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In the second Test, England bowled out India and now require 399 runs to win, according to the live updates.
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In the second Test, England bowled out India and now require 399 runs to win, according to the live updates.

Here is the match report from Vizag by Ali Martin. The Guardian spellcheck suggests calling it Visage. Have a pleasant Sunday.

Anderson has returned to his usual form in this game, despite his struggles during the Ashes. He has taken just as many wickets in one Test against India (5-76) as he did in four Tests against Australia (5-427). In his 22nd year as an international cricketer, Eoin Morgan asks him what has helped him maintain his longevity. Jimmy responds, saying that there is no one specific factor, but that his love for the game and the camaraderie of his team have kept him motivated.

He recalls the instance when Rehan Ahmed went to bat towards the end of the day. “The announcement said he was a nightwatchman, but we disagreed. He’s only 19 and has just bowled 20 overs, yet he still wanted to go out there and hit the ball.”

I am about to log off. Thank you for being here with me and for your messages, and I apologize for not being able to respond to all of them – one of the consequences of Ben Stokes’s excellent leadership is an increase in the amount of emails we receive. Before I go, here is one email from a loyal OBO supporter.

“Bill Hargreaves expresses his gratitude for the wonderful commentary. He has a hunch about Mr. Root, who has been struggling with form and possibly concentration. Hargreaves believes that the injured finger may serve as a catalyst to improve Root’s performance and sharpen his mind. He predicts that Root may lead England towards victory tomorrow. Farewell and thank you once again.”

Jimmy Anderson is currently speaking and states that the team is confident in their performance. He mentions that coach Brendon McCullum had a meeting with them last night and expressed that they are capable of chasing a 600 point lead set by India.

“I was attempting to come up with the most suitable term to express the likelihood of a tie,” stated Dean Kinsella. “I settled on infinitesimal.” Indeed, that is accurate.

Geoff Wignall acknowledges the impressive performances in this match with both batting and bowling, but it’s important to note that despite a total of 190 overs played and Foakes standing up for 155 of them, India did not concede a single bye. This may not have a major impact on England’s first-innings score, but it is still noteworthy. Additionally, Foakes made three catches today, including a standout one where he caught the ball in the webbing to dismiss Rajat Patidar.

Shubman Gill is being interviewed and is visibly happy after scoring a century. However, he unintentionally reveals that the Indian team is cautious of England by stating, “We have a 70 percent chance of winning.” Is it only 70 percent? According to WinViz, it’s actually 89 percent!

This is not to say that Gill is wrong. WinViz is basing its calculations on hundreds of past Tests, whereas Gill implies, rightly, that the precedents that carry the most weight are the previous chases under Ben Stokes. Those tell us that England will give it a hell of a go and probably get closer than they would have done in the past, when the fourth innings was just a procession waiting to happen.

Niall Mullen acknowledges that there may be differing opinions about B**b*ll, but he personally believes that this pursuit could potentially be achievable. In the past, he would not have even considered it.

In the fourteenth over, England’s score is 67-1 with Crawley at 29 and Rehan at 9. Rohit switches things up by giving Axar Patel the last over of the day. Rehan shows he is not a nightwatchman by hitting a powerful shot for four, followed by a lucky edge for another four. Even though Stuart Broad has retired, the Nighthawk is still playing strong.

England has already scored one-sixth of the required runs, leaving them with a need for 332 more. Despite England’s current advantage, India remains the favored team, especially with Joe Root dealing with an injured finger. However, India should be cautious of England’s strong determination to chase and catch up.

In the 13th over of the match between England and Rehan, Crawley scored 28 runs and Rehan scored 0 runs. Ashwin and Crawley had a good competition, with Crawley hitting a four with his first ball and Ashwin responding by changing his approach to go around the wicket. Crawley then attempted a sweep, which went between the two short legs but was caught by the man on the 45.

In the 12th over of the match, England has scored 53 runs with one wicket down. Crawley, who is facing Kuldeep, has hit a two and a single. Rehan has also played well by defending a difficult delivery. According to Mike Atherton, Rehan is a stronger batsman than a bowler and he proved it today by taking three wickets for 88 runs.

