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India won against England by five wickets in the third women’s T20 match – here’s a play-by-play.

I have concluded my updates for today. England, led by Heather Knight, have won the T20I series 2-1. Both teams have only three days to prepare for the first Women’s Test match in India in almost ten years. This will be England’s first Test in India since 2005.

We will provide full coverage of that game and many others in the upcoming weeks. Thank you for your comments and for joining us, goodnight!

Heather Knight has the ultimate decision.

We gained valuable knowledge from this experience and made the decision to rest certain players and provide others with a chance to play. The audience was very loud! Maintaining composure in this type of situation will be beneficial for our younger players. We didn’t perform as well as we could have… scoring 140 would have been ideal, but we fell a bit short in providing a total for our bowlers to defend. Despite this, we are taking away many positives, as we were able to put pressure on our opponents and also learn more about our younger players.

Nat Sciver-Brunt was named Player of the Series, even though she was rested for today’s match.

I am extremely pleased with my performance in the first two games. India played exceptionally and posed a challenge for us. Moving forward, I plan to focus on my tempo and being more deliberate with my shots. It’s important for me to know when to play it safe and when to take more risks. Each game will bring its own unique circumstances, so being adaptable is crucial. I am ready to do whatever the team requires of me.

The presence of NSB has greatly boosted England’s confidence and she will play a crucial role in the upcoming Test match as well.

Harmanpreet reflects:

Well, if I talk about all the games then we improved day by day! We needed a game plan. The more we play, the better we will be. The wicket was a bit tricky, we just wanted to hang in there and do what is required. Some balls were turning, some were going straight, sometimes you can’t help thinking about that. Those things play a big role when you are batting.”

Smriti Mandhana speaks:

“We were disappointed with the outcomes of the first two matches, so we recognized the significance of winning this game before the Test, even though we ultimately lost the series. Playing consecutive games can be physically demanding… While I would have been satisfied with remaining unbeaten until the end of the game, I am happy that I was able to make a contribution.”

I believe we performed well in bowling…we were aware that the second half would be challenging. We had to focus and work hard during the chase. I am incredibly proud of the way Amanjot played at the end, her composure is exactly what we strive for in the dressing room.

Amanjot Kaur made a great appearance in the game. She came in to bat when the team needed 11 runs from 12 balls and Sophia Ecclestone had just taken out Ghosh. Amanjot hit her first ball through the covers for four, bringing the spectators to their feet. She then scored two singles before hitting a full toss from Ecclestone for another boundary. With only one run needed to win, Amanjot sealed the victory with a beautiful reverse-sweep, scoring her third consecutive four.

India managed to secure a victory with one over remaining, avoiding a humiliating 3-0 series loss and instead finishing with a 2-1 defeat.

India’s captain Harmanpreet Kaur, left, celebrates with teammate Amanjot Kaur as England’s Amy Jones looks on.

Yes yes. Completely bowled over!

In the 18th over, India’s score is 116-2 with Harmanpreet adding 4 runs and Ghosh adding 2 runs. In Mumbai, the tension is rising as Richa Ghosh joins her captain at the crease. However, India only scores four runs in this over, leaving them with 11 runs needed from 12 balls. Sophie Ecclestone is ready to bowl, determined and focused. This could be a crucial over for India…

The Knight team looks to Eccestone for help in salvaging something from this game. Mandhana makes a less than convincing shot but still manages to earn four points. However, she is out on the next ball as Dunkley catches her uppish drive in the covers. England has a faint chance, although it may not be very noticeable, to turn things around.

In the 17th over, India’s score is 112 runs for the loss of 4 wickets, with Harmanpreet scoring 4 runs.

In the 16th over, India’s score is 102-3 with Mandhana at 42 and Harmanpreet at 2. A boundary is scored through byes as Harmanpreet attempts a lap-sweep on her first ball but ends up obstructing Amy Jones’s view of the ball. This mistake was not beneficial for England. India now needs 25 runs from 24 balls.

There it is! Sharma knocks Kemp behind and Amy Jones makes a juggling catch. Harmanpreet is confidently walking to the batting area, she doesn’t appear to be injured, she seems determined.

Freya Kemp of England celebrates the wicket of Deepti Sharma of India.

In the 15th over, India’s score reaches 93-2 with Mandhana at 40 and Sharma at 12. The team gains momentum towards a win as they dominate Capsey’s third over, scoring 11 runs. Mandhana impressively dances down the pitch for a four, and Sharma displays skillful finesse with a four through backward point.

India needs 34 runs in the remaining 30 balls, while England needs a Christmas miracle and a lot of wickets.

In the 14th over, India’s score is at 82-2 with Mandhana at 34 and Sharma at 7. Danielle Gibson is now bowling and India is able to score four runs easily off a slight touch from Sharma. Gibson starts with a poorly pitched delivery, allowing four more runs to be scored by Mandhana. It’s not wise to bowl like that to a skilled batter like Smriti. India gains 12 runs in this over and is left with 45 runs to get in 36 balls.

In the 13th over, India’s score is 70-2 with Mandhana at 27 and Sharma at 2. England is slowly gaining ground in the game as Capsey takes the ball and concedes only one run in her second over. The run-rate is a crucial factor to watch out for – India needs 57 runs from 42 balls and cannot afford any more unproductive overs.

Whew, England really needed that! The expected sweep takes down Rodrigues in the end when she misses a straight shot and calls for a review amidst the rain. Her impressive innings comes to an end and Deepti Sharma replaces her as the fourth batter, instead of Harmanpreet. Although India’s captain injured her leg at the end of England’s innings, she is seen padded up in the changing rooms, so she must not be too injured.

