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In the 2023 Cricket World Cup, South Africa defeated Afghanistan by five wickets, as reported in real-time.

The governing body of cricket, the International Cricket Council, has been immediately suspended as announced by officials on Friday afternoon. This action was taken due to government interference in the administration of Sri Lanka Cricket.

Quite crazy. You can find the complete account here.

Temba Bavuma, the captain of South Africa:

Regarding his problematic hamstring, to start with:

I am experiencing discomfort in my leg, but I am determined to push through it. Even though I had the choice to stop playing, it was our final group stage match and I wanted to support my team. Being on the field gave me the chance to bond with our bowlers and I didn’t want to miss out on that. It was a gamble, but I believed it was the best decision to continue playing.

Winning is a habit and we wanted to take that momentum through (to the semis) Today we did a few things different, we batted second and to get over the line is going to give us a lot of confidence. It was a fantastic knock by Rassie, he took ownership and the guys batted around him.

Bavuma is questioned about his aspirations for his country’s potential first World Cup victory.

Yes, absolutely. We would love to have the opportunity to play in Ahmedabad once more, with a stadium full of fans. It will be a unique experience to compete in front of a crowd of one hundred thousand people. However, before that, we have to focus on our upcoming match against Australia. We will take time to savor this moment today, but tomorrow we will begin preparing our minds for the upcoming clash.

I am anxiously anticipating Thursday’s Aus v SA semi-final. Hoping for an exciting match.

The first captain to enter is Hashmatullah Shahidi, representing Afghanistan.

As the team captain, I am pleased with our performances. We gave our all until the very end in every game, and we had strong matches that provided valuable lessons for the future.

I am pleased with the performance of our hitters during this tournament. We faced challenges before the World Cup, but we came together and discussed our weaknesses. As a result, our hitters showed improvement and this bodes well for our future.

Everyone knows we have good spinners. If we continue with the same momentum that we had in the batting department in this World Cup, we will do well. We gave a good message to the world. We played big teams and we fought till the last moment, even if we lost.”

The gentleman made a great point. Taha and Akhtar Mohammad Makoii have recently written excellent articles about Afghanistan’s cricket team in this publication. Make sure to take a look at them.

This is the moment of victory:

I appreciate listening to Pommie Mbangwa’s commentary. The rhythm of his voice reminds me of the talented Simon Farnaby from shows like Detectorists, Mindhorn, Paddington, and Ghosts. While this may not be the most important aspect of South Africa’s win, it is worth noting. “Greetings!”

South Africa is heading to the semi-final in Australia after Phehlukwayo hits Naveen for 6,4,6 and secures a stylish win. Any concerns before this match?

That was a crucial if sedate partnership of 65 between Phehlukwayo and Rassie van der Dussen, another wicket or two would have made it a lot more nervy but calm heads prevailed. Well done South Africa, they’ve been the second best team behind India in the group stages and fully deserve their tilt at the Aussies on Thursday.

The Afghanistan team displayed perseverance, talent, and remarkable skill once again. Although they did not make it to the top four, they have captured the hearts of many during the past few weeks.

Phehlukwayo is congratulated by Van Der Dussenas they leave the ground.

The 47th over saw South Africa at 231-5, with van der Dussen scoring 76 and Phehlukwayo at 23. Noor returned for the over, but it did not go as planned for Afghanistan as nine runs were scored. With only three overs left and 14 runs needed from 18 balls, Afghanistan needed to take five quick wickets.

In the 46th over, South Africa’s score is 231-5 with van der Dussen at 70 and Phehlukwayo at 21. Naveen rushes to bowl and allows two singles before Phehlukwayo surprises with a six! He hits a full ball over mid-off. This adds pressure to South Africa as they try to catch up. The over yields 10 runs, leaving them with 23 runs to get in the remaining 24 balls.

“Hello James,” Greetings from Ollie de Hoest.

“Today, I am having a great time at the OBO (taaaaa). Luckily, I have my boots at the office and I am happy to be a substitute for your five-a-side game later. Please send me the match information and I assure you that I will represent you well on the field. By the way, in my opinion, South Africa will finish the game in the 48th over. This is just my prediction with no basis.”

I have a feeling you would excel at a task, Ollie. (Based on no real evidence, I envision you as a Jan Molby type.) You would fit in well with our group of tired and disreputable men. I believe I will be available for a 6pm kickoff, so relax and take a break. South Africa may still struggle to win this…

In the 45th over, South Africa’s score is 222-5 with van der Dussen at 68 and Phehlukwayo at 13. Rashid Khan is entering his last over and Phehlukwayo only scores a single with four dots. He successfully takes the strike away from van der Dussen on the final ball. Khan’s final World Cup performance results in 2 wickets for 37 runs in ten overs.