In the 11th over, England’s score is 50-1 with Crawley at 21 runs and Rehan at 0. Duckett received a warning after attempting a reverse sweep and getting a top-edge, resulting in a four. However, the keeper was able to get his revenge soon after. Nevertheless, this marks another 50 partnership for the opening pair. Now, Rehan Ahmed takes the field as the nightwatchman, or possibly the Nighthawk.

I successfully captured the batsman! KS Bharat made an impressive catch at short leg as the ball bounced off the bat and pad. Rohit made a smart decision to switch out Bumrah for Ashwin, which proved to be a great bowling change.

During the 10th over, England’s score is 46 with Crawley at 21 and Duckett at 24. Duckett, batting against Kuldeep once again, hits a boundary towards deep square, causing Dinesh Karthik to express his excitement. “That was a great shot,” Karthik exclaims. “He waited for it and didn’t overcommit, then found the gap… It’s not quite a sweep, more like a pull. Maybe we can call it a swull?”

England scores 41 runs without losing any wickets in the 9th over. Rohit chooses to continue with Bumrah, not wanting to give up his powerful weapon. Bumrah almost gets a wicket as Crawley fails to hit a low ball outside off, but Crawley remains calm and takes advantage of the last ball to score two runs.

“Hey Timya, good morning!” greets Jamie Henderson with a playful remark. “I woke up around 8 o’clock and saw that England had taken some wickets. I like to think that my quiet presence and unwavering support played a role in the subsequent flurry of wickets. It’s not just Stokes, Pope, and the clever spinners who are the heroes for England this morning. I’m starving, but feeling great. Keep up the excellent work and best wishes!” Ha, thanks for the compliment. Hank Marvin was a fantastic player.

In the 8th over, England’s score is 39-0 with Crawley at 19 and Duckett at 19. Duckett faces Kuldeep, who had previously dismissed him in the first innings. The commentators note that Duckett is having difficulty predicting Kuldeep’s different deliveries, but he manages to score six runs in the over – four from a shovel sweep and two from a quick run behind square. These two players have a strong attacking mindset, as they have already made significant progress towards reaching England’s total.

In the 7th over, England’s score is 33-0 with Crawley at 19 and Duckett at 13. The lights are illuminating the field as the sun sets. Crawley seems more at ease and successfully completes an over from Bumrah without any unnecessary movements. He also scores two runs with a tuck. Bumrah has a bowling record of 0-7 in four overs, while Ilford 2nds have given away 26 runs in three overs.

There is a trivia question hidden in this statement. Interesting, James Tredwell.

During the sixth over, England’s score is 31-0 with Crawley scoring 17 and Duckett scoring 13. Rohit decides to switch things up and brings in Kuldeep, a left-arm wrist-spinner, to replace Mukesh’s average medium-paced bowling. In response, Crawley confidently hits a full ball for a six. England still needs 368 more runs to win.

In the fifth over, England’s score is 24-0 with Crawley scoring 10 runs and Duckett scoring 13. Duckett, facing Bumrah for the first time today, starts off with two blocks as a sign of respect. However, he remains on the lookout for a four and is successful in hitting one by going back and punching a length ball through extra-cover. Although England has a 92% chance of losing this match, they are still entertaining to watch. As Hamish mentioned in the second over, there is still time for England to slowly work their way up the mountain, but it goes against their natural style of play.

In the fourth over, England’s score is 20-0 with Crawley scoring 10 and Duckett scoring 9. Mukesh changes his angle to bowl to Duckett and faces some trouble at first for stepping on the middle of the pitch and then for overstepping. However, he manages to get one past Duckett’s outside edge. Crawley, who was England’s most fluent batter in the first innings, seems to struggle initially but then takes advantage of a half-volley and hits a straight drive for four runs. He follows it up with another boundary by flicking the next ball. It seems that this may be the end of Mukesh’s bowling for a while.

In the third over, England’s score is 10-0 with Crawley at 2 runs and Duckett at 8 runs. Bumrah, currently top pick for the World XI, demonstrates his skill by beating Crawley three times with the ball – twice outside off and once with a nipping delivery. One of Crawley’s attempts results in a heated discussion among the Indian players, with keeper Bharat pleading for a review. However, Rohit declines and later laughs when the replay shows the ball missing the bat by a significant distance. It was an excellent over from Bumrah and a clear warning to the English batsmen.

