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In the second women's one-day international, Australia defeated Bangladesh by six wickets in a live coverage of the match.
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In the second women’s one-day international, Australia defeated Bangladesh by six wickets in a live coverage of the match.

Elysse Perry and Ash Gardner led Australia to a dominant win, with Sophie Molineux also playing a vital role in her first ODI appearance in over two years.

The stream ends and so do I. Thank you for tuning in to the latest update on the Australian juggernaut. We’ll return on Wednesday for the third and final ODI of the series. Until then, goodbye and farewell.

Alyssa Healy stated that her team was able to perform with precision and skill as necessary. She acknowledged that their opponents were putting them under pressure but their strong batting lineup allowed them to overcome the challenge.

“It’s towards the end of our season and many of us are feeling exhausted. However, everyone is putting in their best effort and we are proud to have secured another series win as a team.”

Sophie Molineux was declared the player of the match for her impressive performance of 3 wickets for only 10 runs. After receiving the large cheque meant for the occasion, she shares a few words with the presenter during the post-match presentation. In her humble manner, she expresses her joy in being able to return to the game.

Sophie Molineux is making a remarkable return.

Ellyse Perry and Ash Gardner effortlessly led Australia to victory. Bangladesh’s score was never enough, and although there were a couple of run outs, led by direct hits, Alyssa Healy’s team breezed to victory with 26.1 overs remaining. This win secures the three-match series with one game left to play.

In the 23rd over of the match, Australia’s score is 91-4 with Perry and Gardner at the crease. The partnership between the two has accumulated 31 runs in 30 deliveries with no signs of struggle or unexpected turns. I prefer this calm and steady pace.

In the 22nd over, Australia’s score is 85-4 with Perry scoring 28 runs and Gardner scoring 16 runs. The over resulted in four singles. The energy seems to have decreased from the Bangladesh fielding, BUT WE ARE STILL GOING STRONG ON THIS OBO, AM I RIGHT?! Australia only needs 13 more runs to win.

Australia are currently at 81-4 in the 21st over, with Perry on 26 and Gardner on 14. Fahima Khatun has been brought in to try and take some quick wickets. She manages to get a slight edge from Gardner’s bat, but the ball ends up in a gap and they run for two. Three singles are then scored before Perry hits a four from a wider ball. They now need 17 runs from the remaining 29 overs. Where are your funds?

20th over: Australia 72-4 (Perry 21, Gardner 10) Nine runs off the over as Australia haul the winning line into sight. Gardner drives in the gap for four and five further singles inflict a slow burn pain on Bangladesh.

The score in the 19th over is 63 for 4 in favor of Australia, with Perry scoring 19 and Gardner scoring 3. Gardner scores two runs with a nicely timed push and takes a single on the last ball to retain the strike. On a different note, my coffee has an earthy taste, almost like soil. Perhaps a bit too much peatiness, not necessarily in a positive manner.

In the 18th over, Australia is at 60-4 with Perry at 18 runs and Gardner at 0. Australia needs 38 more runs while Bangladesh has taken six wickets so far. “Let’s add a couple more runs to the scoreboard,” remarks the commentator.

Shorna Akter is chosen… McGrath runs for a couple of runs and is then OUT, attempting to reach for the second run! The throw was made from the outfield and keeper Nigar Sultana caught it, quickly took off her glove, and threw the ball to the stumps at the other end, all in one motion. Exceptional fielding eliminates the dangerous McGrath.

In the 17th over, Australia’s score is at 58-3 with Perry at 18 and McGrath at 9. Perry appears confident at the batting position, almost as if she’s casually practicing in the center. The team scores three singles in this over without any major challenges.

In the 16th over, the current score is 54 for 3 in Australia’s favor with Perry at 15 and McGrath at 8. Perry takes advantage of a pitch from Rabeya and successfully hits a four to the fence. The YouTube broadcast occasionally interrupts with advertisements at crucial times, making it a bit unpredictable. A great shot from McGrath as she uses the edge of her bat to guide the ball through point for another four runs. This brings the total needed by the Australian team to just 44 more, in pursuit of victory.

Australia are now at 45 runs for the loss of three wickets after the 15th over. Perry has scored 10 runs, while McGrath has scored 4 runs. Nahida Akter has bowled well and has only allowed one single run in this over.

In the 14th over, Australia’s score is at 44 for 3 wickets with Perry at 10 runs and McGrath at 4 runs. Rabeya remains as the bowler, wearing her cap like the great Geoffrey Boycott did. Perry manages to score a single run, concluding the events of the over. The team now requires 54 runs in the remaining 36 overs.

In the 13th over, the score for Australia is 44-3, with Perry and McGrath both scoring 8 and 4 runs, respectively. The latest batter, Tahlia McGrath, takes a moment to adjust before hitting a powerful four through the gap in cover.

Beth Mooney has been dismissed by Sultana after being lured out of her batting position. She misses the ball completely and Sultana removes the bails. Australia has lost three wickets and requires 59 more runs to win.

In the twelfth over of the match, Australia’s score is 39 for 2, with Perry and Mooney each having scored 8 runs. Mooney takes a step forward to the first delivery from Rabeya’s fourth over and expertly places it for a boundary. The timing is spot on, just like a Swiss clock. However, Mooney gets lucky as she mishits the next ball and it is dropped by the fielder at mid-off. The bowler is clearly disappointed and drops to her knees, as it was a simple catch that she somehow missed.

