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India versus England: Recap of day two of the one-off women’s Test match India and England faced off in a one-off women’s Test match and here’s a recap of day two.

Below is the report for day two by Raf Nicholson:

The score is 478. There are two days remaining. Meet me tomorrow at 4am to witness the tea-leaves in motion. Goodbye!

I was anticipating a reply from England, but instead TNT is showing highlights of England’s men’s T20 match in the West Indies. Let’s assume it wasn’t a successful day, but they are focusing on the positives. England had a rough half day, with a Christmas lights malfunction, but they were able to wrap up the opposing team’s final players quickly and had a decent start.

However, things took a turn for the worse as they faced a strong India team, resulting in a chaotic situation where they lost eight wickets for only 57 runs. This included a rare runout and a strange catch off the helmet. NSB performed well with the bat until she made an ill-advised cut, and Charlie Dean had an impressive performance with four wickets for 68 runs. Despite this, England struggled with catching and it seems that their defeat is inevitable.

The Indian team displayed an impressive performance, full of enthusiasm and talent, successfully catching every opportunity. They also performed well with the bat in the second innings, choosing not to make England follow-on and continuously putting pressure on Ecclestone. Deepti Sharma stood out with her remarkable bowling figures of five wickets for only seven runs in 5.3 overs, causing major damage to England with her bounce and spin. She also contributed an accomplished score of 20 not out in the second innings, after scoring 67 in the first.

Deepti Sharma is being interviewed after her day to remember but I’m afraid my translation skills are useless. However, she looks delighted, mirrored shades balanced on her short black hair.

In the 42nd over of the game, India is at 186-6 with Harmanpreet scoring 44 and Vastrakar scoring 17. Vastrakar hits a beautiful drive through the covers for four, bringing up a fifty partnership. With a lead of 478, India has control of the match as the day comes to an end.

In the 41st over, India’s score is 181-6 with Harmanpreet at 44 and Vastrakar at 12. I am curious, will India decide to declare in the morning? Their lead is currently 473. Will they aim for 500 or possibly more? With another Test against Australia next week, India must be careful not to tire out their batters. Playing back to back Tests will be a rare and draining challenge for them.

In the 40th over, India’s score is 179-6 with Harmanpreet scoring 43 runs and Vastrakar scoring 11. England has lost another review after unsuccessfully appealing for an lbw against Harmanpreet. The ball pitched well outside and would have continued in that direction. Harmanpreet makes a great shot, leaning back to cut with skill.

The 39th over of India’s innings sees them at 172-6, with Harmanpreet scoring 36 runs and Vastrakar at 11. England challenges an lbw call against Vastrakar, but the DRS system reveals a deflection from the bat before hitting the pad.

The 38th over saw India scoring 170-6, with Harmanpreet at 35 and Vastrakar at 10. Dean’s over only yielded a couple of runs. It seems like the day is almost over, but I cannot be certain about the exact time.

In the 37th over, India’s score is now 168-6 with Harmanpreet at 33 runs and Vastrakar at 10 runs. Harmanpreet takes advantage of Ecclestone once again, hitting two fours in the over. One is a lofted shot through mid-on and the other is sent past Heather Knight at slip. I am curious if it might be a good idea to bring in some new bowlers now. Or perhaps Knight is keeping her for a potential big score in the two-day match this weekend?

In the 36th over, India’s score is 159-6 with Harmanpreet at 24 runs and Vastrakar at 10 runs. Dean has completed her 16th over. The lead has now increased to 451. I am thoroughly enjoying the commentary team on television, although I am not familiar with everyone except Charles Dagnall. Perhaps those following the OBO can inform me. The commentators are exceptionally knowledgeable and engaging.

In the 35th over, India’s score is 156-6 with Harmanpreet at 22 and Vastrakar at 9. The first two balls from Ecclestone result in four runs for Harmanpreet, with one going through midwicket and the other through the covers. The game is briefly paused as the groundsman attends to the bowling crease, using a metal pole to thud the red soil. The commentators note that neither India nor England have domestic women’s red ball cricket leagues.

In the 34th over, India’s score is 147-6 with Harmanpreet at 13 runs and Vastrakar at 9 runs. Vastrakar wastes no time and smacks Dean for a four down the ground.

In the 33rd over of the match, India’s score is 140-6 with Harmanpreet at 11 runs and Vastrakar at 4 runs. The stranglehold is finally broken as Harmanpreet takes a single and Vastrakar hits a four through cover point off Ecclestone’s delivery.

In the 32nd over, India’s score is 135-6 with Harmanpreet scoring 10 runs and Vastrakar at 0. This marks the third consecutive maiden over. It’s important to note that India already has a lead of 428 so they don’t necessarily need to focus on scoring runs at this point.

In the 31st over, India’s score stands at 135-6 with Harmanpreet at 10 runs and Vastrakar at 0. Ecclestone delivers a maiden over, and as the players continue, their shadows loom over them.

Goodbye, international cricket.

In the 30th over, India’s score is 135 for 6 wickets, with Harmanpreet at 10 runs and Vastrakar at 0. Dean bowls another over without conceding any runs.

On the 29th over, India has a score of 135-6 with Harmanpreet scoring 10 runs and Vastrakar scoring 0. So far, a total of seven wickets were lost on the first day and 19 (and counting) on the second day. Sophie Ecclestone comes back to bowl and only two runs are scored from her over.