33 runs are required from 30 balls, with 42 balls and 30 minutes since the last score. Pretty exciting, right?

In the 44th over, South Africa’s score is 209-5 with van der Dussen at 67 and Phehlukwayo at 12. Naveen delivers a ball that causes Phehlukwayo to go on the back foot, attempting a pull shot. However, Shahidi tries to catch it while running and diving backwards, but unfortunately, he drops it. This could have been a crucial catch but it was a difficult one. The over results in six runs, leaving a required rate of one run per ball – 36 runs needed from 36 balls. There have been no rapid and decisive moves made yet, which aligns with the prediction made earlier of a slow and drawn out game.

Phehlukwayo watches the ball after playing a shot as Naveen dives to field the ball.

In the 43rd over, South Africa’s score is 203-5 with van der Dussen at 65 and Phehlukwayo at 9. Mujeeb’s last over only yields five runs, giving him a final tally of 1-51 in ten overs. Naveen will now come back to add some pace, as the spin has been effective in limiting South Africa’s scoring. With 42 runs needed off 42 balls, the outcome of the game depends on either taking a few wickets or hitting some big boundaries.

In the 42nd over, South Africa’s score is 198-5, with van der Dussen scoring 63 and Phehlukwayo scoring 6. Mohammad Nabi deserves praise for his performance, as he took 2 wickets for 35 runs in his ten overs. He successfully dismissed de Kock and Miller, showcasing his skillful finger-spinning. With 47 runs needed off 48 balls, I will refrain from making any predictions or comments.

In the 41st over, South Africa’s score is 193-5 with van der Dussen at 61 runs and Phehlukwayo at 3 runs. Mujeeb comes back for his ninth over and only concedes one run. It appears that South Africa is aiming for a close match.

In the 40th over, South Africa’s score is 192-5 with van der Dussen scoring 60 and Phehlukwayo scoring 3. Nabi is in his second to last over and has been performing exceptionally well today, with 2-30 in nine overs and even managing a maiden over. South Africa has struggled to score against him, with only two singles in this over. As we enter the last ten overs, there are 53 runs left to make in 60 balls while having five wickets remaining.

In the 39th over, South Africa’s score is at 190-5 with van der Dussen at 59 and Phehlukwayo at 2. Van der Dussen expertly sweeps the ball for a four. The camera then shows a remorseful (but likely proud) Jonathan Trott.

“Oh my goodness! Miller is out with a simple caught and bowled and has to leave the field. Afghanistan has managed to break through again. Will they be able to make a big change and get rid of the green paint? I doubt it.”

Andile Phehlukwayo is the new man, he managed a single before being beaten by a raging spinner off the last. 61 needed from 72 and the tail lurking… Afghanistan continue to impress in this tournament.

“Wouldn’t that Maxwell innings be even more painful if Afghanistan wins today?” You are correct, Krishnamoorthy V.

In the 38th over, South Africa has a score of 184-5 with van der Dussen at 53 runs and Phehlukwayo at 1 run.

Nabi celebrates the wicket of Miller.

In the 37th over, South Africa’s score is 182-4 with van der Dussen at 53 and Miller at 24. Noor has bowled seven overs and there have been no boundaries, only four runs scored. It appears that South Africa is focused on getting some batting practice.

In the 36th over, South Africa’s score is 178-4 with van der Dussen at 52 and Miller at 22. Rashid Khan bowls his second to last over and only three runs are scored. Could there be a surprise in store for this match?

In the 35th over, South Africa’s score is 175-4 with van der Dussen at 52 and Miller at 19. This over helped calm the nerves for the Proteas as Rahmat Shah was hit for a six on his second ball, a poorly pitched full toss. Rassie then hits a four to reach his fifty. It’s time for a break and players will have different drinks based on their individual needs.

van der Dussen celebrates after scoring a half-century.

In the 34th over, South Africa’s score is 163-4 with van der Dussen at 47 and Miller at 12. Mujeeb only allows one run and receives a warning from the umpire for stepping into the restricted area with his size ten shoes. South Africa needs 82 runs in 96 balls, so if they can take a few wickets, it could make things interesting.

