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India successfully bowled out England and defended their total score of 229 in the Cricket World Cup 2023, as it unfolded.

I am ready to end my work day, as England’s chances of winning the World Cup have diminished. They will soon travel to Ahmedabad to face a resurgent Australia on November 4th. Meanwhile, India will host Sri Lanka on Thursday.

If you desire a bit more gloom with your cheese and crackers, here is Simon’s report from Lucknow.

I appreciate all of your messages and apologize for not being able to respond to all of them. Have a great weekend. Goodbye!

The commentators are witnessing an emptying stadium. It seems that India is not guaranteed a spot in the semi-finals, while England still has a chance to stay in the tournament. However, the chances of these scenarios actually happening are highly unlikely.

Eoin Morgan adds some dry fir cones to the fire.

Farhan has done a bit of digging around, “England may still be in contention for a semifinal spot – as far mathematics is concerned. But they need to win every single game and they need to win big in each of those games and hope that Australia lose every other game and lose them badly. Each of these scenarios in unrealistic, especially the one where England win the rest of all their games in this tournament – let alone winning all of them big.”

Harsh but fair.

Dean from Cardiff is known for his ruthless nature. He believes that England’s issues are straightforward and obvious, including selection, motivation, form, batting, bowling, fielding, and lack of traveling reserves.

Eoin Morgan is almost equally critical. “It’s painful and it should be. Once again, they didn’t put up a fight for the entire 100 overs of the game.”

Nasser is intriguing. “It brings to mind what Duncan Fletcher told me when he became the coach. You may not be the top team in the world, but you’re also not the worst.”

The World Cup standings show India in the lead, while England is currently at the bottom with only one victory out of six matches.

Chris Woakes received an undesirable outcome, as he tells Ian Ward. He expresses disappointment, stating that they were in a good position at the halfway mark. However, the difficult wicket and losing wickets in succession made it challenging to recover. Woakes believes that if they could purchase confidence, they would spend a significant amount of money, as a lack of confidence often leads to impulsive shots. He also mentions that Ben may have been attempting to counter Shami’s strong bowling by playing aggressively, but it did not work out. Ultimately, making quick decisions is crucial in high-level sports and winning cannot be expected.

Mark Beadle notes, “In comparison, that was the second most impressive performance by England in the tournament thus far…” A total of seven players were bowled or given out by LBW.

Jasprit Bumrah is lively: The match posed a tough test for India, as they trained in the evening and were not caught off guard by the dew. The team has great chemistry, and they are thoroughly enjoying the tournament. Shami is a valuable asset to the team, and they have yet to be defeated.

Unfortunately, Jos Buttler is once again the bearer of bad news, speaking into the microphone. However, he is a decent person and he delivers bad news with sincerity.

I am extremely let down. I believed that at the mid-point, attempting to reach 230, we had confidence in ourselves, but it turned out to be the same situation as before.

“In my opinion, I had a desire to handle the pressure, but it’s ultimately about being dedicated and effectively carrying out the task. The score wasn’t a factor in the pressure, we’re just not quite meeting expectations, regardless of how we approach it currently.”

Why are so many skilled players simultaneously experiencing a decline in performance?

“I believe the answers can be found on a postcard. There are some skilled players involved, but we still have a ways to go to reach our best performance.”

“Today, the power play was a great start and the ground fielding was equally impressive. It feels like things are finally turning around.”

Atherton inquires about the qualification process for the Champions Trophy.

“I am aware of that, we still have plenty of room to play.”

India has emerged victorious in all of their games, while England has suffered losses in five out of six.

Following a strong performance in bowling and fielding, England’s batting line-up quickly faltered, resulting in the loss of multiple wickets. Liam Livingstone was the only player to score more than 16 runs. Despite efforts from players such as Buttler and Moeen to rebuild the innings, the team struggled after losing early wickets.

Rohit Sharma has been named the player of the game for his score of 87 on a challenging pitch, but India’s bowling was also exceptional, with standout performances from Bumrah (3-32) and Shami (4-22).

Buttler deserves praise for his ability to maintain a polite demeanor despite the disappointing results for England in their last four innings: 215, 170, 156, and 129.

Willey, who has scored 16 runs, has the opportunity to hit another six off Bumrah in the 34.5 overs. However, Wood loses his wicket to a well-executed yorker.

Mark Wood of England is bowled by Jasprit Bumrah of India.

In the 34th over, England’s score is 122-9 with Willey at 9 and Wood at 0. Shami delivers a pitch that Rashid awkwardly bats away from his nose. Two wides provide a break, causing Rohit to do a double teapot in frustration. However, Rashid’s stylish drive through the covers is short-lived as he loses both his stumps to a low ball from Shami.

In the 33rd over, England’s score is 112-8 with Willey (9) and Rashid (5) at the crease. Despite the odds, Willey boldly hits a six off Bumrah, sending the ball deep into the stands.

