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India emerged victorious in the fourth Test against England, winning the series with a strong performance throughout the match. This is an ongoing live update of the events.
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India emerged victorious in the fourth Test against England, winning the series with a strong performance throughout the match. This is an ongoing live update of the events.

The performance of the two players has been commendable, but the middle order has faced difficulties and England has not been able to score sufficient runs. Out of their 88 innings, only eight have reached the 50-run mark, while for India it’s been 15 out of 79. Despite this, it’s remarkable that England had a possibility of winning the series today.


The English cricket team is welcoming the Dutch soccer players. India has demonstrated exceptional cricket skills, achieving a higher number of wickets with seam, thanks to the talented Jasprit Bumrah.

England has exceeded expectations with their inexperienced spinners, which can be attributed to Stokes’ understanding and resourcefulness. However, they made a mistake by not calling for a replacement when Jack Leach left the team. The circumstances called for someone like Liam Dawson, a resilient competitor who could have potentially scored some Jurel-esque runs.

In the 61st over, India’s score is 192-5 with Gill at 52 and Jurel at 39. Despite the previous collapse of five wickets for 36 runs, these two players have steadily increased the score. Similar to the first innings, Dhruv Jurel has once again made a significant impact on the game. His composure and temperament are truly impressive.

Jurel made a pull for four and a clip for two, leading India to victory. They triumphed in this clash of inexperienced players by five wickets. Furthermore, they have also secured the series win with a score of 3-1, with one match remaining.

India is currently at 185-5 in the 60th over, with Shubman Gill at 52 and Jurel at 32. Gill finally finds his rhythm after facing 119 balls and scores his first boundary with a six! He follows it up with another six off Bashir, one straight drive and one lofted whip. If he keeps this up, India will secure the series win.

In the 59th over, India’s score is now 172-5 with Gill at 39 runs and Jurel at 32 runs. Stokes has a discussion with Ollie Pope and as a result, Pope moves back a bit at forward short leg. Facing Hartley, Gill scores a single, reaching a fifty partnership with Jurel. While it may seem insignificant, this partnership has secured the victory for India.

In the 58th over, India’s score is 169-5 with Gill at 37 and Jurel at 31. Bashir continues to bowl from over the wicket. If he can dismiss both of these batsmen, he will have a ten-wicket haul and this game will be remembered as Bashir’s triumph. Despite Jurel’s active batting, Bashir successfully bowls a maiden over.

In the 57th over, India’s score is 169-5 with Gill scoring 37 and Jurel scoring 31. According to one of the commentators, Jimmy Anderson has left the field due to “tightness in the leg”. This news has caused many viewers to feel anxious.

Hartley’s over yielded only one run, but it appears that the game is over. India requires 23 runs to win.

In the 56th over, India scores 168-5 with Gill at 37 and Jurel at 30. Bashir remains in the game and Jurel takes an aggressive approach, stepping forward to powerfully drive the ball towards long-on. Ben Duckett makes a valiant effort, diving to save two runs but unfortunately, the ball bounces off his face as he is already fully extended and cannot duck.

The 55th over sees India at 165-5 with Gill scoring 37 and Jurel scoring 27. Joe Root has been replaced by Tom Hartley, who manages to limit each batter to a single run. However, England is still unable to make the breakthrough they are hoping for.

Thank you, Daniel, and good morning to everyone. What an amazing performance that was. Daniel successfully took five wickets and graciously left the remaining five for me.

The 54th over has started with India at 163-5, with Gill scoring 36 and Jurel scoring 26. It’s surprising that England hasn’t used Anderson for an over or two after lunch, as he always puts pressure on the batsmen. However, Bashir is still bowling and Jurel takes a single. Gill then hits the ball towards the ground, but it doesn’t go very far. Luckily, it lands safely and my turn to comment is over. Tim de Lisle will now take over to hopefully lead England to victory. India only needs 29 more runs to win.

In the 53rd over, India’s score is now 161-5 with Gill at 35 and Jurel at 25. They manage to score two singles, but then Jurel hits a soft edge that is caught by Crawley. The ball runs away and the batters are able to run two. Jurel also earns one more run with a shove to point. This brings the partnership to 41 and England is quickly running out of time. India only needs 31 more runs to secure a win.

In the 52nd over, India’s score is 156-5 with Gill at 34 and Jurel at 21. Gill faces three consecutive Hartley deliveries without scoring, followed by three more from Stokes that are stopped by a diving Root to avoid a boundary. The momentum of the match is currently in play as India needs just 36 runs to secure a win.

