this afternoon.

17 min ET: There is some confusion here as Marchand needs to come off but Toulouse have run out of replacements. But as it is an injury Mauvaka is allowed back.

Leinster to climb.

15 min ET: Ramos points to the sticks again after the breakdown penalty. This could decide it.

15 min ET: Willis has some lovely work at consecutive breakdowns, he latches onto a ball with Healy in the ruck and he turns it over. Marchand is down with injury and so there is a break in play.

A slim kick in, huge.

13 min ET: Doris gives away a breakdown penalty, Toulouse points to the sticks.

Leinster manage to level the game.Leinster set up a driving maul but they quickly go to the phases, it comes to Lowe but he is tackled. This is mental, the atmosphere crackling.Leinster win a penalty and they kick to the corner, a huge call. Lowe is back on.

11 min ET: We saw Toulouse capitalise on the man advantage, when Lowe comes back on in a few seconds will Leinster be able to add some points? This final is absolutely ludicrous.

There was a conversation about mitigation but it’s ruled out and Toulouse go down to 14.

10 min ET: Toulouse celebrate wildly as Dupont win a breakdown penalty, however the TMO has spotted head contact on Healy. There could be another card here but for Toulouse this time.

Leinster look alive and it is kicked crossfield to Henshaw, he almost gets to it but it bounces out. Unlucky.

Coaches motion to Ramos to run down the clock and he does before he kicks.

8 min ET: The line-out is good and Toulouse set up a driving maul, they keep marching and they win a breakdown penalty. It is right in front of the posts, surely they will kick to the posts? Yes they do. Kick to come.

7 min ET: Dupont puts in another 50:22 kick in and Toulouse have another scoreable opportunity now.

Leinster to recover, they make the most of their one-man advantage.

Lebel with a blistering run. Frawley put in a great tackle but remained down injured, play continued and Toulouse put the pace in. Ramos converts.

Leinster pull back, they pass to Frawley and he goes for the drop goal but he narrowly misses. That was inches away.

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