In the 32nd over, England’s score is 104-8 with Willey at 2 runs and Rashid at 4 runs. Yadav delivers another over with some bouncers. Rashid and Willey are working hard at opposite ends.

Moving on to a completely different topic, let’s turn to Romeo.

The T20 World Cup’s Asia Qualifier will commence tomorrow in Kathmandu at 03.15 GMT. The first matches will be Bahrain vs UAE and Nepal vs Singapore. Later at 07.45 GMT, Malaysia will face Oman and Hong Kong will play against Kuwait. The top two teams, determined through a round robin and semi-final stage, will advance to the World Cup. The entire tournament will last only one week.

In the 31st over of the match, England’s score is 102-8 with Willey scoring 1 run and Rashid scoring 3 runs. England appears to be stunned after facing a challenging over by Jadeja.

After the 30th over, England’s score stands at 101-8 with Willey and Rashid at the crease. The team has suffered a significant loss of 8 wickets in what can only be described as a disastrous period of play. Livingstone’s performance was commendable, displaying unusual levels of patience and caution. However, the mounting pressure proved too much and he made the mistake of attempting a sweep on an unfavorable delivery.

Livingstone is confident that he is not out, maintaining his awkward stance with his legs spread apart. However, the umpire and ball tracker both remain firm in their decision.

India's players celebrate after the dismissal of England's Liam Livingstone.

The 29th over sees England at 98-7 with Livingstone scoring 27 and Willey at 0. Jadeja takes a wicket without giving away any runs, using his shirt to squeeze the ball. Woakes has a good start but is unable to wait for the pressure to subside. The trio of Virat, Rohit, and Yadav meet with fielders receiving multiple instructions.

Unfortunately, Woakes succumbed to the pressure of the increasing run-rate and was dismissed by Jadeja after a sudden surge in aggression. He was swiftly dismissed with a flick of the gloves.

In the 28th over, England’s score was 98-6 with Livingstone scoring 27 runs and Woakes scoring 10 runs. Rohit Sharma was not happy with another mistake from Siraj in the field. Four singles were taken off Yadav’s bowling.

Hi Peter Rowntree, it’s nice to have a reason to message you other than the usual CC. There has been a lot of discussion about Dave Willey not having a central contract. In my opinion, it hasn’t affected his performances at all. I have been a fan of Dave Willey for a long time and he always gives his all on the cricket field.

“It is unfortunate that his physical limitations have prevented him from reaching his full potential, which was evident when he first joined the professional game. I am uncertain about England’s performance in this World Cup. When a team with such skilled players consistently underperforms, it could be a sign of motivation and leadership problems. However, this does not apply to Dave Willey, as he is highly self-motivated and always strives to perform well and take wickets on the cricket field.”

In the 27th over, England’s score is 94-6 with Livingstone at 25 runs and Woakes at 8 runs. Jadeja scores three runs with a delicate touch.

England are currently at 91-6 in the 26th over, with Livingstone scoring 23 runs and Woakes at 7. Colum Fordham wonders if it’s too optimistic to hope for one of Woakes’ signature innings where he saves the team and allows Livingstone to unleash his powerful hits against the supposedly overrated Indian attack, resulting in a much-needed win for England. Fordham also believes that India has been fortunate so far and that England has been trying to replicate their performance from before 2015. However, Livingstone manages to hit a beautiful loft over cover, possibly the best shot of the match.

In the 25th over, England’s score is 84-6 with Livingstone at 22 runs and Woakes at 1 run. If they can withstand the bowling of Shami and Bumrah, the moisture on the ground could benefit England. Jadeja is constantly wiping the ball dry. Only three runs were scored from his over.

“Hello Phil Keegan, this is Tanya sending greetings from Hanoi.”

“This is perhaps a bit cruel but I can’t help thinking that if this England batting line up were an animal it would be put down to avoid further suffering.”

In the 23rd over of the match, England’s score was 81 for 6 with Livingstone at 20 runs and Woakes at 0. Moeen scored 15 runs through singles, but was unable to contribute further. Woakes managed to survive five balls from a strong Shami, who briefly paused mid-over to remove something from his eye. Woakes narrowly avoided being dismissed on the last ball.

Gareth Creer suggests, “Why not have England act as if it’s the fourth day of a Test match?”

Moeen attempts a drive, but ends up edging behind thanks to Shami’s magic!

Moeen Ali of England walks off.

England is currently at 81-5 in the 23rd over with Moeen scoring 15 runs and Livingstone scoring 20. They are slowly working to regain their position. Jadeja makes a strong appeal for an lbw, but Livingstone remains unfazed and smiles.