Arul Kanhere believes that Jurel may be a better wicketkeeper and should therefore handle more of the duties. He argues that wicketkeeping can be taxing for batters and with Pant returning from injury, he may not need that added pressure.

I am hesitant to fully agree with the final statement – Pant seems like the type of person who thrives on being constantly involved – but I do believe that Jurel may be the superior wicketkeeper.

In the 51st over, India’s score is 156-5 with Gill at 34 and Jurel at 21. Stokes is seen with his hands on his knees, trying to figure out how to make an impact on the game before his time runs out. Gill scores a single run towards the leg side, making it the only run of the over. The situation feels dire for England as India only needs 36 runs to secure a win.

In the 50th over, India has a score of 155-5 with Gill scoring 33 runs and Jurel scoring 21 runs. I am surprised that there has not been a change in the bowling strategy even though the ball is drifting. However, it seems that Stokes has chosen his most likely players to take wickets. Gill manages to hit an inside edge but there is no player in the short leg position to catch it. He adds two runs by using a twizzle shot towards square leg and then scores one more run towards midwicket. This inning will be remembered by Gill for its substance rather than just its size and flair, so much so that New Order could release a song about it. India only needs 37 runs to win.

In the 49th over, India has a score of 152-5 with Gill at 30 and Jurel at 21. This duo deserves commendation for their exceptional performance in defusing a challenging situation with poise and confidence. Jurel hits a shot to the leg side for one run, while Gill takes two runs to the square leg. A single run follows as they continue to dominate, with their partnership now at 232. India only needs 40 runs to secure victory.

“Ah, this is frustrating,” exclaimed Pete Salmon. “I have a tight deadline for this piece and I need to focus completely. I’m proud of myself for waking up at five to work on it. My plan was to check the OBO and see if it was 1/150, then listen to some low-fidelity instrumentals and finish it. But now I’m distracted by the radio and OBO, only managing to write a sentence every 15 minutes. This is not productive at all.”

What makes up a lo-fi instrumental? A 1990s Test match from England?

In the 48th over, India’s score is 146-5 with Gill at 27 and Jurel at 20. Gill hits a single to mid-on while Jurel attempts to take two runs but is sent back. It raises the question, when Pant returns as the keeper, will he solely play as a batter? India requires 44 runs to secure a victory.

The 47th over saw India’s score reach 146-5 with Gill at 26 runs and Jurel at 19 runs. Bashir, the bowler, showed his skill and experience by not giving away many opportunities. However, he did give a sloppy delivery which Jurel took advantage of and scored the first boundary in 31 overs. The batters deserve credit for their strategic approach, keeping the score moving and rotating strike. India now needs 46 runs to secure a win.

Brian Withington expresses two concerns regarding the B**b*** bollocks: the media’s interpretation and the name, which is not used by the England team. He has suggested calling it the ‘S&M Method’ or ‘M&S Style’ in honor of the captain and coach. He also approves of a simpler interpretation, possibly inspired by ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, and suggests using ‘Bat, Bowl, Field’ as a unifying term.

I strongly dislike the term “ball” when used in the context of football and prefer to refer to it as the Testvangelists. This is mostly because the phrase “being sound to folk” does not have the necessary level of smoothness.

In the 46th over, India is currently at 140-5 with Gill at 25 and Jurel at 14. Gill seems determined to be the hero of the match, calmly and confidently holding his ground to help his team secure a victory. He takes a single to short cover, followed by Jurel – my choice for Player of the Match if India wins – hitting a two to long off. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Stokes make a move soon. Could we even see him take up the ball? India needs 52 runs to win.

In the 45th over, India’s score is 136-5 with Gill at 24 and Jurel at 11. Jurel hits one to midwicket while Gill strategically hits wide of Foakes for another run. The game is starting to stabilize, but England still needs to take another wicket while India only needs 56 more runs to win.

“I had anticipated waking up to a hat-trick ball,” rants Kim Thonger. “I’m quite upset with myself for waking up a few minutes too early, as I feel I jinxed it. My apologies to everyone. It’s remarkable, though, that England now has four viable spinners – five if we include Root – to choose from. This has never happened in my lifetime.”

I am curious if any of them are truly that exceptional, but there is ample material to utilize.

Source: theguardian.com