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It has been reported that Lewis Hamilton’s father inquired about the possibility of switching to Red Bull.

According to Christian Horner, it was Lewis Hamilton’s father, Anthony, who asked about the possibility of a seat at Red Bull for his son.

On Friday, the head of the Red Bull team referred to Hamilton Sr, despite the British driver previously rejecting Horner’s claim that a representative for the 38-year-old had been in communication this season about potentially joining forces with world champion Max Verstappen.

The most recent statement from Horner adds to the ongoing back-and-forth between Hamilton and Red Bull leading up to the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix taking place this weekend.

Hamilton had denied he or his representatives made any approach to Horner or Red Bull before he signed a new contract with Mercedes in August. However Horner, speaking at the Yas Marina Circuit, insisted otherwise. “I have known Anthony Hamilton for 15 years and I don’t think he was inquiring about himself to come and drive,” he said. “I don’t know who represents who, but with the surname you would think they are reasonably close.”

In the beginning of his career, Hamilton’s father was his manager, but now he takes care of his own contracts and negotiations. He has not been able to win a race since 2021 in Saudi Arabia, as the Mercedes car has been slower than the Red Bull for the past two seasons. There were rumors that Hamilton had reached out to Ferrari for a seat this year, but both the driver and Ferrari have denied this claim.

According to Horner, it would be understandable for either Hamilton or his father to be considering changing teams. Horner described Anthony as a respectable individual and a proud father of a racer. It is natural for questions to arise when drivers face difficult times, and since Lewis has not won a Grand Prix in two years, it is expected that there will be discussions throughout the paddock. Despite being the most successful driver in history, Lewis has not won a Grand Prix since 2021. It does not take an expert to recognize this, and it is likely that other teams have also made inquiries about his availability.

On Thursday Hamilton had accused Horner of deliberately “stirring” with his comments, while Horner responded on Friday by saying he believed they had been “fairly innocuous” and thought it was “remarkable how much traction this has got”.

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Hamilton will need to address whether he knew about any attempts made by his father. More information will be provided.

Source: theguardian.com