Second over: England is currently at 10 runs with no wickets lost (Crawley with 2 runs, Duckett with 8 runs). The new ball is being used by both Mukesh Kumar and the World XI at one end, and Ilford 2nds at the other. As Graham Gooch once said about facing New Zealand during the time of Richard Hadlee, it’s a tough challenge for England. However, Ben Duckett manages to hit two consecutive boundaries, one being a cut and the other more of a slash. Despite his admirable efforts, Duckett still needs to contribute more runs for England as he has only half of what Crawley has scored since July.

Hamish Kuzminski enthusiastically supports Bazball, but suggests that it may be time for some Boycball from England. He believes that getting 399 points in two days should be a simple task.

In the first over, England’s score is 1-0 with Zak Crawley scoring 1 run and Duckett scoring 0. Crawley, known for his explosive starts, remains composed and chooses not to play the first two balls. The third ball stays low, serving as a reminder to England of the daunting challenge ahead. However, Crawley skillfully manages to make contact with the ball. Bumrah then displays his skill by generating lift and movement, narrowly missing the bat. The final ball is less threatening and Crawley safely scores a single. England now requires 398 more runs to win.

The athletes are currently present. I do not wish to cause panic, but I must inform you that Bumrah is now in possession of the ball.

“We recently conducted a survey,” reports Kim Thonger. “The sample size is admittedly small, consisting of only two wire-haired dachshunds. However, they are both firmly convinced that a victory is attainable. It’s worth noting that they tend to be overly optimistic, as evidenced by their belief that they can fly and catch seagulls while at the beach. But I have faith in their judgment. They have always been reliable. Woof.”

India, with a score of 255, have equalized with England’s 253. The current gap between the teams is not solely due to Jasprit Bumrah’s impressive performance, but also to Yashasvi Jaiwal’s double century. Only two other players, Crawley and Gill, have reached a half-century.

“Can they really do it?” Alastair Cook questions. In India, no one has ever achieved it, but Ben Stokes has faith in their ability. Someone will need to replicate Ollie Pope’s performance. The most probable candidate is Joe Root, but his injured finger may hinder him.

Ashwin has been dismissed! Rehan has taken his third wicket with a leg-break delivery and Foakes has made a good catch. England now only need to chase a target of 399, instead of 400.

In the 78th over, India’s score is 255-9 with Ashwin at 29 and Mukesh at 0. Hartley has two deliveries left to face from Mukesh Kumar, who could possibly be a ferret, the next in line after rabbits. Despite this, Mukesh manages to survive and hand the strike back to Ashwin, who will have another opportunity to hit Rehan’s deliveries. If Stokes decides to bring in Jimmy, the new ball will be available soon.

Tom Hartley has taken four wickets today, bringing his total in the series to 14. This is twice as many as the next spinner, Rehan. However, India remains in a strong position with a lead of 398 and control over the game.

Bumrah, who has now settled in, finally manages to cause an edge. Jonny Bairstow, positioned at gully, makes a quick and difficult catch. Bumrah’s contribution of 26 runs in 26 balls was crucial in supporting Ashwin.

In the 77th over, India’s score is 255-8 with Ashwin at 29 runs and Bumrah at 0. Stokes takes a risk by bringing fielders closer to the V shape, tempting Ashwin to hit a big shot. Ashwin takes up the challenge and hits a six! Then, Rehan throws a poor ball outside the leg, allowing Ashwin to easily score four runs. India now has a lead of 398.

76th over: India 245-8 (Ashwin 19, Bumrah 0) Following the expected single by Ashwin, Hartley has four opportunities to bowl to Bumrah. Three fielders are positioned near the bat, all on the off side. Four consecutive dot balls are delivered. Bumrah’s performance has not been explosive, but rather cautious. Despite only adding 16 runs, this partnership has now lasted ten overs. The team has successfully stabilized their position. India is now leading by 388 runs.

In the 75th over, India’s score is 244-8 with Ashwin at 18 and Bumrah at 0. The recurring pattern continues as Ashwin takes one run while Bumrah remains scoreless. However, Ashwin attempts a second run and almost causes a run-out, but the throw is too high and Bumrah narrowly avoids being dismissed.

Source: theguardian.com