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India dominated South Africa, winning by a huge margin of 243 runs in the Cricket World Cup 2023 match. The game was played in a one-sided manner, with India in control throughout.

I am finished for now. India dominated South Africa today, scoring 326 on a difficult pitch before their fast bowlers made an impressive start. Jadeja then took five wickets on a spinning track, but all five bowlers were exceptional. I am unsure how anyone can defeat them.

Geoff Wignall is focusing on the positive aspects. “Despite being heavily hit in his bowling, it probably won’t offer much comfort to Jansen that he was the highest scorer for SA.” He scored 14 runs!

This made me laugh.

Kohli has been awarded Player of the Match for his impressive score of 101 runs without being dismissed. He shares with Harsha Bhogle that he had a feeling that this game in the World Cup would be special and woke up with great excitement.

Matching Tendulkar’s achievement of the highest number of ODI centuries:

“I am incredibly honoured to match my hero’s record in one-day internationals. I understand that people often make comparisons, and I know that I will never be as skilled as he is. He is the epitome of perfection in batting, and I am constantly striving to do my best and contribute to my country’s victories. Despite any outcomes, he will always be my hero. This is a deeply emotional moment for me.”

“After being entertained by Kohli’s record-breaking performance this morning and watching the first few overs of South Africa’s innings, I had a feeling the match was heading in one direction,” states Dean Kinsella. “So I must confess, I switched over to watch some football. However, upon returning to check the current situation, I am stunned at how quickly South Africa has fallen apart. They have been performing well in this competition, but they are being completely dominated. Is there anyone who can stop this incredible Indian team?”

The most surprising aspect of this situation is that I still believe South Africa has the best chance of winning. If they face India in the final, they will need to win the coin toss and choose to bat first.

Jadeja concludes with five wickets, but the spotlight remains on Kohli, as always. His 49th ODI century puts him on par with his role model, Sachin Tendulkar, and all of this on his 35th birthday.

Kuldeep’s deceptive delivery outwits Ngidi and seals India’s dominant victory. This marks the second instance this week where India has dismissed their opponents for a low score. Sri Lanka was the first victim, but South Africa – also a confirmed semi-finalist – was expected to pose a tougher challenge. However, India’s performance has been exceptional. It seems like winning the World Cup is just a matter of time.

India's Ravindra Jadeja celebrates with Virat Kohli.

In the 27th over, South Africa’s score is 83-9 with Ngidi scoring 0 and Shamsi scoring 4. Shamsi appears to be enjoying himself as he swings his bat at a full delivery and manages to hit it through the leg side for four runs.

Jadeja tosses the ball up and Rabada hits a powerful drive back to the bowler. He has been bowling excellently.

India's Ravindra Jadeja.

In the 26th over, South Africa’s score is 79-8 with Rabada at 6 runs and Ngidi at 0. They require 248 runs in the remaining 24 overs.

Easily done. Jansen lightly hits the ball with his back foot, sending it to Jadeja at cover for a simple catch.

In the 25th over, South Africa is at 78-7 with Rabada at 5 and Jansen at 14. Rohit is looking to end the game and brings back Bumrah, who has yet to take a wicket today. Bumrah throws in a slower ball, adding some variety to his bowling. Jansen plays off five consecutive dots before executing a great shot, hitting Bumrah for a four down the ground.

In the 24th over, South Africa’s score is 74-7 with Jansen scoring 10 runs and Rabada scoring 5 runs. If India wins this game, they will be at the top of the table with one game remaining.

In the 23rd over of the match, South Africa’s score is 70 for 7 with Rabada at 3 runs and Jansen at 8 runs. Jadeja has yet to take his fifth wicket. This over is another maiden, but the game has already been over for some time now.

In the 22nd over, South Africa’s score is 70-7 with Jansen scoring 8 runs and Rabada scoring 3 runs. Kuldeep bowls with two slips in place for Rabada. He delivers a beautifully-flighted ball that spins sharply and narrowly misses the outside edge. No runs are scored in this over.

In the 21st over, South Africa has a score of 70-7 with Rabada at 3 runs and Jansen at 8 runs. Jadeja is hoping for his fifth wicket and attempts to get Rabada out through an lbw. Only one run is scored in this over.

