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India won the second Test against England by 106 runs - here's a recap of the live updates.
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India won the second Test against England by 106 runs – here’s a recap of the live updates.

The quickest record by a visiting team to have batted 50 or more overs in the fourth innings in India. While it may seem insignificant, this statistic speaks volumes.

In the 55th over, England’s score is 232-7 with Foakes at 18 and Hartley at 6. Hartley hits a six off Ashwin, which seems to be allowed in the year 2024.

In the 54th over of the game, England has scored 226 runs with a loss of 7 wickets. Foakes has contributed 18 runs, while Hartley has yet to score. The replay of Stokes’ run out appears quite careless, as he only picked up his pace towards the end when he realized he might be in danger. Upon multiple viewings, it becomes increasingly evident that it was a poor play.

The match is over, but the five-match series contains many underlying storylines. If Harry Brook returns, an undefeated 40 runs from Foakes would strengthen his position. Foakes hits a boundary off Kuldeep and also miraculously avoids being dismissed by a poor delivery that appeared to be a certain LBW.

In the 53rd over, England’s score is 220-7 with Foakes scoring 12 and Hartley scoring 0. Shantanu Anand suggests that Bumrah should be referred to as the greatest fast bowler of all time, but Anil Kumble, who has taken 619 wickets and contributed to numerous notable wins, is actually the third highest wicket taker in history.

The significance of longevity plays a role in determining one’s perspective. If I were to face an Indian bowler, Bumrah would be my least preferred choice. While I understand that statistics are not the sole indicator, Bumrah’s impressive numbers in all three formats cannot be ignored.

Foakes directed Ashwin towards the leg side and started running for a single. Iyer quickly caught on and threw down the stumps in one fluid motion. There was a brief pause, which ended up being detrimental to Stokes, but it was an impressive display of fielding.

England bids farewell as the night falls. Ben Stokes is gracefully run out by the skilled Shreyas Iyer!

52nd over: England is at 217-6 with Stokes scoring 11 and Foakes scoring 12. Kuldeep is still bowling. The pitch is not too challenging for the batsmen as it is not offering enough turn or movement in either direction.

The pace has shifted since lunch, with 23 scores in 9.2 overs. This is not unexpected as Stokes and Foakes are known for their patience in batting for England. Once this partnership is disrupted, the game should conclude quickly.

At the 51st over, England’s score is 216-6 with Stokes at 10 and Foakes at 12. Bumrah is replaced by Ashwin. It would be fitting for Ben Stokes to be Ashwin’s 500th Test wicket, as he has dismissed him more times than anyone else. However, there are no wickets in this over, but England gains an extra run from a deflection off the stumps. They are not yet at a point where they need runs to win.

I was not expecting to make this comparison, but I must admit that I see similarities between this England team and the Norwich City team that finished third in the first Premier League season. Phil Withall describes them as a good side with a few standout players, comparable to the entertaining but somewhat reckless Norwich City. They may not be considered great, but they have the ability to surprise and turn ordinary players into heroes.

I am reminded of the Danish Dynamite team from the 1980s, known for their unstoppable optimism and bold, attacking strategy. I am grateful that Emilio Butragueno is not a cricket player.

Source: theguardian.com