England is at 79-5 in the 22nd over, with Moeen scoring 14 runs and Livingstone scoring 19 runs. Livingstone executes a sweep shot off Kuldeep and the ball goes past Siraj on the boundary, causing him to fall to the ground like a tipped over wheelbarrow.

After the 21st over, England’s score is 72-5 with Moeen scoring 13 runs and Livingstone also scoring 13. The dew has settled on the ground and the TV footage reveals drops of fat settling on the grass. Virat Kohli is responsible for removing the moisture.

In the 20th over, England has scored 68-5 with Moeen and Livingstone at 11 runs each. Kuldeep delivers a powerful ball from outside Livingstone’s reach, curving back towards his stumps. Despite the challenge, Livingstone remains standing.

In the 19th over, England’s score is 67-5 with Moeen scoring 10 runs and Livingstone scoring 11. Jadeja comes in to bowl, his thick black hairband keeping his full head of curly hair in place. England handle his bowling wisely.

In the 18th over, England has a score of 64-5 with Moeen and Livingstone both contributing 9 runs each. They make a successful play for three points.

Hey Teejash Shah! Originally from India, I currently reside in the United States. Due to my work trips, OBO is my sole means of keeping up with the World Cup. Thank you for providing such a fantastic platform! Your team’s efforts are greatly appreciated.


“What actions should the English selectors have taken?”

The non-playing 15 individuals were the only ones awarded contracts. This would have motivated the playing 15, similar to how Willey has been motivated.

In the 17th over, England has a score of 61-5 with Moeen at 8 and Livingstone at 7. Livingstone has the potential to turn the game around in the next ten overs, but only if he stays focused. He manages to score six runs from Siraj’s over, including a rare boundary shot. Moeen, on the other hand, remains patient and observant.

Hi Tamsyn Lawrence. “I don’t understand why everyone is criticizing this performance. Based on my calculations, at the current pace, we will reach the desired total by the 70th over with only 23 wickets.”

In the 16th over, England’s score is 54-5 with Moeen scoring 7 runs and Livingstone scoring 1. The delivery from outside off stump is like a beautiful bath bomb, bursting with fragrant flowers and sparkling glitter, crashing into the stumps. Buttler is stuck in his position and has no escape.

Buttler retreats, the ball mirrors his movement. It gracefully hits the stumps.

India's Kuldeep Yadav (L) celebrates with teammates after taking the wicket of England's captain Jos Buttler.

In the 15th over, England’s score is 52-4 with Buttler at 10 and Moeen at 6. Siraj is bowling again, possibly as a tactic to tire him out while there is less pressure. He may not be as effective as Bumrah or Shami today, but he could still give England a chance to recover. Buttler and Moeen, both experienced players in the IPL, are focused on rebuilding the innings with their clean and precise batting. They score five runs in this over.

Roy Everitt expresses his admiration for Ben Stokes, but observes that England has chosen to have one less bowler and one less batsman.

In the 14th over, England’s score is 47-4 with Buttler scoring 6 runs and Moeen scoring 5 runs. Kuldeep Yadav comes in for wrist spin. Moeen seems confident and we shouldn’t be concerned.

Tom VDG believes that in the current chaotic situation, it would have been a good idea to promote Willey with a strategy of aggressive pinch-hitting in order to disrupt India’s bowling tactics. Let’s face it, it couldn’t have been any worse than what we’re currently seeing. Willey certainly has something to prove, especially since he is the only player on the team without a contract. I don’t understand why the ECB would announce contracts during the World Cup. It would have been politically easier and more considerate to do it afterwards, unless I am overlooking something.

In the 13th over of the England innings, the score stands at 45-4, with Buttler and Moeen at the crease. Siraj, with his shirt untucked and a napkin tucked into the back of his trousers, bowls for India. England maintains a cautious approach, almost like they are in a library, until the last ball from Siraj which tempts Buttler to pull but he ultimately misses.

In the 12th over, England’s score is 42 for 4 wickets with Buttler scoring 4 runs and Moeen scoring 3 runs. Buttler and Moeen have changed their approach, no longer attempting big hits and disregarding wide balls. Rohit claps in approval after one delivery from Shami’s over.

David Mooney has shared some positive updates: “England has successfully avoided the follow on.”

In the 11th over, England’s score is 41-4 with Buttler and Moeen batting. Buttler takes a moment to compose himself before facing Siraj, who is back to bowl. Only one run is scored in this over. The crowd is filled with excitement as they wear their bright blue team shirts.

According to Beau Dure, there is likely a rush to uncover relevant statistics to accurately portray England’s performance at the World Cup. However, seeing it firsthand is the only way to truly grasp the unbelievable nature of their performance. From the beginning of the game, none of the English batters appeared to have any clue about their approach. It seems as if a group of golfers and polo players were given cricket bats.

It’s quite peculiar. They’re all skilled athletes. Some of them exceptional players. Misfortune is contagious.