“Hello Taha.” Hello Simon McMahon. “Perhaps it’s just my perspective, but as a supporter of the Indian team, I would start to feel anxious at this point. This Indian team is incredibly skilled, dominant, and deserving of winning the World Cup. However, in sports, the strongest team doesn’t always come out on top, especially in knockout tournaments. Yet, it’s difficult to envision anyone defeating them at this moment. Although I’m sure Australia and possibly even Pakistan will have a response to that. Imagine that…”

There are endless possibilities for what can occur on any given day, but it is quite ridiculous how significantly they have outperformed others.

In the 20th over, South Africa’s score is 69-7 with Jansen scoring 8 runs and Rabada scoring 2. Kuldeep continues to dominate with another swift round of play. Arul Kanhere mentions that while India appears to be unbeatable, there are still two crucial matches to win under immense pressure. Can you recall a tournament where a team seemed unbeatable but ultimately lost the final? The 2012 Bayern vs Chelsea game comes to mind.

In the 19th over, South Africa is at 68-7 with Rabada scoring 1 and Jansen scoring 8. Jadeja ends the over with a possible lbw (leg before wicket) appeal, but India decides not to challenge it after the umpire denies it.

Jadeja currently has two fielders in the slip position as he continues to try and take another wicket. Jansen moves forward on the pitch in an attempt to hit a powerful shot, but he misses the ball and it lands without harm at mid-off. However, Jadeja claims his fourth wicket with a swift delivery that pitches on the middle and leg of the pitch and spins past Maharaj’s bat, resulting in his dismissal.

South Africa's Keshav Maharaj walks after losing his wicket, bowled out by India's Ravindra Jadeja.

In the 18th over, South Africa has a score of 65-6 with Maharaj and Jansen at the crease. Kuldeep Yadav takes the ball and quickly concedes only one run.

In the 17th over, South Africa’s score is 64 for 6 with Maharaj and Jansen at the crease. Maharaj hits a four with a backfoot punch, giving the team a momentary break from their struggles.

Miller attempts to hit Jadeja again with his paddle shot, but he moves too much towards his wickets and fails to make contact with the bat. South Africa is facing difficulty in reaching a score of 100.

The sixteenth over sees South Africa at a score of 59-5, with Miller at 11 and Jansen at 7. Shami takes his turn to bowl, but makes a mistake with an offcutter, resulting in a wide. Other than that, the quick bowler has had little success.

In the 15th over, South Africa’s score is 52-5 with Jansen at 2 runs and Miller at 10 runs. To stop Jadeja, Miller uses a creative technique and shifts his stance to hit a paddle shot to the fine leg for four runs. This boundary ends the over and the previously loud crowd falls silent. It’s now time for a drinks break.

In the 14th over, South Africa’s score is 42-5 with Miller at 0 and Jansen at 2. Shami has taken 15 wickets in the tournament so far, playing in his fourth match.

Shami strikes the ball forcefully against van der Dussen’s leg and it appears to be a strong appeal – however, the umpire does not raise his finger. The bowler is eager for a review, and his captain grants it. The ball’s seam is flawless, it swerves in, and it hits the back pad. Upon reviewing the trajectory of the ball, it once again shows three reds – this is utter destruction.

In the 13th over, South Africa’s score is 40-4 with van der Dussen at 13 runs and Miller at 0. The lbw call may have seemed like the ball was pitching outside leg, but upon closer inspection, it was just within the line and the pitch is providing enough movement for the ball to straighten out.

Klaasen scores his first run off his 10th ball by hitting a single against Jadeja. There is a potential leg before wicket (lbw) call against Klaasen later in the same over, but it appears to be on the leg side to me. India chooses to challenge the decision, but it turns out to be unsuccessful with three reds being shown.

Virat Kohli of India (C) celebrates the wicket of Heinrich Klaasen of South Africa.

In the 12th over, South Africa is at 37-3 with van der Dussen scoring 11 and Klaasen at 0. Klaasen hits a cover drive, but it goes right to the fielder. Shami, with precise lines and small variations, doesn’t give any room for runs. Only one run is scored in this over.

In the 11th over, South Africa’s score is 36-3 with van der Dussen at 10 runs and Klaasen at 0. Jadeja is causing chaos with his left-arm spin, producing significant turn and speed. This forces South Africa to be cautious when playing him off the back foot. Only one run is scored in this over as Jadeja bowls quickly.

After the 10th over, South Africa’s score is 35 runs for 3 wickets, with van der Dussen scoring 9 and Klaasen scoring 0. Shami’s delivery caused Markram to struggle, showing the strength of India’s team. They seem invincible, don’t they?

