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"I am very pleased with my century performance after the reverse-ramp controversy," said Root.
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“I am very pleased with my century performance after the reverse-ramp controversy,” said Root.

Following the controversial reverse ramp in Rajkot, Joe Root contemplated his performance. Specifically, the execution of his shot. It should be noted that England’s top batter fervently defended their strategy upon his comeback to scoring.

England maintained a strong leading position at the end of day two of the fourth Test, largely thanks to Root’s impressive demonstration of self-control which resulted in an unbeaten score of 122 mainly achieved on day one. This made up the majority of their total 353 runs, but Root clarified in his post-match comments that it was not a reaction to their performance last week, with India currently seven wickets down and still behind by 134 runs.

Root admitted that the shot he took had a heavy impact on him. When questioned about the moment that was considered the turning point in England’s loss by 434 runs in the third Test, he stated, “It was not the decision to take the shot, but rather the execution that disappointed me. I know I am capable of better.”

I am not trying to come across as arrogant. “Bazball” is not a term we use, but rather something that the media has popularized, causing an uproar. It could be misinterpreted as haughty, but that is not our intention.

“I strive to continuously improve as a player and explore the full potential within our team’s dynamic. This drive has allowed me to play numerous games, as I am constantly seeking growth and evolution.”

Although Root acknowledged having a temptation to hit a reverse ramp for his 31st Test century, he wisely decided not to do so on this challenging terrain to avoid destabilizing the game. He also stated, “I had a plan in mind for scoring runs on this surface.”

“It felt good to finally make a contribution. The past few games have been challenging for me and I have been feeling quite frustrated. However, I enjoy coming to this region and I believe my skills are well-suited for success here.”

The ex-leader usually attributed England’s current position to the contributions of Ben Foakes (47) and Ollie Robinson (58), who both participated in partnerships of 113 and 102. While their efforts were commendable, the outstanding performer of the second day was undoubtedly 20-year-old Shoaib Bashir, who bowled for 31 overs and took four crucial wickets to derail India in the afternoon.

In only his eighth first-class match, this off-spinner displayed impressive composure, resulting in his career-best figures.

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Root described the bowling as skillful and in great control, with challenging questions posed over an extended duration. This tactic proved effective on a surface with uneven bounce and resulted in wickets. The charismatic and humorous personality of the bowler shines through his bowling style, making him a valuable teammate in the dressing room.

“Picture being a 15 or 16-year-old aspiring spinner and listening to Bashir’s narrative. It illustrates the potential for success and the importance of continuously striving towards improvement in your craft. One never knows what opportunities may arise in the future.”

Source: theguardian.com