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Hamilton silenced his doubters during his first F1 race in Vegas.

The Las Vegas Grand Prix received overwhelming praise from Formula One drivers and team leaders, with Lewis Hamilton leading the way.

The seven-time champion made a pointed remark about the race, stating that it was one of the top events of the season and had proven the critics wrong. This seemed to be directed at Max Verstappen, the current world champion, who had been consistently negative about this weekend’s race.

According to Hamilton, the recent race in Vegas disproved the idea that it was just for show. He believes it was one of the best races and that there were many naysayers who were proven wrong. Despite the negativity surrounding the event, he urges others to let it be and see the positive impact it had.

Verstappen, who won on the street circuit, had been critical of the meeting’s focus on presenting a Formula One “show” in Las Vegas but on race day a gripping race was delivered. There was passing in abundance, the lead changing hands multiple times, and action across the field over almost all of the 50 laps.

After a challenging race, Hamilton finished in seventh place, having initially dropped to 19th due to a collision with McLaren’s Oscar Piastri. However, the British driver had nothing but positive words for the competition.

He expressed that this race was better than most of the other tracks we visit. He commended the organizers for their efforts and looks forward to returning next year for an even better race. He also expressed his gratitude to the city of Vegas for hosting them.

Charles Leclerc of Ferrari, who came in second place, expressed similar enthusiasm. “I had a great time,” he stated. “It was the perfect race for my first time in Vegas, the atmosphere in the city is unbelievable.”

Toto Wolff, the leader of the Mercedes team, thought that their contribution had greatly impacted the perception of the sport in the United States.

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He exclaimed, “What an incredible weekend! It was a huge event that met all expectations. We are departing Las Vegas after a fantastic weekend with thrilling races and a spectacular show. I believe this will only boost the popularity of F1 in the US. I have nothing negative to say, it was truly an extraordinary event.”

During the post-race analysis, Red Bull’s team leader Christian Horner expressed his excitement and confidence in the race’s positive reception among the US audience.

He remarked on the high level of enthusiasm for this race, stating that it has been exceptional. According to him, Las Vegas hosted one of the top races of the year, if not the very best. He hopes that this will pique the interest of the American audience in F1.

Source: theguardian.com