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Ireland dominated Wales with a 31-7 score in the 2024 Six Nations match, here's a recap.
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Ireland dominated Wales with a 31-7 score in the 2024 Six Nations match, here’s a recap.

Six Nations tie

Referee by Andrea Piardi from the Italian Rugby Federation.
1st Referee Assistant: Karl Dickson, representing the Rugby Football Union (RFU)

2nd Assistant Referee: Gianluca Gnecchi of the Italian Football Referees’ Association (FIR)

“Eric Gauzins (FFR) is listed as TMO.”

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During #IrelandWeek, there is a sense of criticism being thrown around, but it’s difficult to determine if it’s truly disdainful.

This has a bit of background: the involvement of Warren Gatland in Ireland, the unforgettable drop goal by Ronan O’Gara, Mike Phillips’ try in the corner, and another drop goal by O’Gara – all of which are significant moments. In addition to this, the routine interaction between players and supporters in the Pro12/14, now known as the United Rugby Championship, has led to a domestic league situation that favors Ireland for the past ten years, similar to asymmetric warfare.

Over the years, Wales has had limited success in international matches, only managing to win two out of the last eight meetings. The last victory was in the 2021 Covid Six Nations, while Ireland has emerged victorious in the two subsequent matches since then.

No one believes that Wales will win today, and this is not an overstatement. Their team is lacking players due to retirements, injuries, and NFL commitments. The remaining team has very little experience, even at the club level. On the other hand, they will be facing a strong team with all of its key players available, over 1.27 million matches played, and only one loss since July 2022.

This could potentially be the most unequal outcome.

Source: theguardian.com