In the 33rd over of the game, South Africa’s score is 162-4 with van der Dussen at 46 runs and Miller at 12 runs. Mujeeb maintains a steady pace, allowing only four singles in his eighth over.

Brian Withington, a regular member of OBO, has written a new poem. This time, his inspiration is Glenn Maxwell. Over to you, Bri (Z = Zeeee).

“A merry Australian man once participated in a cricket team.”

He was known as Glenn Maxwell.

He murmured while observing and anticipating the delivery of the ball.

‘All items above will be placed in row Z.’

Fortunate circumstances resulted in an early departure.

Mujeeb, a young boy, joyfully reached up to grab him.

As he attempted to place him in the bag, the ball dropped to the ground.

“Oh no, why did I drop Maxwell? What have I done!”

Removing Glen Maxwell from the team, Removing Glenn Maxwell from the team.

What have I done dropping Maxwell, dear me’

The bowlers returned, attempting to end the game.

The sixes were counted off in a sequence of one, two, three.

What is the size of the bat you have taken from your cricket bag?

How can you utilize a flighted googly?

What possibilities are available with, what options do you have with

What are the possible uses for a flighted googly?

Maxwell hit the ball with just one leg and it went far.

“He declared that he would never be captured alive.”

He softly spoke while observing and anticipating the delivery of the ball.

“Anything above will be placed in row Z.”

Anything you pitch up, anything you pitch up

Everything is being placed in row Z.

In the 32nd over, South Africa’s score is 158-4 with van der Dussen at 44 and Miller at 10. Nabi’s delivery is skillfully directed by van der Dussen for a four. He has been a steady presence for South Africa and with 87 runs needed from 108 balls, his dismissal could potentially make for a close ending. Hopefully, it happens before my 6pm kick off.

In the 31st over, South Africa’s score is 151-4 with van der Dussen at 39 and Miller at 8. Mujeeb comes back into the attack and Miller relieves some pressure by hitting a boundary through point, adding six runs to the total for South Africa.

There is a major announcement happening elsewhere.

In the 30th over, South Africa’s score is 145-4 with van der Dussen at 38 and Miller at 3. Rashid only manages to get a single run in his latest over. It appears that South Africa has chosen to just survive Rashid’s spell, which could be a dangerous strategy considering how consistently he challenges the batsmen.

“Hello James, I was able to watch Rashid Khan’s dismissal of Klaasen and it resembled a top spinner in the style of Shane Warne. He is bowling exceptionally well and South Africa may face difficulties if he takes another wicket. It’s a fantastic match, evenly balanced. I am thoroughly enjoying the OBO.”

It’s possible that you are correct, Colum Fordham. Instead of returning, it skidded on. However, it would have resolved our issue, wouldn’t it?

In the 29th over, South Africa’s score is 144-4 with van der Dussen at 37 runs and Miller at 3 runs. Noor is working well alongside Rashid Khan, only conceding 30 runs in six overs and potentially could have taken some wickets. The over only yielded four runs, not the aggressive chase South Africa was hoping for before the semi-final.

At the 28th over, South Africa’s score is 140-4 with van der Dussen scoring 36 runs and Miller yet to face. Rashid Khan’s performance has been impressive in the last seven overs, although South Africa’s batsmen have not had the chance to face him. Miller is the new batsman for South Africa and Rashid maintains the pressure with three consecutive dot balls. The pressure is building for the Proteas in Ahmedabad, and Australia will be keeping a close eye on this match.

Tricked by the unexpected delivery! Rashid Khan successfully bowls out Klaasen, indicating that this game is still ongoing.

Khan celebrates the wicket of Klaasen.

In the 27th over, South Africa’s score is 139-3 with van der Dussen scoring 36 and Klaasen scoring 10. Noor and Rashid Khan have been bowling well together, allowing only five runs in this over. If they can take a few more wickets, South Africa may become anxious.

In the 26th over, South Africa’s score is 134-3 with van der Dussen at 35 and Klaasen at 6. Rashid Khan is bowling his sixth consecutive over and is in good form, only conceding two runs.

Can you explain your research on biomechanics and six hitting, Gary? I need to take a break to catch my breath after struggling to keep up with the spinners from Afghanistan. Once I’ve recovered, I’ll be ready to share my 3,000-word thesis complete with footnotes.

I am unsure. Is it all of them?

South Africa is at 132-3 after the 25th over, with van der Dussen scoring 34 and Klaasen scoring 5. Noor makes a mistake by bowling short, allowing Klaasen to easily hit it through the leg side for a four. It’s not wise to bowl in that area when facing this player.