In the 12th over, India’s score is 69 for 2 wickets, with Mandhana scoring 26 runs and Sharma scoring 1.

In the 11th over, India’s score is 67-1 with Mandhana at 26 and Rodrigues at 29. Freya Kemp starts the over with some speed after the break for hydration. However, she struggles with her aim and gives two wide balls, which is not ideal for England. In fact, she gives three wides in total. This shows some nervousness from the 18-year-old player. Unfortunately, her next ball is hit by Mandhana for a six over wide long-on from outside the off stump. She really got a good hit on that one. The over ends with India scoring eleven runs.

England must fully embrace the Moloko approach.

At the 10th over mark, India has scored 56 runs and has lost one wicket. Mandhana has 19 runs and Rodrigues has 28 runs. Alice Capsey is replaced by Charlie Dean, who gives up a couple of singles. England is in need of wickets at the Wankhede stadium. Jemimah Rodrigues has been successful with the sweep shot in this innings, as she uses it again to get a single. With half of the overs completed, the game is still up for grabs.

India has the opportunity to win with nine wickets remaining and 71 runs to be scored in 60 balls. It’s time for a break – I’m heading to the kitchen for a hot beverage as the sun sets in South London.

In the 9th over, India’s score reaches 53-1 with Mandhana at 18 and Rodrigues at 26. Ecclestone may be feeling the pressure as Mandhana successfully executes a six with a knee drop sweep. India adds nine runs to their total, causing England to become a bit unsettled in their efforts to make a breakthrough.

In the eighth over, India’s score is 44 for 1 wicket, with Mandhana scoring 11 and Rodrigues scoring 24. Alice Capsey takes the ball and starts with a full toss that she manages to get away with as Smriti hits it lightly instead of giving it a full swing. Capsey tightens up after that, allowing India to only score three runs. India now needs 83 runs from 72 balls. Ecclestone comes in for her second over, still showing signs of frustration from the previous over. Let’s see what she can do.

In the 7th over, India’s score is 41 for 1 with Mandhana at 10 runs and Rodrigues at 23 runs. Ecclestone struggles in this over as Rodrigues hits a strong sweep for four, drops a shot to point for two, and then hits a four through mid-wicket. The crowd reacts with cheers and jeers, and Ecclestone and Rodrigues exchange glances and possibly some words.

In the sixth over of the match, India’s score is 31-1 with batters Mandhana and Rodrigues at the crease. Rodrigues hits a four off the first ball of the next over, guiding it through the gap off a delivery from Mahika Gaur. After a single, Smriti takes strike and capitalizes on a poorly pitched ball, hitting it for another four. The Powerplay ends with the game evenly poised. Now it’s time for Sophie Ecclestone to bowl.

The fifth over sees India at 22-1 with Mandhana scoring 6 and Rodrigues scoring 8. Charlie Dean comes back to bowl and the first delivery is a flighted one which Rodrigues sweeps to the square-leg boundary with power. England continues to maintain pressure, giving away seven runs in the over. India needs to maintain this pace throughout the game, currently scoring at a rate of around four runs per over. However, a few big shots or wickets could change the course of the game.

In the fourth over of the match, India’s score is 15-1 with Mandhana scoring 5 and Rodrigues scoring 1. Mahika Gaur’s over was fairly neat, although she did send two wide balls on the leg-side which were easy points for India. Rodrigues managed to hit a drive to long-off, earning one run.

In the third over, India’s score is 12-1 with Smriti Mandhana scoring 5 runs and Jemimah Rodrigues scoring 1 run. England makes a LBW appeal against Rodrigues, but they lose their review as the ball was pitched outside the leg-stump. Kemp bowls four consecutive dot balls to maintain pressure, but Rodrigues manages to get her first run with a flick behind her leg.

After only one over, Freya Kemp takes over for Dean and immediately makes her presence known! Verma attempts a huge swing at a ball that is at the right length, but misses and is completely bowled out. This is the first wicket for England.

Second over: India’s score is 11-0 with Mandhana at 5 and Verma at 6. Verma starts off with a four by driving down the ground against Gaur. Gaur then does a good job to limit India to only one more run. England cannot allow India to build a strong opening partnership.

In the first over, India has scored six runs with Mandhana contributing five and Verma contributing one. Charlie Dean starts with three consecutive dots but then gives a bit of room and Mandhana takes advantage by hitting a four. Two singles are added, bringing the total to six for the over. Mahika Gaur will be bowling from the opposite end.

There was barely enough time to boil water in Mumbai as the Indian cricket team prepared to play. Charlie Dean will be the first to bowl and the team is hoping for early wickets. India’s Smriti Mandhana and Shafali Verma are ready to begin batting.

John Starbuck suggests that England may be feeling lethargic and ready to finish the term. They seem content to just meet the minimum requirements and move on. However, it is unlikely that Knight would be satisfied with a 2-1 win, as a 3-0 win is much more impressive (especially away). Despite this, a series win would still be a successful outcome.

John has also shared this poem, stating that England must have the right attitude in order to compete in this match.

Lots of excitement in the last over of the innings as Knight hits Amanjot for a SIX down the ground. The skipper shows off her skills with another SIX. Knight scores another SIX, bringing her to a determined FIFTY. Impressive batting.

The next ball is taken by the Knight, who hits a length ball flat towards the fielder at long-on. This leads to Mahika Gaur coming onto the field. Unfortunately, Gaur is caught on the last ball of the innings.

India needs 127 runs to win the game!

The 19th over sees England’s score at 113-8, with Knight at 40 and Dean at 15. Deepti returns to the field and Knight expertly sweeps her shot through square for four more points. England’s captain is helping to wrap up the game with a strong finish. Only one over remains.

Source: theguardian.com