Shami, who has been performing exceptionally well with the ball in this World Cup, joins the game. Markram successfully hits a four by driving the ball down the ground, although Siraj, positioned at mid-on, should have prevented it. The next delivery is an inside-edge as Shami skillfully seamed the ball back into Markram, resulting in another four runs. And just when it seemed like India was gaining control, Shami strikes again by forcing Markram’s outside edge, which is caught low by KL Rahul. It appears that India is dominating this match.

Mohammed Shami of India celebrates the wicket of Aiden Markram.

In the 9th over of the match, South Africa’s score is 27-2 with batsmen Markram on 1 run and van der Dussen on 9 runs. Markram quickly rotates the strike with a single, but Jadeja’s next delivery is too short and van der Dussen takes advantage by hitting it for four runs through the off side.

Bumrah takes a pause and with the surface providing some traction, Rohit brings in Jadeja’s left-arm spin. And just like that! The ball lands on the middle and spins beyond Bavuma’s defense to hit the stumps. South Africa’s captain is out and they are in a difficult situation.

India's Ravindra Jadeja celebrates with Virat Kohli after taking the wicket of South Africa's Temba Bavuma.

In the 8th over, South Africa’s score is 21-1 with van der Dussen scoring 4 and Bavuma scoring 11. There were several dot balls, followed by a sharp bouncer, but South Africa is struggling to score.

In the seventh over, South Africa’s score is 21-1 with Bavuma at 11 and van der Dussen at 4. Bumrah’s delivery bounces off the pitch and Bavuma attempts a risky shot, barely avoiding backward point for a single run. India continues to maintain pressure on South Africa.

In the sixth over of the match, South Africa’s score is 19-1 with van der Dussen at 3 runs and Bavuma at 10 runs. Siraj delivers a series of bouncers, making it difficult for van der Dussen to score. He manages to take a single on the last ball, bringing his total to 3 runs out of 16 deliveries.

In the fifth over, South Africa’s score is 17-1 with Bavuma at 9 and van der Dussen at 2. Bavuma successfully hits a boundary by using a straight bat to send the ball through midwicket. Despite facing a white ball, Bavuma must rely on his skills with the red ball due to Bumrah’s unpredictable deliveries. The South Africa captain lightly taps the ball to extra cover and manages to take a fast single.

In the fourth over of the match, South Africa’s score is 12-1 with Bavuma at 4 runs and van der Dussen at 2 runs. Bavuma hits a couple of runs by clipping Siraj’s delivery off his pads, and then takes a single to switch strike. Van der Dussen gets his first runs on the board by hitting a shot through midwicket for two runs. Just like Bumrah, Siraj is aiming for the stumps and maintaining a straight and consistent line.

In the third over of the match, South Africa’s score is 7 runs for 1 wicket. Bavuma scores 1 run and van der Dussen scores 0. Bumrah’s delivery shows significant movement on the pitch, causing Bavuma to almost hit the ball onto his stumps, but he manages to score a single. Bumrah is consistently targeting the stumps, giving off a Test-match vibe. Van der Dussen is focused on simply staying in the game. One ball swerves away from the tall batsman and narrowly misses the edge of his bat.

In the second over, South Africa is at a score of 6-1 with Bavuma and van der Dussen at 0 runs each. The pressure is on as indicated by the presence of two slips for van der Dussen.

Siraj delivers a delicious inswinger to de Kock, who unfortunately hits it onto his own foot. He appears to be injured and the doctor is summoned. Despite the discomfort, de Kock continues to play and showcases a fantastic off-drive, scoring four runs. However, soon after, Siraj changes his tactics and de Kock ends up hitting the ball onto his stumps while attempting a cut shot that was not wide enough for it.

Quinton de Kock of South Africa is bowled by Mohammed Siraj of India.

In the first over, South Africa’s score is 2 runs for the loss of 0 wickets (de Kock 1 run, Bavuma 0 runs). Bumrah, known for his impeccable seam presentation, immediately challenges de Kock’s defense. The left-handed batsman awkwardly pushes at the second ball and follows it with another dot ball. Next, there’s a full toss outside off stump, but de Kock fails to make contact. A wide ball is then bowled, followed by a defensive shot and a little edge that results in a single to third man. A shaky start from the top scorer of the tournament.