Could there be a plot twist in this chase? Naveen easily catches Markram’s miss-hit pull, thanks to Khan.

Rashid Khan has managed to get van der Dussen’s edge twice in a row, but both times the ball has gone wide and resulted in four runs. Unfortunately, this does not bring any luck for Afghanistan, but it does create a good amount of pressure. I am obligated to inform you that Heinrich Klaasen, who is known for his dangerous skills, is now the new batter.

In the 24th over, South Africa’s score is 126-3 with van der Dussen at 24 runs and Klaasen at 1.

Naveen takes the catch to get Markram out.

In the 23rd over, South Africa’s score is 116-2 with van der Dussen at 24 runs and Markram at 25 runs. Noor Ahmad bowls a quick over, only allowing two runs. Come on, Noor, give us a break!

In the 22nd over, South Africa’s score is 114-2 with van der Dussen and Markram both at 24 runs. Rashid Khan gave up nine runs, including a six scored by Rassie van der Dussen. Lou Bega’s song “Mambo No. 5” is stuck in my head.

In the 21st over, South Africa has scored 105 runs for the loss of 2 wickets, with van der Dussen at 16 runs and Markram at 23 runs. I have fallen behind in updates due to the enjoyable mailbag. Silly mistake.

In the 20th over, South Africa has scored 99 runs with 2 wickets down. Van der Dussen has scored 12 runs while Markram has scored 22. The stadium’s PA system plays Lou Bega’s Mambo No 5, bringing back nostalgic memories. Rashid Khan concedes five runs as South Africa continues to make steady progress.

In the 19th over, South Africa’s score is 94-2 with van der Dussen at 11 runs and Markram at 19 runs. Noor Ahmad comes in to bowl and Markram hits his first ball through point for four runs.

In the 18th over, South Africa’s score is 85-2 with van der Dussen at 8 and Markram at 12. Rashid Khan’s second over only yields two singles, keeping the runs in check.

“Hello Jim, I am a big OBO fan and this is my first time responding.”

We will handle you with care, Glenn Walton.

What are your opinions on Temba Bavuma as captain, along with the rest of the OBO community? Some argue that Reeza Hendriks should be chosen over him for the semi-final. I personally believe he is a capable leader, but it appears that the majority of South African fans disagree. My group of friends at least. Thursday is causing me a lot of worry.

I am a huge admirer of him and while I cannot speak for my colleagues, I personally believe he is the perfect choice for the current situation. He may not be the most instinctive tactical captain (but then again, how many are?), but as a leader and a person, he is the right fit. This reminded me of something:

*Caution* – explicit language for a Friday afternoon.

In the 17th over, South Africa’s score is 83-2 with van der Dussen at 7 and Markram at 11. The players pause for a drink break after Markram hits a six off Mujeeb’s delivery.

In the 16th over, South Africa’s score is 75-2 with van der Dussen at 6 and Markram at 4. Rashid Khan begins with energy, only allowing a couple of runs in the over. He throws a sharp googly that van der Dussen doesn’t anticipate and weakly hits, causing the ball to pop off the bat and pad. Unfortunately, there is no fielder in that area to make an easy catch.

“Hello Jim – someone who is currently at work, trying to make it through a Friday afternoon while eagerly awaiting entertaining updates from you and Rob.”

Our only intention is to disappoint, Tom Barrington.

“What would you do if you were in Babar’s position tomorrow? Will you aim to win or go all out to increase the slim chance of qualifying?”

I enjoy envisioning myself as Babar’s equivalent, Tom, just to have a minuscule chance of executing a cover drive as perfectly as he does. In regards to the match against England, I believe the best strategy is to bat first and score over 400 runs, then easily dismiss Jos and his team for less than 100. Sounds like a challenging task, but as they say, “Difficult, difficult, lemon difficult.”

“Regarding the viral ‘back catch’, what is the most amusing catch you have witnessed while playing or during your professional responsibilities? Let me ponder on this question, I would love to hear from the OBO community.”

Khan bowls as van der Dussen watches.

In the 15th over, South Africa is at 75-2 with van der Dussen scoring 6 and Markram scoring 4. There is potential for the Proteas team to experience some instability, but they are prepared with stabilizers. Rassie vdD helps calm the team by reverse sweeping Mujeeb for a four. The over results in six runs and now we reach a crucial moment in the match as Rashid Khan takes the ball for bowling.

Source: theguardian.com