In the 11th over of the match, Australia’s score is 32-2 with Perry at 7 runs and Mooney at 2 runs. Sultana’s delivery is too short and Perry confidently hits it to the mid-wicket boundary for a four.

Australia’s score is 28-2 in the 10th over, with Perry at 3 runs and Mooney at 2. Rabey bowls five consecutive dots to Perry, who expertly defends with a big stride. Perry manages to score one run off the last ball, allowing her to retain the strike.

In the 9th over, Australia’s score stands at 27 for 2, with Perry and Mooney each scoring 2 runs. Both players manage to navigate through a brief struggle without facing a loss of wickets.

In the 8th over, Australia’s score is 25 for 2 with Beth Mooney scoring 1 and Ellyse Perry scoring 1. Mooney, the new batter, starts with a quick shot off her toes. If there are a few more wickets taken quickly, the game will become more exciting.

Healy takes a swing at newcomer Rabeya Khan and is swiftly caught by Nahida. The Tigers now have two Australians out.

This is a great song, especially for three-year-olds.

In the seventh over, Australia’s score is 23-1 with Alyssa Healy at 15 and Ellyse Perry at 0. Healy impressively executes a reverse hit off of Scott Styris and the ball flies off the bat with style and speed, bouncing just once before reaching the boundary for a four. It was a fantastic shot with excellent execution.

In the 6th over, Australia is currently at 19-1 with Healy scoring 11 runs and Perry at 0. Healy only managed to score one run in this over.

Currently on the YouTube livestream, there is a lot of this happening, almost like a sketch from the Two Ronnies.

In the fifth over, Australia has a score of 19 runs for no wickets lost, with Alyssa Healy at 10 runs and Ellyse Perry at 0. Nahida Akter has just completed a wicketless over, but it must be disheartening to see Ellyse Perry confidently walking onto the field after recently winning the WPL.

Unfortunately, Litchfield’s rapid single ultimately leads to her downfall as her bat becomes trapped in the ground while attempting to touch it, replays reveal that she lost control of the bat as Fargana’s throw knocks down the stumps. This marks the first success for Bangladesh.

I am reviewing the play where Phoebe Litchfield is potentially out.

“At the 4th over, Australia’s score is at 19 with Healy at 10 and Litchfield at 5. The game begins as Healy confidently moves down the field and hits a one bounce four. There is a close call as Healy attempts the same shot but instead sends the ball high in the air, barely avoiding the head of the mid-off fielder and allowing for a couple of quick runs.”

On the third over, Nahida bowled a maiden over in which Healy scored 3 runs and Litchfield scored 4 runs for Australia. Healy chose to play it safe and blocked Nahida’s deliveries.

In the second over of the match, Australia has scored 11 runs with openers Alyssa Healy and Phoebe Litchfield at the crease. Litchfield wasted no time in hitting Sultana Khatun for a boundary through cover. However, the spinner’s next delivery was a wide down the leg side, resulting in five extra runs for Australia. This is not what Bangladesh can afford at the moment.

The first over of the match sees Australia at a score of 2-0 (with Healy scoring 2 and Litchfield at 0). Nahida Akter from Bangladesh delivers a clean and efficient over. Healy manages to hit a few runs off her pads, getting Australia off to a good start. However, for Bangladesh, taking wickets is their only way to gain advantage. On a personal note, coffee is my only source of energy in this situation.

Hello everyone, Rob and I would like to say a quick hello. The players have taken the field, and it’s time to start the game!

I have finished speaking. Jim Wallace, known as the man who never sleeps, is here to guide you through what should be a brief chase. Thank you for joining me, goodbye.

Sophie Molineux, the left-arm spinner, stood out as the top performer among the bowlers in her debut white-ball game for Australia in 2021. She took out three of the top six players, including captain Nigar Sultana, and finished with impressive figures of 10-5-10-3.

Nahida was dismissed by King as she hit the ball to Sutherland at mid-on, ending yet another challenging inning for Bangladesh. In the first ODI, they were dismissed for a low score of 95, and they only managed a few more runs today.

The situation could have been more dire this time, with only a score of 61 for eight before Nahida Akter, the No9 player, came through with a strong 22 points.

In the 44th over of the match, Bangladesh’s score stands at 97-9 with Nahida scoring 22 runs and Marufa scoring 4 runs. Despite being the No11, Marufa impressively hits a boundary through extra cover, her second of the match. While it seems unlikely for Bangladesh to win at this point, they have shown strong resilience after being at 61 for eight.

During the 43rd over, Bangladesh’s score is 93 for 9 wickets, with Nahida scoring 22 runs and Marufa scoring 4 runs. King bowls a maiden over to Nahida, who is still at 22 runs. This is an important moment for Nahida as her highest score so far is 25 not out.

During the 42nd over, Bangladesh’s score is 93-9 with Nahida and Marufa batting. Nahida hits a boundary off Wareham and then adds a couple runs, bringing her individual score to 22 and making her the top scorer for the team. At the end of the over, Nahida retains the strike, giving Bangladesh a slim chance of reaching 100 runs.

Source: theguardian.com