Bumrah is the bowler and De Kock is the batsman. It’s time to start the game!

We are close to the restart now. It’s going to be exciting as Bumrah and Siraj were impressive with the new ball when they defeated Sri Lanka earlier this week. They will be facing off against de Kock, who has scored four hundreds in this tournament.

I am amazed by Kohli’s statistics. It appeared as though he had lost his exceptional abilities a couple of years ago, possibly due to exhaustion from being the most skilled and dedicated batter in the sport. However, he has made a strong comeback in 2023, and it seems that this year will be as significant for him as 2011 was for Tendulkar – a defining moment. In just 31 matches, he has scored seven international centuries across various formats this year.

Thank you, Rob for your contribution. Today has been a great day for Kohli, but the South African batting team has also been exceptional in this tournament. The challenge for them? They have struggled when it comes to chasing, as their best performances have been when they batted first. They were defeated by the Netherlands while trying to reach a target of 246, and they narrowly won against Pakistan while chasing 271 runs with just one wicket remaining.

That feels like a matchwinning total, although so did 401 yesterday I suppose. Taha Hashim will join you in a second for the runchase. Thanks for your company – I’ll leave you with this evocative email from Darryl Accone.

Well, you asked about it Rob (31st over), so here goes. Barry Richards tends to be overlooked these days, eclipsed somehow by the other Richards, of whom even young cricket fans know much. For an exhilarating time in the 1970s the two Richards were the finest around and tellingly Don Bradman chose Barry to open the batting in his all-time XI, partnered by Arthur Morris (Australia). Viv didn’t make the team.

The sadness that you observe in the picture of Barry highlights the tragedy of a talented player, gifted by the cricket gods, who was only able to participate in four Tests due to the sports boycott of South Africa. This issue may be of greater significance, although it is still regrettable for Barry.

The one moment that stood out to me the most was quite unusual. Unlike his usual fluidity, impeccable timing, and precise placement, Barry seemed to struggle and work hard against a tough Western Province attack on the first morning of a significant provincial game. The audience at his home ground of Kingsmead became impatient, worried, and eventually even resorted to slow clapping.

I witnessed Richards effortlessly score several hundred runs before lunch on the first day of matches, displaying great skill and control as he played the ball with precision, impressing both myself and others.

During lunchtime, Richards consumed 40 units. Regardless of his meal, Kingsmead at the time was famous for its delicious Durban Curry spreads. After lunch, he emerged with a completely different aura. The second ball he faced after lunch was hit with one of his signature moves, the cover drive, and within an hour, he effortlessly reached his century. This stark difference between his pre-lunch struggles, which made me question his abilities as a young person, and his effortless performance after lunch left a lasting impact on me.

Additional content featuring Virat Kohli.

On my birthday, I was able to achieve the same record as before, in front of a large audience. This is like a dream come true. When I was younger, I hoped for something like this to happen, so I am thankful to God for these special moments. The fans have shown me so much love. I will keep doing my best to support the team in whatever way I can.

I believe our overall score is significantly above average. The way the ball was reacting during the middle overs was challenging, and we have a strong group of bowlers. We must put in a lot of effort. The pitch will become slower as the game progresses, so hopefully we have a good start with the new ball.

Virat Kohli speaks

The pitch was quite challenging to bat on. Our opening batsmen, Rohit and Shubman, gave us a strong start so my job was to maintain that momentum. As the game progressed, the ball began to grip and the pitch slowed down, so Shreyas and I had to adjust our approach. After losing Rohit and Shubman in the first ten overs, my goal was to stay at the crease for the entire innings; this has been my strategy over the years and it was also the team’s plan. We didn’t expect to reach a score of 327, but when we play until the end, anything is possible.

We had multiple practice sessions leading up to the Asia Cup. During those sessions, Shreyas and I consistently batted together as we were designated as the 3rd and 4th positions. At one point during a session, I commented to him, “This is the partnership.” We both have a strong ability to rotate the strike against spinners and Shreyas did an excellent job of capitalizing on loose balls. He deserves credit for that.

As previously mentioned, if you lose two wickets and do not have Hardik on your team, it is important to have strong batting and reach a point where the opposing team feels the need to limit you instead of thinking they are close to getting another wicket. Hardik played exceptionally well and the key was rotating the strike.

Virat Kohli of India.

