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If the Red Bull employee's appeal in the Horner case is unsuccessful, she will take the matter to a tribunal.
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If the Red Bull employee’s appeal in the Horner case is unsuccessful, she will take the matter to a tribunal.

The woman who filed a complaint against Christian Horner for unacceptable behavior plans to bring her case to an employment court if her appeal against the dismissal of her grievance is not successful. This information has been confirmed by The Guardian.

The proposed move could reveal previously undisclosed information about the legal matter that has consumed Formula One and the Red Bull team leader for nearly two months.

Red Bull Racing’s parent company, Red Bull GmbH, stated in late February that Horner was relieved of the accusations following an independent investigation, and the unnamed employee then challenged the decision by launching an appeal.

Red Bull GmbH has stated that due to confidentiality, they have not released any information about the investigation, the name of the KC responsible for conducting it, the nature of the complaint, or the findings of the inquiry.

Horner has always emphatically denied any wrongdoing and has called for a line to be drawn under the matter. The Guardian understands from industry insiders however that the complainant will take the ­grievance to an employment tribunal in the event her appeal fails.

Experts in the field of law say that this action would align with an expected procedure. Tania Goodman, the head of employment and a partner at Collyer Bristow, compares it to a roadmap with set points along the journey. In the event that an employee has a complaint or grievance, they will first raise it internally, possibly in an informal manner. If the issue remains unresolved, it will then be formally investigated and reviewed, typically through a grievance hearing where a decision will be made.

If the decision does not satisfy the employee, they have the option to appeal internally. If they are still not content after the internal process, they have the right to take their case to an employment tribunal.

The day following the dismissal of Red Bull’s complaint, an email was exposed to the FIA, F1, the teams, and the media. This email contained alleged conversations between the complainant and Horner during the first race of the season in Bahrain. It has not been verified if the messages are true, and Red Bull has not confirmed or denied if these messages were taken into consideration during the investigation.

Speculation has continued to swirl about the case, as there is limited information available and the investigation is being kept private. If the case were to go to an employment tribunal, the confidentiality typically associated with such internal procedures would no longer apply. This means that during the final hearing, information about the case, including the details of the complaints, testimony from witnesses, legal arguments, the findings of the tribunal, and a written ruling, would be open to the public.

After her complaint was rejected, the woman involved has been placed on leave from her position at Red Bull Racing, while a disciplinary inquiry is conducted due to the information she provided during the investigation.

The employee’s friends have informed the Guardian that she continues to stay determined despite facing what they call organized attacks against her.

According to one source, she remains resilient despite the challenging circumstances. She has been barred from a job that she deeply enjoys in a field where she is highly respected, all because she strictly followed the rules.

Although it was initially reported that the process began in January, it has now been revealed that the complaint was actually raised in November of the previous year. It remained undisclosed for a significant amount of time before being revealed to the public through a leak and later confirmed by Red Bull GmbH in February.

The process of appeal is still ongoing and Red Bull GmbH has not provided any indication of a potential conclusion date.

Red Bull Racing and Red Bull GmbH have been reached out to for their response.

Source: theguardian.com