In the 28th over, India’s score is 133-6 with Harmanpreet at 8 runs and Vastrakar at 0 runs. Although the hattrick ball was not remarkable, the over itself was. Dean’s current stats are 12-1-44-4.

Two out of two! Rana is out without scoring, thanks to a fantastic delivery that floated in, spun sharply, and got past Rana’s bat.

Charlie Dean takes her third wicket as Deepti attempts a sweep but misses and is struck in the groin. Initially not given out, England challenges the decision after careful consideration and is proven correct. Ball tracking shows that the ball was going towards the stumps, resulting in an out.

In the 27th over, India’s score is 129-4 with Harmanpreet and Deepti batting. The afternoon light in Mumbai is lovely, but unfortunately, it is not benefiting England’s situation. They are struggling to make any significant progress.

In the 26th over, India has scored 124 runs with 4 wickets down (Harmanpreet at 5 runs and Deepti at 14 runs). Deepti confidently sweeps the ball from Dean and outpaces the chasing Filer to hit a boundary. If India decides to declare at this point, it would be the largest target ever set in women’s cricket (currently at 416 runs).

In the 25th over, India’s score is 117-4 with Harmanpreet at 5 and Deepti at 7. Ecclestone has been substituted by Filer after a costly over. Filer, with her hair in a bun, runs in to bowl. Deepti, known for her golden touch, hits a four towards the leg side.

Jemimah was filled with anger at herself for attempting to hit a ball that bounced aggressively off the pitch, resulting in Beaumont’s third catch of the innings at the short leg position.

In the 24th over, India’s score is 109-4 with Harmanpreet at 4 runs and Deepti at 0 runs. Charlie Dean effectively utilized the bounce of the pitch. Jemimah is dismissed after hitting one more effortless cover drive for four.

In the 23rd over, India’s score is at 105-3, with Jemimah scoring 23 and Harmanpreet scoring 4. The team reaches the hundred mark with a beautiful cover drive from Jemimah, showcasing her skills and style. Ecclestone remains costly, as she concedes nine runs in that over.

In the 22nd over, India’s score is 96-3, with Jemimah scoring 16 runs and Harmanpreet scoring 4 runs. Dean’s spin is causing trouble for Harmanpreet, resulting in a maiden over. Sitting on a pastel orange chair near the boundary, Deepti Sharma, who crushed England’s hopes, adjusts her arm sleeves in preparation for her turn at batting.

In the 21st over, India’s score is 92-3 with Jemimah scoring 16 runs and Harmanpreet scoring 4 runs. Jemimah attempts a sweep against Ecclestone but is caught off guard by the spin. However, she makes up for it with a beautiful shot for four in the next attempt. India’s aggressive approach against Ecclestone is commendable, as they are not allowing her to dominate and intimidate them with her skill and control.

In the 20th over, the Indian team has a score of 92-3 with Jemimah scoring 12 and Harmanpreet scoring 4. The shadows are beginning to cover the pitch and there is a lively buzz from the crowd. Dean continues to bowl while India keeps exchanging runs.

The 19th over saw India’s score at 88-3, with Jemimah scoring 10 runs and Harmanpreet scoring 2. Jemimah hit a beautiful cover drive off Ecclestone, earning four runs.

In the 18th over, India’s score is 83-3 with Jemimah scoring 6 runs and Harmanpreet scoring 1 run. Despite a good delivery by Dean, four runs are added to India’s score due to byes that go past all fielders and reach the boundary.

Hi James Waller! I am taking a break from work and trying to catch up. The session did not go well for England, to say the least. However, since I do not have access to TV or radio, I am having a hard time figuring out if it was due to poor batting, exceptional bowling, or challenging conditions. Can you provide any insights?

A combination of factors contributed to the match – India’s impressive performance, a challenging playing surface, strong fielding and pressure, but also a decline in England’s gameplay – making mistakes and seeming overwhelmed.

In the 17th over of the match, India’s score is 77-3 with Jemimah scoring 5 runs and Harmanpreet scoring 0 runs. Ecclestone takes a wicket without conceding any runs and shows impressive spin to dismiss Yastika. England is making a good comeback, but it’s unfortunate that they are still trailing by almost 400 runs.

Oh no! The spinning rotation is revealing its demons. It returns to the one that appears suddenly and is caught by the quick-moving person.

In the sixteenth over, India’s score is 77-2 with Yastika scoring 8 runs and Jemimah scoring 5 runs. Dean bowled well and was rewarded with a wicket. He almost had another one when Jemimah hit the ball over Beaumont’s outstretched hands at short leg.

Ecclestone caught one too many hits at long on.

In the 15th over, India’s score is now 71-1 with Shafali Verma at 33 runs and Yastika at 8 runs. Ecclestone gave away a couple of runs.

In the 14th over, India’s score is 69-1 with Shafali Verma at 32 runs and Yastika at 7 runs. Yastika confidently executes a successful sweep for four at the beginning of Dean’s over, but she narrowly avoids getting out as a faster ball almost goes through her. It’s worth noting that India’s lead is currently 361.

In the 13th over, India’s score is 62-1 with Shafali Verma at 31 runs and Yastika at 1 run. Ecclestone’s second spell is full of action – Shafali hits her first ball for a six, just like Mandhana did in her first spell. However, Ecclestone quickly takes a wicket, but there is no celebration except for a stoic fist pump from Beaumont.

Source: theguardian.com