In the 50th over, India has a score of 326-5, with Kohli at 101 and Jadeja at 29. The last ball only yields a single run, prompting the South African players to rush over and congratulate Kohli. Despite looking tired, Kohli’s face lights up when he sees his friend AB de Villiers, who comes to give him a hug.

Marco Jansen, unfortunately, ended with figures of 9.4-0-94-1, which makes his spell the costliest by a South African player at a World Cup.

In the 49.5th over, India’s score is 325-5 with Kohli at 100 runs and Jadeja at 29 runs. Jadeja hits two back-to-back boundaries off Jansen and then takes a single, ending his quick cameo of 29 runs off 15 balls. Kohli will face the final delivery.

Ngidi exits the field with a slight limp, possibly placing his participation in the semi-final next week in question. He concludes a challenging afternoon with a final score of 8.2-0-63-1.

After being taken out, Marco Jansen is brought back in to bowl the final four balls of the innings.

After 49.2 overs, India has scored 316 runs with 5 wickets down. Kohli has reached his century and Jadeja has contributed 20 runs. This could be a cause for concern for South Africa as Jadeja hits a massive six off Ngidi. The bowler seems to have injured his hamstring and is now sitting on the pitch. It would be unwise for South Africa to risk losing him for the semi-final.

“I am both anxious and enthusiastic at the prospect of Kohli potentially entering a late imperial phase,” remarks Pete Salmon. “During his prime, he appeared driven by anger and a desire for revenge (as I believe we all are, including yourself, myself, and Kohli). However, it seems that he has now matured and is moving towards a state of peaceful domination (like us). My prediction is that he will score more runs between 35 and 40 than he did between 30 and 35. You heard it here first.”

In the 49th over, India’s score is 309-5, with Kohli at 100 and Jadeja at 14. Rabada concludes a commendable stint with stats of 10-1-48-1. The focus is not on him.

Kohli has achieved 49 centuries in One Day International matches in 277 innings, while Tendulkar took 452 innings to reach the same milestone. Although the dynamics of the game have shifted, this remains a remarkable statistic. Even the exceptional Rohit Sharma, ranked third on the list, has required 251 innings to score his 31 centuries.

“Hello Rob, greetings from a cloudy Cape Town,” Trevor Tutu says. “We’re still basking in the excitement of the Boks’ victory, but I believe we have the endurance to also celebrate the Proteas’ triumph in the World Cup. I hope the analysts are proven wrong in their belief that the South African batters will struggle against the Indian spinners.”

“I am fondly recalling the opening partnerships of Greenidge and Richards. During that time, I owned a not-so-reliable MG car and we would often travel to Hampshire’s JPL Sunday matches in the Home Counties. However, we would have to frequently stop to fix various car issues such as gaskets, universal joints, exhausts, and big ends, which would delay our arrival to the match.”

India's Virat Kohli celebrates after scoring a century.

48.3 overs have been played in the India vs. England match, and India’s score is 306-5. Virat Kohli has reached a milestone on his 35th birthday, matching Sachin Tendulkar’s record of 49 ODI hundreds. He now has the opportunity to make it 50 in a World Cup semi-final or final, showcasing his incredible talent and flair for the dramatic.

He reaches the milestone with just one ball, fittingly paying tribute to Michael Bevan with his innings. Kohli has scored numerous extravagant centuries, but this one has been a composed masterpiece, flawlessly managing his pace and minimizing risks. He wearily acknowledges the applause from the crowd, who are all big fans of him – and that’s just the Indian dressing room.

In the 48th over, India has reached a score of 300-5 with Kohli at 99 and Jadeja at 6. Shamsi’s last over only sees singles and doubles, with his overall stats of 10-0-72-1. At this moment, the focus is solely on Virat Kohli as he is one run away from making a significant record.

In the 47th over, India’s score is 293-5, with Kohli at 97 and Jadeja at 1. Kohli impresses the crowd by hitting a powerful shot through extra cover for four off Rabada’s delivery. With one ball left in the over, Kohli manages to defend a good yorker.

Geoff Wignall recalls his first encounter with live cricket at the age of 11. He attended a match with his father, featuring Garry Sobers and Clive Lloyd. Despite not being a planned ODI enforcement, Wignall was captivated by the partnership between the two players. They both scored 86 runs in what felt like a short period, but was most likely a couple of hours. Wignall became a cricket enthusiast after that experience and has been hooked ever since.

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