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Horner expresses confidence in remaining with Red Bull despite investigation: "I am the one who built this team."
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Horner expresses confidence in remaining with Red Bull despite investigation: “I am the one who built this team.”

Christian Horner, who is feeling confident and optimistic, has stated that he expects to continue as the team leader for Red Bull Racing. This is in spite of the current investigation regarding accusations of misconduct against him. Horner restated his position that he has not behaved inappropriately and reaffirmed his dedication to guiding the team moving forward.

On Thursday, at the unveiling of their 2024 vehicle at Red Bull Racing’s main office in Milton Keynes, Horner publicly addressed the investigation that was initiated on February 5th. The investigation was prompted by a female employee’s accusation of his “domineering” actions.

The individual, who is 50 years old, refuted the accusations when they were first brought up. However, his position as team leader and chief executive of Red Bull Racing is uncertain as an independent investigation is being conducted. Nonetheless, when questioned during the launch of the car, Horner confidently stated that he will be present at the season opener in Bahrain on March 2nd.

Horner, who joined Red Bull in 2005, the year the team was formed, was unable to address specifics about the allegations or the investigation while it continues, but he was ­unequivocal that he was still dedicated to his career with Red Bull and expected it to continue.

“I am fully devoted to this team and have been a part of it since its inception. I have helped shape and develop this team, experiencing both successes and challenges. Together, we have achieved 113 race victories and secured seven drivers’ world championships and six constructors’ world championships in the span of 19 seasons. While these accomplishments are now in the past, my attention is on what lies ahead. I am determined to focus on the future.”

The responsibility for achieving that goal rests with the investigation. Red Bull GmbH, the parent company of the team, initiated an inquiry headed by an outside legal expert following a complaint from a female employee. In a statement, they emphasized their dedication to addressing such issues and stated that the investigation will be concluded as soon as possible.

The individual filing the complaint has not been identified and has not publicly commented.

Last Friday, Horner was questioned for an estimated eight hours by an English lawyer overseeing the investigation at a secret location in London. The inquiry has already gathered information and evidence from the employee involved. However, there is currently no set date for when the investigation will be completed, with recent indications suggesting it may extend beyond the first race of the season.

Horner stated that he was not suspended and was currently working in his office in Milton Keynes. He described the situation as business as usual and expressed that he had the support of the team.

He stated that the backing from our colleagues in the industry has been immense. During times of doubt, it unites teams and he has never witnessed a more cohesive and supportive team.

The investigation was not commented on by Red Bull’s drivers, Max Verstappen and Sergio Pérez, who are both world champions. They stated that the team’s morale remains unaffected by the events.

The inquiry is taking place privately and, since it was initiated by Red Bull GmbH, there is no requirement for it to share its results or actions publicly. Horner, on the other hand, stated that he expects to be cleared of any wrongdoing.

He stated, “I have trust in the procedure and I am actively engaged in it. I completely reject any accusations made against me.”

Some of Horner’s followers believe that a conflict for control of the team is the reason for the way the investigation has been handled. The parent company has made the inquiry public, which is unusual, and this could be an attempt to limit his authority or even remove him from his position.

According to Horner, he never felt the need to distance himself from the team despite the circumstances. He stated, “I have not wavered in my commitment to this team. I have brought people to work here and I truly enjoy working with them. The team’s greatest strength is its people, and that remains unchanged.”

Red Bull is anticipating another highly successful season on the racetrack with their RB20 vehicle. They have been dominant in the last two years, easily securing both the drivers’ and constructors’ championships. Since taking on the role of team principal in 2005 when Red Bull acquired the team (formerly known as Jaguar), Horner has achieved remarkable success. He was the youngest team principal in the sport at that time but now holds the record for the longest tenure among the current grid.

Source: theguardian.com