In the tenth over, England’s score is 40 for 4 wickets, with Buttler scoring 4 runs and Moeen scoring 1 run. Moeen defends well against the aggressive bowling, while Shami’s performance is exceptional. The atmosphere in the stadium is buzzing with excitement.

“I apologize if my joke about Little & Large brought bad luck,” admits Ewan Glenton with a sheepish tone. “However, saying ‘I’ll call back when one of them scores 70 runs off 55 balls and England is halfway towards their target with only one wicket lost’ just doesn’t have the same impact…”

YJB attempts to forcefully push Shami back with a backfoot shot, but ends up hitting an inside edge. The middle stump is hit and the bails fly off. Shami celebrates his success.

India's Mohammed Shami celebrates after taking the wicket of England's Jonny Bairstow.

In the ninth over, England’s score is at 39 for 3 wickets, with Bairstow at 14 runs and Buttler at 4 runs. Bairstow was lucky when he attempted a cut shot against Bumrah, but Kohli couldn’t catch the ball at first slip. Siraj’s misfield on the boundary allows Buttler to score his first run.

In the eighth over, England has a score of 33-3 with Bairstow scoring 13 runs and Buttler scoring 0. Suraj is subbed out for the powerful Shami, who nearly gets Stokes out twice. Stokes tries to hit, but misses and ultimately gets out, causing excitement in Lucknow. Shami secures a second consecutive maiden.

Stokes takes large strides, swings wildly with a plastic bag full of old garbage, and ends up losing his wicket.

Bairstow takes his time to prepare as he faces Bumrah’s hat-trick ball, but manages to avoid getting out. Despite the intense pressure and excitement, he stays focused and plays a defensive over, not giving in to the temptation to attack. The over ends without any runs scored.

Kim Thonger hello!

I am currently questioning whether England’s performance in the initial games was intentionally orchestrated by Baz and others to deceive the top-tier countries into feeling overly confident against the weaker teams. This is due to England being seen as a small player in ODI cricket. India appears to have become too complacent in their innings. If this is indeed a strategic move, it is a clever and strategic tactic similar to the techniques used by the renowned Dr. Mike Brearley in psychology.

“Unfortunately, I am unable to assist with Brian Withington’s inquiry about French New Wave cinema. Is he certain that he is not confusing it with an episode of Mr Benn or Crystal Tipps & Alastair?”

In the 6th over, England’s score is 33-2 with Bairstow at 13 and Stokes at 0. The crowd’s noise is deafening. Upon review, it is shown that there was a spike before the ball reached the bat. Stokes reacts immediately, aggressively charging and swinging but misses the ball.

The fifth over sees England at 30-2 with Bairstow scoring 10 and Stokes scoring 0. My 15-year-old remarks, “We might still be able to catch the derby.”

After a review, Root appears disappointed while Bumrah smiles. The review indicates a slight change, but the third umpire deems it insufficient. Root angrily leaves the field, while Bumrah has a chance at getting three consecutive wickets.

England's Joe Root is lbw bowled by India's Jasprit Bumrah.

Cramped in space, he cuts onto his shortened legs and the bails go flying. A million trumpets sound the alarm.

India's Jasprit Bumrah celebrates with KL Rahul after taking the wicket of England's . REUTERS/Andrew Boyers

In the fourth over, the score for England is 26-0, with Malan at 12 runs and Bairstow at 10 runs. Siraj seems to be struggling a bit, as Bairstow hits a well-executed extra cover drive that sends the ball to the boundary. Siraj takes a break to remove his boot, call for a physio, and change his socks. In the stands, a man wearing a Native American headdress lifts his daughter up high as if presenting her to the crowd. Please put the baby down. Unfortunately, Siraj also injures his hand while stopping the ball during his follow through. He continues to bowl through the rest of the over despite limping.

On the third over, England has a score of 20 with Malan at 12 and Bairstow at 4. Bumrah continues to bowl amidst the bugle sounds. He’s causing a lot of sideways motion for the left-handed batsman and England is comfortable observing from a distance.

“I am reminded of a TV sketch featuring Little and Large in the 1980s,” Ewan Glenton wrote. “It was during a time when English cricket was facing major challenges, though I cannot recall the exact date.”
Answers the call…

Hi, may I please speak to one of the opening batsmen for England?

“What does that mean, he is going out to bat? Alright, I will wait for a moment…”

In the second over, England is at 17 runs without losing any wickets, with Malan scoring 10 runs and Bairstow scoring 4 runs. Siraj’s first three balls result in two wides. Malan then hits a six with ease, sending the ball over midwicket. He follows it up with a four from a straight drive. The crowd suddenly becomes quiet.

“I stated that I was finished after the previous incident, but they always find a way to pull me back in…” I am familiar with Mark Beadle, those scoundrels. Plus, there are plenty of home improvement tasks you could be attending to instead.

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